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October 8, 2001
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1. Your Brokerage System is Everything

2. Watch Your Language!

3. Getting Your Prospects to Respond to You

1. Your Brokerage System is Everything

How solid is the overall system of brokerage that you're
utilizing right now? By this I'm referring to the day-to-day
things that you do to have yourself become highly-successful in
your real estate sales business. Do you even have a system? Or
are you flying by the seat of your pants just doing what seems to
come naturally at each given moment of the day? As business
consultant Michael Gerber states, "Ninety-five percent of all
businesses fail." And these numbers can easily be tracked
statistically. However, what Gerber says next is extremely
revealing, and it has great implications for your own personal
success in real estate sales:

"Despite the fact that 95% of all businesses fail, 95% of all
franchised businesses succeed."

Why is this so? And how does this relate to you as a real estate
agent out there in the streets grinding it out day after day
doing the best that you can to put deals together? Actually, the
correlation is very simple. Ninety-five percent of all franchised
businesses succeed because they have a solid, proven, repeatable
system in place that will produce successful results for
franchisees almost every single time. All the franchisees have to
do is follow the system.

Now, what system are you currently utilizing in your real estate
sales business? Are you currently working a system that's
repeatable where you know exactly what you must do to produce the
results you desire? Or are you working some other system?

The top producers in real estate sales have great systems in
place which they utilize day-in and day-out and year-in and year-
out. And they continually modify their systems when they find a
better, more effective way of doing something.

When McDonald's opens a new restaurant anywhere in the United
States, they know in advance exactly how much annual revenue the
restaurant will earn and what the pretax profit will be. That's
how solid of a system they have in place. This comes from years
of learning specifically what works excellently for them and
reducing it to a system that can be repeated over and over again
with absolute certainty.

How good is your system that you are currently using in your own
real estate sales business? And if you're not currently following
a system, do you think that maybe it would be a good idea to
begin to develop one?

When you have a solid system in place for your real estate sales
business you will begin to produce much better results with ease.
This will not only make you more money, it will dramatically
increase your enjoyment of what you do everyday in your real
estate business, too.

2. Watch Your Language!

When one studies in the fields of Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic
Programming (NLP) you can easily recognize how the language one
uses either moves your prospect much closer to the sale, or
pushes them farther away. Being a Trainer and Master Practitioner
of both Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming I've studied
with great detail and interest how the language we use affects
our clients and prospects in many different sales situations. In
fact, I am writing my dissertation for my Ph.D. degree on
how to best utilize language to successfully close more real
estate sales.

As an agent, you really need to watch what you say to your
clients and prospects because everything you say and do
influences people in one direction or the other. This technology
is very detailed and intricate and I'd like to give you a basic
understanding of it so that you become more aware about how you
can best communicate with your clients.

For example, when you are trying to move your clients forward in
a sale DO NOT present a possibility to them and ask them
something like, "Do you see a problem with that?"

What does a statement like this do? It has your client focus on
trying to find a problem with what you just said! Instead you
might say something like, "Is that OK with you?" This has the
client focusing on "OK" instead of the word "problem."

While this distinction may or may not sound like something major
to you at this time the truth is that the agents whose language
is the most effective with their clients are the ones who sell
the most property.

In simple terms, this is how it works:

If I asked you not to think of an elephant, you first have to
think about an elephant before you try to not think of one, don't
you? This is the way that our minds work. The same applies to the
words you use when talking to your clients. As a further example,
if you were a client buying or selling property in the following
scenarios, which of the statements that I've written in each
situation would actually have you feel better about moving
forward with the transaction if they were spoken to you by your

1) "I can't believe how impossible these owners are being with
you. What they are asking you to do is totally ridiculous!"

1a) "I understand how you are feeling about what they are asking
for. However, the owners themselves feel confident that what they
are asking for is, in fact, very reasonable."

2) "Everyone else in the neighborhood has had nothing but
absolutely horrible experiences with that person."

2a) "While every neighborhood has many wonderful people, every
neighborhood will also have one person who can be, shall we say,
not quite as wonderful as the others."

