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Mastering the Art of
Listing Commercial/Industrial Properties

Stan Mullin, SIOR, CCIM
2006 SIOR President

This Live Telephone Seminar was recorded
and is now available on CD

Stan Mullin is one of the most respected agents in the business. His many clients include General Motors, Kraft Foods, Motorola, General Dynamics, Cox Communications, and Bank of America.

Stan is one of most outstanding educators in the industry also and he regularly holds training courses for both SIOR and the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association.

During his 22 years in the industry with Grubb & Ellis, Stan has become a master at listing commercial/industrial properties and he shares his expertise with you on this subject during this live special engagement teleseminar.

The topics that Stan discusses during this teleseminar include:

  • The most important qualities that you must have to become one of the top listing agents in the business...When you learn to exude these qualities your clients and prospects will want to list more properties with you.

  • The image you must create of yourself to your clients and prospects and how to make this happen...Image is everything in commercial/industrial real estate...Make sure you're projecting one that has people say "Yes" to you.

  • The best ways to find great listing opportunities for yourself...Are you making it easy on yourself or are you making it difficult? Learn where your best opportunities are  and you'll maximize your listing productivity.

  • How to identify the best people to prospect right now...Are you prospecting the people who have the highest probability of listing with you? Or are you wasting your time with people instead? When you prospect the people who represent your greatest opportunities you'll find yourself succeeding with far greater ease.

  • How to design and deliver a solid listing presentation...Are you delivering a presentation that has owners want to work with you? Or are you delivering a presentation that has them work with your competitors instead? Learn the key ingredients to delivering a listing presentation that will have owners sign your listing agreements more often.

  • When to pursue listing opportunities on your own and when to team up with other agents. Do you know right now which situations call for these different approaches? If not you could be missing out on many listing opportunities or dividing commissions with other agents unnecessarily.

  • What visual aids you should utilize during your listing presentations to maximize your impact on owners. Presentations that keeps owners' attention and interest will maximize your probability for success. Learn how to best captivate owners while not going overboard and losing them.

In this rare, highly informative 60-minute interview, Stan tells us much about all he has learned while becoming one of the top listing agents in our industry.

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Mastering the Art of
Listing Commercial/Industrial Properties

Stan Mullin, SIOR

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