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2. What We Can All Learn from Arnold Schwarzennegger

3. Simple Language that Closes Your Clients and Prospects

2. What We Can All Learn from Arnold Schwarzennegger

I remember when Arnold Schwarzennegger announced several months ago that he would be running for Governor of California. I was actually quite stunned by the announcement at the time as were many other Californians. Arnold had given no indication that he would be running for Governor, and then he announced that he would be making his final decision about the race public on the Jay Leno show. So by making this statement he had most of us convinced that he would definitely not be running. I mean, who would announce their political candidacy on a late night talk show instead of doing it directly to the news media? But this was all the magnificent beginning of Arnold and his advisors recognizing a great opportunity and then taking the action to capitalize on it.

Being from California, I too was feeling the frustration of the problems our State has been facing. We've definitely had poor leadership and many bad decisions by both current and former politicians all up and down the State. With this in mind, the opportunity that Arnold and his people saw and the strategy with which they moved forward on it was pure genius.

Arnold's people sensed the frustration of the people of California and their desire for political change. They also recognized that this campaign would take only a few short months instead of a year or more as is typical in most elections for a major political office. If they could just get the people of California to view Arnold as a fresh new hope for political change, they might actually then be able to get him elected.

Arnold's advisors were careful not to let Arnold talk about what he would actually do to change California's problems. They also had him appear on programs like Oprah and Larry King where he would be interviewed in friendly environments, and had him steer clear of appearing on the normal news and political programs. And the only televised debate they let him appear on was the one where the Gubernatorial candidates actually knew all the questions in advance. In short, they were able to sell the public on his larger-than-life presence, and have the people view him as as a political outsider who may be their only hope to bring about any real political and economic change.

And best of worked!

The truth is that I have to simply tip my hat to Arnold and his advisors. They saw an opportunity, they designed a strategy to go after it, and they succeeded in achieving their goal in a big way. Had Arnold instead tried to run for Governor in a normal, lengthy campaign, he most certainly would have had to debate other candidates over the many months leading up to the election itself. He also would have had to appear on political and other news-oriented television shows where seasoned wolves and political veterans would have taken their best shots at him. And with this being the case, he may or may not have continued to look like the knight in shining armor to the people come election time.

So here's why I'm telling you this story:

There's always opportunity for you to make incredible money in your real estate business. It all has to do with your attitude, your perseverance, your strategy, and whether or not you can recognize the great opportunities that are continually right in front of your face. When you recognize these opportunities, design the right strategy to pursue them, and follow-up with incredible perseverance, you will achieve the success you've always dreamed of in this business in an amazingly short period of time.

So my question to you is, "Where are the best opportunities for you right now in your market and what are the best strategies for you to capitalize on these opportunities?"

Remember...if you've been producing less than ideal results in your real estate business for 90 days or more it may mean you're using a strategy that has flaws in it. If this is true, it may be time for you to talk with someone who can help you update your strategy to one that will have you producing better results and making more money by working the exact same hours that you are right now.

The money is always out there or you...but only if you're working the right game plan.

3. Simple Language that Closes Your Clients and Prospects

Language is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize as a real estate agent to successfully move your clients and prospects forward and close more transactions with them. Yet there is almost zero training in our industry that actually teaches agents how to utilize language in the most effective ways imaginable.

As a Trainer and Master Practitioner of both Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as being a 24-year veteran of our industry, the combination of these arenas offers me great opportunities to teach agents how to utilize their language much more effectively in real estate sales situations.

To summarize around this, you really have to watch what you say to your clients and prospects. Because what you say to them will either direct their thoughts towards successfully moving forward on the transaction, or, in the alternative, direct them them away from closing the transaction altogether.

To give you an example of this, here's a typical mistake that I hear agents make when talking to their clients:

"If we can get the owner to agree to both the price and contingency period you want, do you see any problem in moving ahead with this transaction?"

This is a major, major linguistic mistake for a salesperson to make. What you are in effect doing here is directing the client's mind to try and find another problem with moving ahead with the transaction. It would be like me asking you, "Do you see any problems in being able to make 25% more than your stated income goal over the next 12 months?" Notice where your mind and internal feelings will tend to go with how that question has been phrased to you. It is designed to have you look for the problems in trying to increase your income by an additional 25%. Compare that with, for example, "Do you feel that if you really applied yourself and stayed focused in working a great game plan, that you could maybe even make an additional 25% in income over the next 12 months?"

The two questions are basically asking you the same thing, but just notice the difference in how you feel when you read each one. The second one is more likely to have you feel more positive about what you can accomplish with your income over the next 12 months when compared with the first one. So in noticing this one difference, just imagine all the possibilities for how you can more successfully move your clients forward in transactions if you just do a little work on the language you choose when you're talking with them.

In the original example I gave you above where the agent is talking with his or her client about moving forward, a more effective choice of words would be, "If we can get the owner to agree to both the price and contingency period you want, do you recognize that this is definitely something that you will now want to move forward with?"

Again, notice the difference in how this new version feels and how it gets you as the listener to focus more on moving forward with the transaction instead of looking for still another problem with it. If you ask your clients and prospects to focus on finding problems, they will find problems. If you lead them instead towards having what they want by moving forward in the transaction, you increase the probability that this is exactly what they will do. This assumes of course that the property itself is one that they would like to own.

So watch what you say to your clients and prospects. Recognize that every word you choose has its own particular characteristics and feelings associated with it, and make sure you're continually choosing the words that will successfully move your clients and prospects towards closing more transactions with you.

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