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Inside the Mind of
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Paul Earnhart, SIOR

Paul Earnhart is one of the most successful commercial/industrial agents in the business. Paul and his Team Earnhart
TM have achieved a level of success in commercial/industrial real estate that has been matched by few others in the industry.

For the work that Paul and his team have done together, Paul has received twelve awards from SIOR for the largest transactions closed in his region. In addition to this, Paul has received the SIOR award for the largest dollar volume of cooperative transactions closed in the United States.

Throughout his extensive career in our industry, Paul, with the assistance of his team, has sold and leased a total of $2 billion worth of property.

In this 53-minute interview, Paul tells us exactly what he does that has made him so successful in our industry, and what makes him so unbelievably successful at listing commercial/industrial properties every single year.

Here's what you'll learn in this interview:

  • The qualities you must have  before owners will list their properties with you...learn how to project these qualities and watch your listing success begin to take off

  • The transition from prospecting to "dealspecting"---making more money by recognizing new deals that are right in front of your face

  • The one fatal mistake you could be making in your prospecting calls right now...learn how to avoid this mistake and your prospects will respect you and want to do more business with you

  • The importance of taking just can't get to where you want to be in our industry unless you're willing to push the envelope

  • Why you MUST have an active mailing campaign...get this handled and you'll build better relationships with your property owners immediately

  • Why you must know who your most steady and reliable customers are...if you're not doing what builds great relationships with these people you're costing yourself a ton of money!

  • The importance of getting your business to where YOU pick and choose the type of listings you'll work on...this will greatly improve both your life and your income as a commercial/industrial real estate agent

  • The most important ingredients in making a great listing presentation...learn how to improve your presentations and you'll begin walking away with a greater percentage of signed listings

  • The subjects you must communicate clearly on during listing this and you'll successfully land more listings...don't do this and your competitors will walk away with the listings instead

  • How to market yourself as the best choice owners can make in a listing agent when you're a brand new in the this and you'll have a competitive advantage over all veteran agents in your territory

  • The difference between being a top listing agent in the 80's, the 90's, and today...if you don't embrace the new style you'll just struggle and cost yourself a lot of money

  • Should you work as an individual agent or as a team?...Learn the one approach that's best for you and will definitely make you more money

  • When working as a team, learn how to choose your team members correctly...learn NOT to make the one fatal mistake that will lead your team to failure and disappointment

  • What you MUST know ahead of time BEFORE designing your listing presentation for your owners...get this one wrong and you'll risk losing the listing to one of your competitors

  • The timing of when to make your listing presentation--do you want to be the first agent to make your presentation or the last agent? Paul tells you his thoughts and why he knows he's right on this one.

  • How to respond and follow-up with owners when you don't get the listing...learn how to do this and maximize your opportunity to get the listing the next time

  • The most important ingredients in becoming the top listing agent you want to be...follow Paul's guidelines and watch your listing success begin to explode!

In this straightforward, one-on-one interview, you'll learn the activities Paul does that continually have him be one of the most successful listing agents in the world. If you'd like to become more successful in landing more listings in your real estate business, you can continue doing what you're doing right now, or you can choose to learn the systems and approaches like the ones that Paul uses. If you think that learning from an agent who continually has more than 100 listings totaling more than 5,000,000 square feet could be a good idea for you, you may definitely want to hear what Paul has to teach you.

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Inside the Mind of a Listing Expert
Paul Earnhart, SIOR

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