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January 28, 2002
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1. Fall in Love With The Real Estate Business

2. A Very Powerful Phrase

3. How to Effectively Sell Your Clients on YOU!

1. Fall in Love With The Real Estate Business

Do you really love what you do day-to-day in your real estate
sales career? If you do and you've been in the business for many
years the chances are very good that you're a top producer for
the company you work with. If you don't really care much for the
real estate business at this point in your career you probably
are not a top producer or your level of production is probably
not what it used to be.

When you truly love what you are doing in your real estate
business it doesn't really feel like work to you. You just love
what you are doing most every day that you work. And this is a
major key for you in being a top producer in real estate sales.

Have you ever noticed that the agents who complain the most in
your office about how tough the business is or how much the
economy is hurting their business are normally not the top-
producing agents in the office? These people simply devote too
much of their energy into thinking about how difficult real
estate sales is for them which greatly inhibits the amount of
money they make. Top producers on the other hand focus their
energy on how they can make business happen regardless of what
hurdles get thrown in front of them along the way. And the
interesting truth of it all is that both top producers and
marginal producers are working in the exact same market, aren't
they? So whose opinion is really correct here on how easy or
difficult it is for you to make great money in real estate sales
in your territory right now?

The more that you absolutely love the real estate business the
better your results will be. If you find that you've lost some of
the passion you once had for the business ask yourself, "When was
the one time that I experienced the most passion ever in my
real estate sales career?" Then ask yourself, "What did I do that
created this feeling?"

Can you find a way to recreate this passion in your real estate
sales career now? If you can I guarantee you'll have much more
fun in the business and you'll definitely make more money also.

2. A Very Powerful Phrase

If you've been reading my E-zine newsletter for several months
now you've heard me talk about the power of language patterns and
how they can influence your clients and prospects to either want
to do business with you or want to do business with another agent
instead. So in helping you to move to the next level of effective
persuasion with your clients and prospects I'm going to now tell
you about a simple yet extremely powerful phrase that can greatly
assist you in overcoming the objections of your clients and
prospects. And I'll give you some examples of how you can
effectively utilize this phrase, too.

Here's the basic scenario that we'll be working from:

A client or prospect has just voiced an objection. Now take a
look at the basic structure of a great way for you to effectively
respond to that objection:

"That's right. And it's exactly because you recognize this that
you'll also recognize the value in what I'm about to say to

OK. Now stay with me on this. In martial arts I've heard people
say that one of the most effective ways to be successful is to go
into alignment with the momentum of the other person's movements
and utilize this momentum to your advantage in your response to
them. In responding to your clients and prospects this is exactly
what we want to do both psychologically and linguistically, too.

Instead of trying to disagree with the objection you're going to
agree with it then lead the client or prospect in a different
direction--a direction that is much more favorable to moving
forward with the deal you are working on. Let me now show you a
few of the possibilities here...


"I think that XYZ Brokerage Company is a better company than


"That's right. And it's exactly because you recognize this that
you'll also recognize the value in what I'm about to say to you.
You can go with XYZ Brokerage Company and risk having your
listing fall through the cracks with them, or you can list your
property with me knowing that both you and your property will get
the time and quality of attention that you know you deserve. Now
which of those two scenarios do you feel is the one that will
best serve you?"


"The price is too high."


"That's right. And it's exactly because you recognize this that
you'll also recognize the value in what I'm about to say to you.
When you imagine yourself after you've already purchased your
next property is it really the price or the value you've already
received for the money you've invested that will definitely be
the most important to you?"


"Yes, but our situation is completely different."


"That's right. And it's exactly because you recognize how
different your situation is that you'll also recognize the value
in what I'm about to say to you. Sometimes when you're situation
is so different it allows you to look at a situation like this
from a perspective that few people can. If I were to ask you to
utilize what it is that makes you so different to creatively come
up with a way to help us move forward in the way that works best
for you, what new options can you already see that you have
available here to effectively move forward?"

As you may already be noticing you can utilize this same basic
linguistic structure to help you to overcome many, many
objections that your clients and prospects may throw at you. If
some of what I've written in these responses appears wordy this
is by design. In fact, every single word I've chosen in these
responses is by design. If you are familiar with the field of
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) we are utilizing the approaches
of Pattern Interrupting, The Milton Model, Reframing, Time
Distortion, and Pacing and Leading here. Neurolinguistic
Programming has been referred to in Psychology Today magazine as
"the most powerful tool for change in existence." Corporate
America is just now beginning to learn how powerful this
technology is for their salespeople to be trained in. Those
companies that are the first to embrace this technology in their
respective industries with their own salespeople will literally
begin to see their sales results explode almost immediately.

What I have shown you here is just a small, small example of all
that is possible for you to utilize from this technology in your
own real estate business. From time-to-time I will give you more
examples of how to effectively utilize this technology even
further to improve your real estate sales.

3. How to Effectively Sell Your Clients on YOU!

I was listening to a Nightingale Conant tape series recently on
the subject of sales and how to effectively build a small
business. During the course they talked about what sets effective
salespeople apart from all the others and how to best enroll your
clients and prospects in doing business with YOU.

Here is what they said:

"The more that your clients and prospects feel that you truly
understand them and resonate with their problem the more they
will want to do business with you. Therefore, 90% of your job as
a salesperson is having your clients and prospects feel that you
truly understand their problem--and only 10% of your job as a
salesperson is educating them."

People want to do business with people that they feel are just
like they are. The more that people feel this way about you when
they are around you the more successful you will become in your
real estate sales career.


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