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October 22, 2001
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1. Finding the Time to Canvass

2. Stay Focused on Doing the Right Things

3. To Mail or Not to Mail

1. Finding the Time to Canvass

OK, now I know there have been times when you've had the best
intentions to go canvassing, but something seemed to come-up that
needed your immediate attention instead. And I'd be willing to
bet that this has happened more than once in your real estate
sales career. Am I right on this? If I am then why do you think
this is so? And if you had a listing appointment to list a great
property would you let something come-up just as easily to keep
you from attending the listing appointment, too? Probably not.

The reason for this scenario is that you probably don't exactly
jump for joy at the thought of canvassing. And why should you? Do
you absolutely love the idea of calling or visiting 10, 20, or 30
people that you may not know very well everyday?

People in real estate say that you can expect one out of every
ten people that you canvass to result in a possible lead for you.
So how do you feel in advance knowing that the other nine people
you will be canvassing will have no business for you?

This is really what's at the root of why agents don't keep their
word when they say they are going to canvass. Getting rejected or
having no new business be the result nine times out of every ten
people you contact is not something that we look forward to as
agents both mentally and emotionally. And yet it's the truth
about what we can expect to experience throughout our real estate
sales careers.

So how do you as an agent deal with this? There are actually
a few different ways. First of all, how committed are you to
producing the best results that you possibly can in your real
estate sales career? And if you say you are very committed, then
how much time are you actually spending canvassing every week of
your career? If you're cutting corners and not canvassing as much
as you feel you should be, you're kissing a lot of money goodbye
in your business each and every year.

Schedule appointments for canvassing in your calendar or software
program. And hold these appointments as sacred, too. Treat them
just like listing appointments for multi-million dollar
properties because the truth is that this is how valuable they
really are.

It is through your dedication to canvassing that you will dig-up
the great opportunities for the big transactions before your
competition does. And when you're the first agent that your
prospects begin to build a relationship with as they consider
taking action, you definitely have a solid leg up on your

And if you ever feel yourself trying to make an excuse about why
you can't canvass when you said you would, ask yourself:

"If I had a listing appointment for a great property scheduled at
the same time I've scheduled my canvassing, would this same
excuse also keep me from attending this listing appointment?"

This will get you to the truth very quickly about your excuse for
not canvassing!

And finally, when you find yourself resisting and delaying your
canvassing just begin to canvass anyway. Pick-up the phone and
call some people or go knock on some doors. I almost guarantee
that once you've done this for 15-30 minutes or so all
of a sudden canvassing will seem anywhere from OK to great.

Your success in real estate sales is determined by how
effectively you build relationships with people. And you can't
build great relationships with people unless you contact them
regularly. And even if you are doing most of your canvassing on
the telephone you can't really build the quality of
relationships that you want with your clients and prospects
unless you're spending time with them in-person. If you've been
contacting a prospect every several months by telephone only and
your competitors have been meeting with the prospect face-to-
face, when it comes time for the prospect to list their property
they will most likely list with one of your competitors. You
simply can't build as strong of a relationship with someone over
the telephone as you can when you meet with someone in-person.
Keep this in mind the next time you talk to a prospect and they
tell you that they may sell their property in about six months.
If all you're planning on doing is to call them every two months
or so to see if they're getting closer to selling, you may be the
third or fourth agent they think about when it's time to list
their property.

No matter how long you've been in the business you will probably
experience some hesitation to canvassing. It's really just human
nature. Canvassing involves putting your butt on the line with
people. It involves YOU selling YOU to people and being willing
to take whatever they give back to you in return. This is the
career you have chosen for yourself. Do you want to make it the
best, most exciting ride you can make it? Or do you really want
to keep making excuses for why you can't canvass as much as you
know you should?

The more you canvass, the more opportunities you will create for
yourself. If other agents are getting listings in your territory
and you didn't even know that many of these owners were planning
on listing their properties, you're not doing enough canvassing.

