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How to Buy Properties
When You're a Commercial/Industrial Agent

Pat Hall

Pat Hall is the CEO of TOLD Realty Advisors and the Managing Member of Development Partners, LLC. He is also the President and CEO of TOLD Partners, Inc., a very successful commercial/industrial real estate brokerage company.

Pat began his career as a commercial/industrial real estate agent in the 1970s. Since that time he has successfully transitioned his career into spending the majority of his time investing in and developing commercial/industrial properties. In total he has been responsible for the development of more than 10,000,000 square feet of commercial properties throughout the United States, and he's an expert at understanding what agents must do to transition from brokerage into investing in commercial/industrial properties.

Here's what you'll learn in this 53-minute interview with Pat:

  • The one most important activity you must do to transition from brokerage into becoming a successful investor in commercial properties...Learn how to do this and you'll buy many more properties throughout your real estate brokerage career.

  • The simplest way to buy one building after another throughout your real estate career...This one approach will easily have you own 20-30 additional properties while working full-time as a real estate agent.

  • The important difference between investing in properties and developing new buildings...Learn the approach that's best for you so you maximize your net worth and minimize your investment risk.

  • How to easily begin investing in properties when you have very little cash...Learn this and you'll be on your way to owning a solid portfolio of real estate investments.

  • The keys to buying "rehab" projects...Learn how to choose the right ones and learn what the lenders need in order to finance your projects.

  • The important criteria in buying an existing building for investment...Do you know the best way to evaluate the property? Learn how to do this so you maximize your winners and minimize your losers.

  • What the lenders look for when lending on leased properties vs. new development projects...Learn the differences to get the financing you need.

  • The differences between developing single family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, and industrial buildings...Learn the best choice and learn which one carries the most risk.

  • How to diversify your real estate portfolio...Learn how to spread your risk around and enjoy constant returns with minimal downside.

  • The biggest challenge you'll face as an agent in becoming a successful real estate investor...Learn how to master this challenge and watch your investment portfolio grow year-after-year.

  • Learn which form of ownership is the best one for you. Pat explains the advantages and disadvantages of general partnerships, limited partnerships, subchapter "S" corporations, "C" corporations, and limited liability corporations.

  • The truth about real estate investment trusts (REITs)...Learn how they're different from other real estate investments so you know if they're a good investment opportunity for you.

  • The most important key to locating great investment properties...Do this continually and you'll buy more properties year-after-year.

  • The best way to approach top investors to invest in projects with them...Approach them like this and they'll invite you to invest in some great opportunities.

  • How to build credibility with lenders through investing with partners...Build your track record so the lenders will finance you on your own.

  • The big problem around investing with joint venture partners...The institutions have the money but they can also create major headaches for you.

  • The one ingredient you must have for the lenders to finance you...Show them this and they'll move forward and lend you your money.

In this informative interview with someone who is a solid expert in this arena, Pat will show you exactly what you must do to accumulate 20 or more properties throughout your real estate brokerage career. Pat began his career as a full-time agent and he now spends 80% of his time investing in and developing his own properties. So he knows the exact road you need to follow to get there.

If you're a new agent in the business or a seasoned agent with years of experience, you'd probably like to own more properties than you do right now. As I've been coaching Pat for almost three years I can tell you with certainty that he knows what he's talking about. If you're an agent who would like to buy more properties, I strongly recommend that you listen to what Pat has to say to you during this interview.

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How to Buy Properties
When You're a Commercial/Industrial Agent

Pat Hall

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