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In this Issue:

1. How a Top Agent Looks at the "Do Not Call" Law

2. Why Having a Positive Mental Attitude Can Hurt You

1. How a Top Agent Looks at the "Do Not Call" Law

There have been few governmental ordinances over the years that have sparked more controversy and more discussion among real estate agents as the "Do Not Call" law has done here in the United States. Agents have been wondering at great lengths what this new law means to their telephone prospecting. In addition, managers have been wondering the exact same thing as well as what they need to do to shield their offices from any liability that could result from the new law.  And still, I'm waiting to read my first article with a legal opinion from an expert attorney on what this new law means for real estate agents who want to continue on with their telephone prospecting.

With all of this going on, I received a call from Mike Monteleone, an old friend, who is also one of the top producing agents in our industry. Mike has averaged $43 million in production each year for the past 31 years in our industry, and here's here's what he had to say to me:

"Jim, I see this new "Do Not Call" law as a huge opportunity for me. First of all, most agents don't like to do much telephone prospecting anyway. So this new law will have them do even less prospecting than they were doing before." He then continued with, "I've noticed that there are tens of millions of telephone numbers that are not on the list. Therefore, I'm just going to prospect the people in my area who haven't put their phone numbers on the list, knowing full well that I'll now have much less competition than I've ever had before from other agents."

While talking with Mike I began to get a big smile on my face. This is a prime example of how a top agent is constantly thinking. While most real estate people are worried about how this new law will affect them, Mike became convinced that there was opportunity here somewhere, and sure enough he found it. Having a mindset like Mike's, where you're thoroughly convinced that there's always opportunity to be uncovered right in front of your face in your real estate career, is what continually sets the top producers apart from everyone else.

2. Why Having a Positive Mental Attitude Can Hurt You

We hear so often about the tremendous impact that having a positive mental attitude can have on your real estate career. I'm a firm believer in this concept also. Being able to constantly put the short-term disappointments of this business behind you immediately, and move forward in a state of knowing that you're about to uncover a huge opportunity for yourself, can do wonders for both your short and long-term success in this business.

But here's the problem I see with so many agents. They have a positive mental attitude, but it's completely wrapped around a game plan of day-to-day activities that's doomed for failure.

If you're working a particular game plan for success in this business, whether you've identified what the game plan is or whether you're completely doing it on your own unconsciously, if you haven't seen an improvement in your results for 90 days or more, it may be time to revise the game plan. With this in mind, typically I see agents who are struggling or under-performing becoming so attached to the routine they're constantly working day-to-day in their real estate careers. They become convinced that the only problem is that they haven't been working this routine long enough. Or they become convinced that they just need a little more luck. But both of these assumptions are solidly doomed for disaster.

Top-producing agents have become so successful because they've constantly been willing to try new approaches throughout their real estate careers. Agents who struggle, on the other hand, usually fall into a routine they've learned within their first 2-3 years in the business, and they then spend years repeating that same day-to-day routine over and over again. They feel that they're working just as hard as the top earners in the office, but they don't recognize that the top earners are working a different game plan than they are. This lack of recognition can then be reinforced when these agents see other agents working in the office. When agents are in the office along with other agents, everyone looks busy. And everyone can look like they're busy doing similar activities, too. Based upon this observation, it can then be easy for a struggling agent to conclude that they're doing the exact same things that the top-producing agents are doing. But this assumption could not be further from the truth.

With this in mind, when it's time for you to take your real estate business to the next level, recognize that it's very difficult for you to do it completely on your own. Of all the game plans you could be working in your real estate business, your mind has settled-in on the one you're working right now, with all things considered, as the one that's best for you. When you add to this how easily you may find yourself going back to your old habits whenever you try to change your day-to-day routine to a more successful one, you may soon find yourself back in your old routine very, very quickly. Perhaps you've already experienced this.

If you're looking to improve your results in your real estate business, it may be time to get input from someone who knows the best way to get you to where you want to be. Some of the people you may want to talk to include your manager, a top-producing real estate agent, or a real estate coach.

While a positive mental attitude is great to have as a real estate agent, when you combine it with working a day-to-day routine in your real estate business that's doomed for failure, you'll continually experience a lot of frustration as a real estate agent. And sometimes it's easy to erroneously conclude in these situations that what you need to do is just keep a positive mental attitude, and keep working the same old routine.

When you instead combine the positive mental attitude with continually reinventing yourself as a real estate agent, updating your day-to-day routine to a more effective one, and seeking out experts who will make certain you're continually on the right track, you'll meet with the success you've always wanted to achieve in this business very, very quickly.

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