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Power Brokering Commercial Properties
on the Internet

A Live Interview with
Jack Peckham, CCIM
Executive Director
of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society

This Live Telephone Seminar was recorded
and is now available on CD

Jack Peckham is one of the foremost experts at selling and marketing commercial properties on the Internet. Throughout his career he's served as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee for the National Association of Realtors, and has worked with real estate associations in 44 states and a number of foreign countries also. In addition, he is a Past President of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, and has been honored as being named that State's Realtor of the Year.

His syndicated column, "Selling in Cyberspace," appears in a number of publications including both the New England Real Estate Journal and the Florida Real Estate Journal. 

Today, Jack still loves to sell real estate and has been involved directly in the sale of over one billion dollars worth of properties. As a one-man shop he recently closed over $40,000,000.00 in property sales on the Internet while spending only 20% of his time actually working in real estate brokerage. The additional 80% balance of his time is now spent as the Executive Director of the organization he loves, the Real Estate CyberSpace Society.

Here's what you'll learn during my very informative one hour and ten minute interview with Jack:

  • How the Internet has now changed the game for commercial agents, and how you must adapt and change your own real estate business...Learn what it takes to succeed or you'll risk struggling to achieve higher levels of success.

  • Why today's tools make it easier for the small shops to compete with the big guys...Learn to leverage your business with today's technology and you'll both level the playing field and make more money.

  • The most important tools to have in your arsenal in today's marketplace...Are you now utilizing these tools in your own business? Or are you losing money to your competitors instead?

  • How to utilize today's technology for better networking...Why build powerful relationships slowly when you can accelerate your networking dramatically?

  • How to effectively use an agent Web site...Is your Web site making you money? Or is it generating no money for you at all? Learn how to utilize your Web site so it continually puts commission dollars in your pocket.

  • How effectively are you utilizing your E-mail? Are you taking advantage of technologies to maximize your productivity? Learn to leverage your E-mail so it brings you new business while you're following-up on other opportunities.

  • How to effectively market properties on the Internet...Do you know how to easily find buyers already? Or are you still struggling to find buyers the old-fashioned way? Listen and learn the tools Jack uses to market his properties while sitting back and relaxing in his fuzzy slippers!

  • How to easily find find more buyers, sellers, lessors, and lessees on the Internet...Are you fully taking advantage of this Internet opportunity? Or are you letting much of this opportunity slip through your hands instead? Learn how Jack does it and put his money-making ideas to work for you right now in your brokerage business.

In this highly-informative teleseminar, Jack and I discuss all the different ways you can utilize the Internet and today's technology to earn and get paid more commissions in your real estate business. Jack spends only about 20% of his time selling real estate nowadays, yet he knows how to sell tens of millions worth of properties on the Internet whenever he works.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to leverage your time much more effectively in your real estate business, this information is for you.

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Power Brokering
Commercial Properties on the Internet

Jack Peckham, CCIM

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