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Timing is Very Critical for Your
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

When locating new prospects as a commercial real estate agent, timing can oftentimes play a very important role in your success. You definitely want to locate your new prospects by the time they realize they need to begin talking with a commercial broker, and before they begin talking with your competition. And with this in mind the longer you go between contacting your prospects, the more likely you'll find that they now have a commercial real estate need, but they've already begun working with one of your competitors.

If on the other hand you'd been in contact with your prospects more frequently, you could have been the first agent they talked to when their commercial real estate needs arose.

With this in mind there's a story I want to tell you that describes exactly what I'm talking about here in terms of ideal timing with people...

My friend Daniel was at a friend's home one evening and they decided they wanted to order some pizza. So they called Domino's and ordered the pizza, fully expecting it to arrive within 30 minutes...because that's the Domino's guarantee.

About 35 minutes after they ordered, the pizza still hadn't arrived and they called Domino's asking what was happening. And they were told that that the pizza had already been delivered.

Well Daniel and his friend were scratching their heads because no one had knocked on their door and they definitely had no pizza in front of them to begin eating. And after a brief conversation, it became very clear what had really happened...

The pizza had been delivered to the exact same address, on the exact same street, in the city next door. And what was rather bizarre about this was the fact that the delivery person knocked on the door of the other home, told the person their pizza had arrived, and then that person simply pulled out their wallet and paid for the pizza as if they had really ordered it!

So maybe the person was sitting at home wondering what they were going to have for dinner, and then when the pizza arrived they figured this was the perfect solution to their problem!

The same can oftentimes be true in your real estate business. Most every decision maker you talk to will have a commercial real estate need at some time. You just need to be in contact with them frequently enough to make sure you're the first agent they'll want to work with when they're ready.

That's why you need to be in contact with these people frequently on the phone, in person, and through the mail. You want to be the one who first gets their attention right around the time they're thinking, "We need to talk to a commercial real estate broker about this requirement that we have." Because if you don't talk with them soon after they begin thinking this, they'll be talking with your competitors instead of you.

Finding new prospects to work with involves constant contact with some of this contact happening right around the time your prospects are thinking they'd like to talk with a commercial broker. Just as in the example of the pizza being delivered to the person's front door, you'll never know that exact moment in time when some of these people become highly receptive to wanting to work with you.

The more you stay in constant contact with the people you want to work with, the more successful you'll be at having these prospects become your clients, and the more money you'll make in your business every year.

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