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It's Time to Reinvent Commercial Agent Marketing

Commercial real estate brokerage is a very unique arena. As individual brokers we're business owners, but we're not business owners in the complete traditional sense.

We don't pay rent every month and we normally don't pay any employees'  salaries unless we own the brokerage company we're working for. And we normally don't have any ongoing fixed expenses in our businesses that we have to pay every month, regardless of whether or not we're making money. These expenses are normally taken care of every month by the company we work for.

But it's this dynamic of having no business expenses outside of maybe the car we drive, that sometimes gets in the way of brokers developing their businesses to extraordinary levels. Traditional business owners on the other hand understand the concept of spending money to make money. They have to spend money to build their businesses even before the day they open them. Every month they've got expenses to pay and checks to mail to keep their businesses operating, and the concept of spending money to make money is often deeply ingrained in them.

But with most commercial brokers we see an entirely different situation. Within our industry we have what is known as the "commission split," the percentage of commission the brokerage company keeps from any commissions generated by the brokers themselves. This commission split is the way we reimburse the company for its expenses and ideally provide them with a profit, in exchange for the individual brokers not having to pay any out of pocket expenses along the way. So when a broker is closing transactions the office takes their share, and when the broker has some lean months without many transactions closing, at least the broker doesn't have to pay any business expenses.

While this arrangement can be a good one between both the company and the broker, it can also lead the broker to develop an attitude like the following:

"If the office won't pay for something I'd like to have and utilize in my business, I'm not going to pay for it either."

And this attitude can prove to be a costly one.

There's no arena where this attitude proves to be more costly than when it relates to brokers marketing themselves. In fact, the subject of brokers marketing themselves can sometimes be an oxymoron, because relatively few brokers do much of anything to market themselves to their clients and prospects on a regular basis. And their attitude often once again is "If the office isn't going to pay for it then I'm not going to pay for it either."

This is a major arena where brokers fall short of doing what normal business owners do themselves. But the good news is there's tremendous opportunity for any brokers who choose to be outstanding at marketing themselves, because very often they have no competition from other brokers in their own territory around this. Outside of having their signs up on available properties, most brokers do very little to build their image, positioning, and visibility in the marketplace.

To be successful at marketing yourself as a broker, you must be willing to spend the money, regardless of whether or not your office will be sharing the expense with you. The payoff for you in doing this is simply way too big to not be willing to do this on your own.

As I've instructed the brokers in my monthly Commercial Agent Inner Circle telecoaching program in great detail, spending $25,000.00 a year or so on a solid mailing campaign to 2,000 prospects can generate an additional $450,000.00 or more a year in commissions for you. But you need to get the proper direction on how to design and implement this program in order for it to be most effective for you.

Several months ago I had a conversation with a young agent who's become a major player in his market after being in the business for only 2-3 years. He's got the veterans in his market scratching their heads wondering what he's been doing to gain such a huge amount of market share in such a short period of time.

And what's his secret? He mails to all of his clients and prospects eight times every month! And when people receive information from you as a broker eight times a month, it's difficult for them to ever think of working with anyone else.

In addition, two of my coaching clients, working as a team, designed 12 postcards under my guidance and direction and mailed one postcard a month to their clients and prospects throughout this past year. Their investment in the design, printing, and mailing over the course of the year was $12,000.00, and the postcards have now generated more than $500,000.00 in additional commissions for them. That's what's possible when you commit yourself to a solid mailing program.

But because most offices will not invest this kind of money in a mailing campaign for you, you need to be willing to invest this kind of money yourself. And as you can see, the payoff can easily be well worth it.

No matter how good you are at prospecting, you can't have a conversation with every client and prospect you'd like to work with every single month. But through direct mail, people will receive your message every month, and this will brand you in their minds as the broker they'll want to work with when they're ready to take action.

The one remaining question here for you is, "Will this be the year you'll invest in a solid mailing campaign that will generate great new commissions for you...or not?"

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