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Mastering the Art of
Industrial Real Estate Brokerage

Ross Thomas, SIOR
Past President of the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association

Ross Thomas is a master of industrial real estate brokerage, and he's achieved a level of success in our industry that's rarely been matched by his competitors.

His company, Delphi Business Properties, which he co-owns with two other partners, has also achieved amazing success and they continually battle the national firms in their territory to control the lion's share of the business. Few one-office firms anywhere can match the consistent success being achieved by Delphi Business Properties.

In his 30-plus years in our industry, Ross has successfully closed more than 1,000 transactions totaling many millions of square feet. In addition, he has also built a successful property management business, and he owns more than 800,000 square feet of industrial buildings together with his partners.

In this one hour interview, Ross tells you exactly what he does that's made him such a hugely-successful broker in our industry, and he gives you direction on what you can do to achieve this same success also.

Here's what you'll learn during this one-on-one interview with one of the top industrial brokers in the business:

  • The activities you must be doing to become a top industrial agent...If you're not doing these activities you're cheating yourself from becoming the top agent you want to be

  • The advantages and disadvantages of working on your own vs. working as a team with other agents...Learn which style is best for you so you can move forward with the approach that will make you the most money

  • How to spend your time when you're new in the business...Learn how to do this and lay the groundwork to becoming the top agent you want to be

  • The transition from being a beginning agent to becoming a more seasoned, veteran agent...Learn the keys to making this transition and stop holding yourself back from advancing your career

  • What to do if you're not achieving the success you want in your real estate career....Learn how to get back on track before you waste months or years of your productive time!

  • The biggest mistakes agents make in their careers....Learn what these mistakes are and avoid costing yourself precious time and money

  • Developing relationships with owners of many buildings...Is this the best way to go? Learn what Ross has to say before wasting your time with people you may never make any money with

  • Generating referrals from your past clients...Learn how to lay the foundation to having your clients refer you new business from their friends and business associates

  • How to invest in properties as an agent...When you increase your portfolio of properties both your income and net worth will continually be growing

  • What you must do to ensure success as an industrial agent...When you focus on these activities you'll see your success continually increasing throughout your career

  • Developing a solid program of mailing to your clients and prospects...Learn how Ross does it and why he recommends this to maximize both your income and success in the business

  • The importance of having great people skills...Learn how to improve your people skills so you'll close a higher percentage of the prospects you're working with

  • Incorporating property management into your business to increase your income...This virtually guarantees you getting the listings whenever it's time to sell and lease the properties you manage!

  • How to differentiate yourself from the other agents and companies in your area and stand out as the best choice your clients can make...When you do this people will choose you over your competitors and line up to give you their business

  • What to do when you have doubts and concerns about moving to the next level of success in your real estate business...Ross has been through it all...Let him show you how to break through the stagnation to achieve higher levels of success in your brokerage career every single year

In this candid one-on-one interview, you'll learn exactly what Ross does that has him be one of the most successful commercial/industrial real estate agents in the world. If you'd like to become more successful in your commercial/industrial real estate business, you can continue doing what you're doing right now, or you can choose to learn the systems and approaches that a top producer like Ross uses. If you think that learning from an agent who continually achieves the highest levels of success in his business could be a good idea for you, you can't do any better than learning from Ross. Many of his competitors would be thrilled to achieve the level of success that he achieves year-after-year.

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Mastering the Art of
Industrial Real Estate Brokerage

Ross Thomas, SIOR

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