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January 2, 2002
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1. Now It's Time to Make it Happen!

2. Will You Step-Up Your Mailing Program in 2002?

3. How Giving to Charity Can Help Your Business

1. Now It's Time to Make it Happen!

OK, the holidays are now behind you. Or are they?

If you're like most people there still may be a lingering feeling
of not fully being back on track right now. Typically, many
agents don't get fully back on track after the holidays until
maybe the last 10 days of January. But YOU can do it

This is the beginning of the new year. This is when people begin
to think about and plan-out the next 12 months of their lives.
This is the time when everyone is thinking about how they're
going to make this next year different than last year. And
because of this people may be more receptive to talk to you about
their real estate plans right now. So get on the phone or go
knock on their doors and start talking to them! This is a great
time to do it! Most people will not be as busy these next several
days as they will be afterward when their schedule fully returns
to normal. So they may actually have more time to talk to you
right now.

This will all change in the next few weeks. People will be fully
back into their normal routines and it will soon be business as
usual again. And all the other real estate agents will be waking-
up in the coming weeks, too. Then they'll be calling YOUR
prospects again. So wake-up NOW before they do! Start making the
calls now and jump start your year before your competition gets
back up to speed again.

You want to make 2002 your best year ever. If you start your
first week with your business already revving like a finely-tuned
high-performance engine you'll fly past your competition and
start having the great, successful year you want to have right

2. Will You Step-Up Your Mailing Program in 2002?

As you now begin to plan-out your year in real estate sales you
definitely want to take a look at what your mailing campaign will
look like over the next 12 months. I've talked about your
mailings in the past in this newsletter and NOW is the best time
for you to determine what types of mailings you will be sending-
out to your clients and prospects over the next year. You'll also
want to take a look at how often you will be sending-out these
mailings and how much money you will spend this year on your
overall mailing campaign.

Mailing is often one of the most under-utilized marketing
opportunities available to you as an agent in real estate sales.
Most agents mail to their prospects both very rarely and very
sporadically. And the design and look of these mailings can leave
a lot to be desired, too. Show me an agent who constantly sends-
out the best mailings in your territory and I can almost
guarantee you that this is also one of the most successful agents
in your territory.

In talking to you about this I have to acknowledge two of my
coaching clients, Dave and Bobby. In planning-out their upcoming
year in real estate sales they will spend $30,000.00 on mailing
to their clients and prospects. The plan is to have a great,
high-quality mailer in the mailboxes of their clients and
prospects once every two weeks. With a mailing campaign like this
they are sure to grab hundreds of thousands of dollars in
commissions away from their competition in 2002!

Whatever your plans are to develop your real estate business in
2002 make sure that the plans include a solid mailing campaign.
If you don't do this you are literally handing huge amounts of
commission dollars over to your competitors.

3. How Giving to Charity Can Help Your Business

Giving to charity is something that is absolutely wonderful to
do. And in this arena I definitely have to tip my hat to Mark
Hintergardt of Lee & Associates in Orange, California.

Mark is someone who really loves to give to charity and make a
difference in improving the quality of others' lives. And in
doing so he decided to take his generosity even a step further.
He began to make donations to his favorite children's charity in
the names of his favorite clients and prospects. And here's what
happened after he did this...

The children's charity asked Mark if it would be OK to send
acknowledgement cards to the people whose names he was donating
in, telling them that a contribution had been made in their name
to the charity by Mark. Mark agreed to let them do this, and
that's when the phone began to ring...

The people that Mark had donated to the charity on behalf of were
so touched by his gift that they called him to express their
heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Now this wasn't Mark's
original intention when he made the donations, but this is how it

So if you are someone who loves to give to charity you may
consider submitting a contribution in the name of one of your
favorite clients. And in doing so you get to feel great for
giving to charity. On top of this your client gets to feel great
because you did a kind and thoughtful act in their name. The
charity wins because they're receiving a contribution from you
and possibly even a new donor if your client decides to
contribute more money to the charity in the future. And you
probably have just solidified your relationship with your client
at a level much deeper than it ever has been before.


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