For Real Estate Sales Professionals

How to Become the Listing King in Your Territory
for Commercial/Industrial Agents

Jim Gillespie

Do you want to become even more successful at listing commercial or industrial properties than you are right now? You may have already achieved some level of success at listing these properties, but you may also already know that you're definitely capable of achieving so much more.

So what's it going to take for you to become more successful at listing these properties? Well, first you may want to understand the minor adjustments to make in your day-to-day game plan that will make a huge difference in the amount of properties that you list every single year.

And in moving you towards doing this, I've taken my 28 years of experience in our industry and have put together a 55-minute audio program that shows you exactly what to do to make this happen.

Here's what you'll learn in my 55-minute audio presentation:

  • The two most important ingredients that determine your listing success

  • The different types of owners you'll meet with and how to have them list their properties with you

  • The great technologies top agents utilize to sell tens of millions of dollars of property every single year

  • How to implement new systems that constantly feed you a steady stream of new listing opportunities

  • Learn how to take advantage of your most underutilized opportunity to develop an incredible abundance of listings---when capitalizing on this opportunity you'll completely leave your competitors in the dust!

  • The six great methods to obtain new listing prospects---and best of all none of them involve doing any prospecting!

  • What to include in your mailers that skyrockets the phone calls you'll receive from them

  • How to develop a system that puts your prospecting completely on autopilot---even when you're not doing any prospecting!

  • The key to building great relationships so your prospects want to do business with YOU instead of your competitors

  • How to close a higher percentage of listing appointments

  • What you must know when you're competing for listings against the major brokerage companies

  • How to stay focused on becoming a huge listing success

  • What you could be omitting that's actually giving more listings to your competitors---a team case study from one of the most recognized commercial brokerage companies in America

If becoming more successful at listing properties is something you want to do, you need to begin the process of learning what you're not doing now that's costing you a lot of listings, and a lot of money. If other agents are getting the listings you want to be getting, it may be time for you to stake your claim with more of these listings right now. But you can't do it by working the same game plan you've always been working. If you've decided the time is now to move away from your old, less effective routine and begin doing what will land you more listings each and every month, it may be time for you to listen to an audio program that will show you just how to do this. 

If you're not going to take the action to make it happen in your real estate career right now, then when are you going to move ahead and take that action?

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How to Become the Listing King
in Your Territory
Jim Gillespie

Available on both CD and cassette

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If you're thinking about whether or not you should definitely go ahead and order this product right now...

Here's my guarantee:

Listen to what I've recorded for you on this audio cassette. Take your time and put the information that you've learned from the interview to work for you in your real estate business. If at any time during the next 12 months you don't agree that through applying the information you've learned from this interview you'll make more than 100 times what you've paid for this product, you can return the product to me for a full refund. That's how much I believe in the information that's in this interview.

Jim Gillespie

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