3) "Buying property is a very complicated process. We have to
first weed out all the properties that are a total waste of your
time, then once we find the property you want to buy there's all
the difficulty of negotiating with the owners, finding an escrow
officer who's not a slouch, and hooking-up with a loan agent who
won't blow the whole transaction."

3a) "When buying property you want to work with someone who is a
true professional. Someone who will ensure that your purchase
goes very smoothly, and someone who will work with the quality,
professional people that you want to work with throughout the
entire transaction."

4) "When you list your property with me you're not getting the
type of agent who will make stupid mistakes that could cause you
to get sued by someone."

4a) "When you list your property with me you'll be working with
someone who is thorough and very attentive to detail. Someone
with whom you'll feel confident in knowing that your best
interests are always fully protected."

Notice the language you are using. It will definitely cause
people to select you to work with or one of your competitors
instead. Don't use words that your clients could easily associate
with undesirable mental and emotional states. If you choose to
use these words your clients will experience these undesirable
states and then associate these states with you.

In buying, selling, or leasing real estate your clients are in
the process of making major financial decisions. When you use
words with them that have them experience positive, comfortable
emotional states, you increase the probability that they will
select you as their agent over your competitors. Understanding
and applying this concept alone can make a HUGE difference in the
amount of money you earn in real estate sales each and every

3. Getting Your Prospects to Respond to You

Remember Bob from my last E-zine newsletter two weeks ago? I
wrote that while other real estate agents had sent me many
different mailing pieces over the years, Bob was the only agent
who mailed me something that got me to pick up the phone and call
him right away.

What Bob sent me was a postcard that offered me a report he had
put together showing all the sales that had taken place in the
past six months in my area. For each sale the report showed a
photo of the home, all the pertinent information on the home, and
how much the home had sold for.

I just couldn't pass up an offer like this! All the data I wanted
to know was available for free, and all it took was a phone call
to Bob in order to get it. As you may remember from last week
this began my building a relationship with Bob which had him
become the agent I believed I'd probably list with when the time
came for me to sell the home.

Your mailings serve a few different purposes. First of all, they
serve as a way to build your image, credibility, and reputation
in the minds of the prospects in your territory. This will
definitely happen over time. You just have to keep mailing and
make sure that your mailers are by far the best ones in your
territory. As long as you're going to take the time, money, and
effort to send out mailings you want to make sure that your
mailers are the best ones out there. Why do everything that's
necessary to send out the mailers if yours are the second or
third best in the territory, and your prospects end-up calling
one or two other agents first instead of you?

Second, your mailers can be a great way of flushing out prospects
who are looking to buy, sell, or lease either right now or in the
near future. That's one thing that was great about the mailer
that Bob had sent to me. Anyone thinking about buying or selling
would be very tempted to pick-up the phone and call Bob upon
receiving his offer. When you're thinking about buying or selling
a home you're looking for information. And Bob's offer made it
very easy for such a person to obtain some great information very
quickly and easily. Anytime you're mailing out something that's
causing people who are looking to buy, sell, or lease NOW to
pick-up the phone and call you, you've done a good job!

The third purpose that your mailers serve, and this definitely
applied to my situation with Bob, is they give you an opportunity
to begin building relationships with people who aren't looking to
do anything at the moment. What you're doing here is laying the
groundwork with them to be the agent they want to work with when
the moment of truth arrives. This is especially true if your
mailer gets them to call YOU on the phone and strike-up a
conversation with you.

What Bob mailed out worked brilliantly to get me to pick-up the
phone and call him. You can do the same with your prospects, too.
While Bob's booklet of the last six months of sale transactions
may or may not be exactly what you want to offer your clients and
prospects, you can still come-up with something else on your own
that will also work very effectively.

So how good are your mailings right now? And how frequently are
you sending them out? And when you send them out are they the
best, most impressive mailings in your territory? Or are they
something less than this?

Remember, you can always upgrade your mailings and your entire
mailing campaign at anytime to make sure that your prospects call
you first instead of one of the many other agents in your
territory. When you do this it will upgrade you to a completely
new class of agent who insists on producing only the best results
imaginable in your territory.

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If you haven't yet taken the course you may just want to do so
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