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How to Do Business
with Major Corporations

Tim Foutz

Tim Foutz is one of the most successful and most respected agents in commercial/industrial real estate. In his 32-year career in our industry, 21 of those years being with Grubb & Ellis, he's built a solid reputation for doing great business with some of the most successful and recognizable names in Corporate America.

He's represented Time Warner in over 2,000,000 square feet of office and industrial transactions. He represented Dole Foods in the acquisition of the 30-acre site that would become the location of their World Headquarters. And in one transaction, he assisted Atari Corporation in consolidating 52 individual office and R & D facilities into a brand new World Headquarters location in Northern California.

In addition to this, Tim has represented major developers including Prudential and Cabot, Cabot, & Forbes in the development, leasing, and sales of more than 10,000,000 square feet of major business parks.

Here's what you'll learn in this 55-minute audio interview with Tim:

  • The one person in any major company that you should contact first and begin building a relationship with...get this one wrong and you can get people angry at you and cost yourself a lot of money, too

  • The differences in building successful relationships with older, more traditional businesses versus newer, high-tech companies...learn the style and differences in their reporting methods to maximize your success with these companies

  • How to build solid, qualitative relationships with local contacts in major this and you'll ensure success when working with executives higher up the corporate ladder

  • Learn the approach that's the best one when building relationships with major companies...make a mistake on this one and it could definitely cost you a lot of business

  • Learn what major companies are looking for in the agents they want to do business with...get this one right and you'll begin building solid relationships with the companies you want to work for

  • What you need to know about reporting your listing activity to companies...learn the style that works best for each company to ensure they'll definitely want to do business with you the next time

  • How the major companies will judge you as an agent...make sure you're sending the right signals so they'll choose you as the agent they'll work with over your competition!

  • How to compete with the national brokerage companies...learn how to tell your story so the companies feel you're the best choice they can make in a real estate agent

  • The one key to getting assignments to locate facilities for major to make yourself stand out so they choose you instead of the competition!

  • How to time your approach with major companies--learn the best time to approach them about doing business together...this can make a huge difference in you successfully being chosen as their exclusive agent--or not

  • The one most important ingredient in successfully landing more business with major companies...become a master at doing this and you'll virtually write your ticket to huge financial success in this arena!

  • Why continual contact with companies is so important...drop this out and you risk losing all your business to your competitors

  • When to go after listings as a team...learn how the companies see this and maximize your opportunity for listing success

  • What you MUST know about the company's reporting in alignment with this process to make sure they'll continue working with you

  • Find out who your competitors are when competing for an exclusive assignment...learn how to utilize this information to deliver an even more powerful presentation to corporate decision makers

  • The one ingredient you must have that's more important than intelligence...master this and watch your success with major companies take off!

  • Learn how to be flexible and adaptable in your listing presentations...deliver the wrong presentation and you might as well pack up and go home

  • The downward pressure on commissions in today's marketplace...what the companies are expecting from you and how you MUST respond to them

  • How working as a team of agents can actually work against you...what you must watch for to ensure you don't lose an important corporate assignment

  • The one approach that often backfires... learn what this is so you don't crush your chances of doing business with the companies you want to work with

  • The timing of when to begin working on keeping your listing with the company...if you don't start by this time you'll probably be losing your listing very soon

  • The two most important activities that maintain and extend your listings...learn how to do these and you'll keep more listings and close more transactions with major companies every single year

In this interview with Tim, you'll learn all the above and get to experience the warm, genuine personality that has made him so amazingly successful at landing such a great amount of business with major corporations. If you believe that learning from an expert can be a great idea to help you maximize your income in your commercial/industrial real estate business, learning what Tim has to teach you could be exactly what will have you take your success in working with major companies to the next level.

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How to do Business
with Major Corporations
Tim Foutz

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