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One of My Greatest Examples of Personal Commitment

I remember one time I was in a seminar over 20 years ago and the man leading the seminar said, "You either have what you want in life or you have the reasons why you don't." This one statement was so profound to me that it's continued to stay in my mind ever since then. Because we live in a world where people like to make excuses for why they haven't accomplished what they want to in their lives, rather than just doing what will work instead.

With this in mind, Thomas Edison was someone who definitely knew how to get the job done. He tried over 1,000 different ways to create the electric light bulb, and none of them worked. But he was convinced that every new approach he tried that didn't work brought him one step closer to finding out what did work. And he decided it was time to put his butt on the line to find what really did work...

He made an announcement to the world that he was very close to finally discovering how to create the world's first electric light bulb, when in fact he wasn't close at all. But he knew that by putting his reputation on the line in front of the entire world, he would open himself up to entirely new ways of finding how to create the first successful light bulb, which of course he did.

In my own personal life there's probably no one I know of who better exemplifies this total commitment to having what he wants in his life than my friend Rick. Where other people would see obstacles to having what they want in their lives, Rick just doesn't see them.

I remember one time when we had just graduated from college and we were out to lunch with a group of other young business professionals. One of these professionals had a bit of a big ego and he was talking about how he graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, and how he would have pursued an undergraduate degree in business at the University had one been available for undergraduates at the time. (At that time UCLA offered only graduate degrees in Business, and had no Bachelor's Degree program in Business.)

My friend Rick mentioned that he had just graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business from UCLA, and the other guy looked confused and perplexed at how this could possibly be so. And when Rick told him how he did it the guy became belligerent in front of all of us, angry that someone else seemed to be one step ahead of him at getting things done. (And after the lunch one of this guy's friends apologized to Rick for how this man had behaved in front of him.)

What Rick had done was meet with the Chancellor of UCLA and tell him that despite the fact that the University didn't offer an undergraduate program in Business, he wanted to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Business nonetheless. And the Chancellor eventually granted Rick's request, enabling him to graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Business!

Now how many people at that age would even conceive of being able to persuade the University to do this for themselves? Yet Rick not only conceived of it, he was completely determined to make it happen for himself, and through his determination the University went along with him.

I still find that amazing for me to think about.

And at times over the years when Rick has invested in stocks, sometimes he's gone one step further than the average person would to get a solid feeling about a company. So sometimes he'll walk into one or more facilities owned by companies and begin chatting with their employees,  simply wanting to know how the employees feel about the company, how management is treating them, and how they feel about the direction the company is moving in.

No matter how a company looks on paper, if their employees are miserable about how they're being treated, the company may not be the best one to invest in.

Now how many investors out there do you think have ever taken an extra step like this one before investing in a company?

And then there was the time when Rick special-ordered a car from one of the major automobile manufacturers. He found out the exact day the car was being built, went to the factory and worked his way inside, and began talking with the company's foreman. And in a short period of time Rick had enrolled the foreman in making changes to the car during the manufacturing process that the company would normally never do.

The foreman went to his people on the assembly line, told them the changes to make on this one particular car, and when the employees asked him why they were making these changes on this one car the foreman responded by saying, "It's government business."

And after that exact moment, the foreman walked Rick over to the area where the company stored all of the seats they'd be installing in their new cars, and told Rick to pick out whichever seats he wanted installed in his new vehicle.

How many people would have had the foresight, the guts, the commitment, and the rapport skills to make something like this happen?

Rick had an outstanding career as a commercial real estate broker, and he's had an outstanding career as an investor also. And it all comes from his vision and commitment to what he knows his life can become, and his determination to lead the life he's always imagined for himself. And I must add that doing it all ethically and treating people appropriately along the way is very high on Rick's priority list, too.

I'm mentioning Rick because I see a lot of brokers out there letting themselves off the hook with excuses as to why they can't produce the results they want to in their businesses. One of the simplest solutions for most any commercial agent who wants to develop more business is to do more prospecting, as I find that most commercial agents are not doing the prospecting they know they should be.

If you're not currently prospecting 10-12 hours a week in your commercial real estate business, how much of a difference would doing this amount of prospecting make in your income if you did it every week for the next twelve months?

And if you like your answer to this question, just get this amount of prospecting done every single week in your business from now on, with no excuses.

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