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1. It's Time For You to Get Moving!

2. Watch What You Say to Your Clients and Prospects

1. It's Time For You to Get Moving!

The holidays are officially behind us now. All that's really left for us to do is move beyond that tendency to cruise along at the rate of about 5-10 miles per hour if we haven't already done so.

It's really, really important for you to get moving in your real estate business right now. I can't emphasize this enough to you. Many agents unfortunately will wait until sometime between January 20th and 30th before they are fully back on track and producing at 100% of their capabilities. That's how much this annual holiday period can affect people.

As you've just experienced, things can really change in terms of how effectively you can do business during the holidays. I even noticed some people beginning to slow down in their level of activity 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving this past holiday season. With this being said agents can actually lose 2- 2 1/2 months of peak productivity whenever the holidays are upon them. You definitely want to make sure that this doesn't happen to you, too.

Keeping this in mind you need to get moving right now because you want to have a great year in your real estate business in 2003. But here's the catch:

Even though it's the beginning of January right now you really don't have a full year of highly-productive time available for you to meet your income goals for the year in your real estate business. As you've probably just experienced, with things slowing down during the holidays people aren't too excited about closing transactions and making a move during the holiday season. This means that you need to generate as much income as you can for 2003 from transactions that close sometime before about the middle of November. After we begin to approach Thanksgiving, business, as you've probably just experienced, normally does not continue at the same pace for most people. So what this basically means is that the income you earn in 2003 will be largely due to all the activity you generate prior to the middle of October of this year. Because as you know the deals you begin to negotiate in October may not close in October. This means that you have about nine months from this moment in time to generate all the activity that will determine your real estate commissions for 2003.


There's nothing better than becoming fully-engaged in your real estate business again to have you feel great about yourself and your life. While we often tend to come out of the holiday season feeling slow, it's getting ourselves into high-gear and giving 100% again that almost always has us feeling our best. So do everything you possibly can to get into high gear in your real estate business as soon as possible. Remember, your income for 2003 will largely be determined by what you do between now and October. So make sure you're on top of your business and making the most out of the next nine months!

2. Watch What You Say to Your Clients and Prospects

When an agent is struggling or is not as successful as they would like to be in real estate there is a good chance that the agent is lacking in interpersonal skills. Solid interpersonal skills are necessary to consistently do business with the most desirable clients in your territory. Agents who are lacking in these skills can be out there pursuing business with prospects while for the most part being completely unconscious about what they are saying and doing with these people that is actually hurting their chances of doing business with them. 

Sometimes an agent can feel that he or she is doing a great job with a prospect but the subtle mistakes that the agent makes can cause the prospect to hire another agent for the assignment instead. And after this happens the agent who loses out on the assignment will often have no idea what it was that had the prospect select their competition over them.

As a simple example here let’s say that an agent is talking to a property owner about listing their property. In discussing how thoroughly the agent intends to protect the owner’s best interests in a transaction the agent might say something like, “Mr. Jacobsen, I want you to know how thorough I will be at protecting your best interests in the sale of your property. I want you to know right now that I would never do anything that would cause you to end up in a lawsuit.”  

The agent’s choice of words in this situation has caused the owner to now think of the possibility of a lawsuit when this was not in the owner’s mind at all just a few minutes ago. Even though the agent’s intention was to assure the owner that he would not end up in a lawsuit if he selected the agent to list the property, the agent’s choice of words here has produced the opposite effect. 

As another example of this if someone were asked to not think of a red Corvette what’s the first thing that the person will begin to think of? That's right, the red Corvette! Your mind has to first identify exactly what a red Corvette is before it then tries not to think of it. This happens with everything we say in our conversations with other people each and everyday. So in its simplest form we need to become more aware of the language we are utilizing with our clients and prospects. Each and every word that we choose has its own meaning attached to it which will cause our clients and prospects to think and feel different thoughts and emotions.

If right now if you're using some words in your presentations with your clients and prospects that cause them to think about undesirable things and feel undesirable emotions, you are probably at times pushing these people away from wanting to do business with you. And up until now this may have been completely outside of the your conscious awareness, too.  

Imagine for a moment the owner of a property interviewing an agent as a potential candidate to list their property with. The agent is making their presentation and utilizes the following words throughout the presentation:

Harm, damage, litigation, break-in, liability, dangerous, steal, thieves, bad credit, bad reputation, undesirable, flake, bankrupt

Now having just read those words did you notice how they affected you? When most people read these words they begin to feel the negative, undesirable states associated with them. They do so either with these words individually or with the combination of all of these words put together. Keeping this in mind the state that these words tend to induce would probably not be a state conducive to an owner giving the listing on their property to you as an agent. People don’t want to list their properties with agents who cause them to experience negative, undesirable states.

This is exactly what happens in many real estate sales situations. Agents say words and phrases without recognizing the impact that they are having on their clients and prospects. So you need to make sure to utilize words that will have your clients and prospects associate great, positive feelings to you being their real estate agent.

Every single word in the English language has its own characteristics that cause people to associate certain thoughts, beliefs, and feelings with it. Make sure when you are talking with your clients and prospects that you choose words that have them associate positive thoughts and feelings to you being their real estate agent. In the end it is the sum total of everything you present to them that has them feel like working with you....or with your competition instead.

So make sure that the words you utilize when talking with your clients and prospects have them feeling good about you and wanting to choose you over any other agent in your territory!

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