When you're out there canvassing everyday YOU are in complete
control of your own destiny in your real estate sales career. You
will see an abundance of opportunities, and you will be working
on all of the BEST opportunities yourself. Let the other people
in your office tell you why they don't really have the time to
canvass as much as they'd like to. And when they say this to you
just smile, pick up the phone or go knock on some doors, and be
thankful that so many other agents are willing to create so much
opportunity for you because they actually choose to believe their
own excuses.

You on the other hand know the truth.

2. Stay Focused on Doing the Right Things

You've probably heard people saying how important it is to stay
focused in real estate sales. But on what? In the last issue of
my E-zine I told you how important it is to have an overall
system of brokerage that works excellently. What if you're
doing a great job of staying focused but your overall system for
success in real estate sales stinks? Or maybe your system doesn't
exactly stink but you observe other agents making more money than
you year after year. This then means that they're working a
more effective system than you are.

If you find yourself struggling it means that you're working
utilizing an ineffective system for success in your real estate
sales business. If you're truly committed to producing excellent
results in real estate sales, you will accomplish this. But if
what you're currently doing is not producing the results you
want, you have to step back and examine your day-to-day routine.
This is not the routine you should be utilizing in your business.

Perhaps you've heard the following expression before:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and
expecting a different result."

You can't produce different results if you continue to focus on
working the same routine that's been producing subpar results for
you. And if your solution has been to "work harder" you'll just
drive yourself crazy adding more stress and frustration while
working the same ineffective routine, producing the same results.

Talk to someone who can give you good direction and get you into
a routine that will have you producing results you'll feel
thrilled about.

If there's another agent out there who's producing the results
that you would love to be producing for yourself, I guarantee you
that this agent is working a completely different system than you
are. The good news is that you too can begin to implement a
similar system in your own real estate sales business.

Just find the right person who can get you there and start asking
this person questions!

3. To Mail or Not to Mail

So how is your mailing campaign going these days? Do you
constantly have top-quality mailers going out to your prospects
and clients on a regular basis? This is one area in real estate
sales where the top-producers generally beat the pants off of
everyone else.

I have a suggestion for you:

Be completely committed to having the best, most top-notch
professional mailing campaign of all the agents in your territory
or don't spend much time sending out mailings.

Have you ever taken a look at some of the mailings that your
competitors are sending out? Some of it is really.....junk! I
often wonder what goes through agents' minds to have them send
out mailers like that. In some cases their image would be
improved in the eyes of the prospects in your territory if they
instead sent nothing at all!

On the other side of the coin some agents design absolutely
brilliant mailers. And what this does is position these agents as
the #1 agent in your territory in the minds of your prospects.
Mailings can truly be very powerful.

Now I'm going to give you another suggestion:

Get a hold of all the mailings that your competitors are sending
out in your territory. Ask your best clients to save them for
you. Some of these clients would love to help you! Then take a
look at what everyone else in your territory is sending out. And
remember, these agents are sending out these mailers with the
intention of having your prospects call them first instead of
you. And if you think about it for a moment, what good are your
mailers really doing you if they have your prospects thinking
about calling you 3rd, 4th, or 5th when the need to buy, sell, or
lease arises? Is this really the effect you want to create by
spending your hard-earned money on a mailing campaign?

So before you start sending-out mailers, doesn't it make sense to
find out what your competition is doing first instead of simply
sending-out your mailers without really knowing? Hey, you might
even come-up with some great ideas on how to improve your own
mailers by looking at those of your competitors!

If you're going to send-out mailers to your prospects in the
hopes of having them call you first, make sure your mailers are
the best, most impressive ones in your territory. Spend the extra
money if you have to. All it takes is one or two additional
escrows from these mailings to much more than pay for the
additional expense. And if your mailers are continually the best
ones in your territory you will generate far more business than
one or two additional escrows from them.

If your mailers are the third, fourth, or fifth best in your
territory and you're not planning on improving them, save
yourself the money and aggravation and don't bother sending them
out. Except maybe to your loyal clients and prospects that you
already have a good relationship with.

If you're committed to being the best agent in your territory,
recognize that having the best, most consistently delivered
mailers going out to your clients and prospects is truly the only
way to go.


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