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Timing the Real Estate Market

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A Live Interview with
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Robert Campbell

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Robert Campbell has been around real estate investment his entire life. When he was a young boy he began learning the business from his father, a successful homebuilder, before eventually becoming a real estate investor himself. While he has definitely experienced many more "winners" than "losers" in his real estate investment career, it was actually his biggest mistake that inspired him to write the highly-acclaimed real estate investment book, "Timing the Real Estate Market."

I myself have found Robert's book so profound that I've personally purchased tens of copies of it and have given them away as gifts to both my friends and business associates.

And here's the reason why...

Imagine being able to predict with certainty where your real estate market is headed, and when the ideal time will be for you and your clients to buy and sell real real estate to maximize your gains. This is the formula Bob has put together for all of us in his book.

One of my friends, a top residential real estate agent, investor, and CCIM member who's sold more than $1.2 billion in property, calls Bob's book "the best book on real estate I've read in the past 6 years." After reading the book, he now consults with Bob directly on buying and selling properties for his own portfolio.

Since releasing his book, Bob has been traveling and speaking to packed real estate audiences explaining his system, discussing the research that has led to creating his system, and showing people how they can now predict with certainty when to buy and sell real estate.

Here's what you'll learn during my one hour interview with Bob:

  • The Five Vital Signs indicators telling you where your real estate market is headed...Learn what these are and utilize them to buy and sell real estate for maximum profit.

  • Why you need to forget about "Location, location, location"...And what you should focus on instead to maximize your real estate investment returns.

  • Rising and falling interest rates...How important are these in determining the direction of your real estate market? Bob's answer may completely surprise you, as you learn the other key factors that are far more important.

  • How to identify when to buy and sell in your market...Never leave it all to guesswork...Utilize Bob's system to buy and sell with confidence while advising your clients to do the  same.

  • Do you want to know where is your real estate market headed right now? Can everything to turn around in the near future? Or is it going to continue on like this for awhile? Listen to what Bob has to tell you, then validate his conclusions with the specific approaches he recommends to you.

  • Where real estate trade associations and the media get it wrong when predicting the market...Learn to differentiate truth from fiction and predict the future with reliable, time-tested tools.

  • How to track where your real estate market is all the time...Learn to do this easily and profit from it while continually staying ahead of the competition.

  • Avoiding the major investment pitfalls...Learn to implement Bob's tried and true system and you'll buy and sell with confidence while maximizing your profits.

In this highly informative teleseminar, Bob tells you the background and research that led him to his remarkable discovery...a tried and true system for constantly predicting the right time to buy and sell real estate in your market. His system is supported by years of research and information, as well as his own personal success stories and the success stories of others. 

If you've ever wanted to know with certainty where your real estate market is headed right now, this information is for you. 

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Timing the Real Estate Market
A Live CD Interview featuring
Real Estate Author

Robert Campbell

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Listen to my interview with Robert. Take your time and put the information that you've learned from the interview to work for you in your real estate business. If at any time during the next 12 months you don't agree that through applying the information you've learned from this interview you'll make more than 100 times what you've paid for this product, you can return the product to me for a full refund. That's how much I believe in what Robert has to tell you in this interview.

Jim Gillespie