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1. Start Sending an E-newsletter Now!

2. Great Sale-Leaseback Opportunities Abound

3. A Major Change at Yahoo!

1. Start Sending an E-newsletter Now!

Modern technology has added a great new vehicle to assist you with your real estate prospecting...the E-newsletter. Yet even though this technology has been around for quite sometime now very few agents are actually using it.

We tend to be creatures of habit in our industry. We learn how do develop our real estate business in a particular way and then many times we continue to repeat these same habits over and over again. If these habits that we've learned are working great for us then sometimes we may feel that there is really no need to change them. But if we're committed to becoming the best that we can be in our real estate business then we have to continually be on the lookout for what will give us that distinctive advantage we are continually looking for over our competition.

Sending-out an E-newsletter is very easy. With the click of a mouse your message is sent to hundreds or thousands of your clients and prospects whenever you have something you would like to say to them. And the cost of sending-out an E-newsletter is almost zero. To make it even easier you can work from an identical E-newsletter design each and every time you send your messages out to your clients and prospects. When you do this all you have to come-up with then are the words that you want to communicate.

There is one BIG reason why I am telling you to begin sending-out an E-newsletter immediately. If you don't begin doing it now you may once and forever be completely shutout from being able to effectively send an E-newsletter to your clients and prospects in your territory. Here's why...

Unlike calling and mailing to your clients and prospects where their phone numbers and mailing addresses are relatively easy to obtain, people are becoming more and more picky about who they give their E-mail address to these days. The first and second agents in your territory who do a great job of gathering your clients' and prospects' E-mail addresses and sending them E-newsletters will then have a huge competitive advantage over all the other agents in your territory. Once people are receiving one or two real estate E-newsletters from your competitors they will not want to receive any additional E-newsletters from agents who decide to offer them at a later date. So in effect if you are not the first agent in your territory to get your clients and prospects to subscribe to your E-newsletter you will begin finding it very, very difficult to get people to give you their E-mail addresses. Who in your territory wants to receive three, four, or five E-newsletters all telling them what is going on with real estate in their area?

You need to begin offering an E-newsletter to your clients and prospects NOW! Start getting permission to send your E-newsletter to these people. Tell them that you offer an E-newsletter that will keep them informed on the things they want to know about real estate in the area including what's affecting the value of their property.

If you don't begin doing this right now or very, very soon your competitors will seize the opportunity and completely shut you out from utilizing this great new approach that can help you to make much more money in your real estate business.

2. Great Sale-Leaseback Opportunities Abound

If you're a commercial/industrial agent who does any leasing the chances are very high that you've been experiencing a market that's very different than the one the residential agents have been experiencing. While interest rates constantly hover near all-time lows the economy has been consistently lagging for about two years now. This has hurt the leasing market as many companies have had little or no interest in leasing and expanding into larger facilities. But at the same time these low interest rates have fueled a strong demand for companies to purchase properties as they can do so while keeping their monthly loan payments unbelievably low--sometimes even lower than what they would pay in rent for a similar facility.

But overall many, many companies are hurting out there. They've been trying to get by for quite sometime now since the economy has been slow and oftentimes they've experienced a shortage of cash.

Enter the sale-leaseback opportunity.

For companies that own the facilities that they do business in there may be no better way for them to generate the cash they need than entering into a sale-leaseback arrangement with a qualified investor. A sale-leaseback arrangement, where a company sells their facility to an investor and concurrently signs a lease to remain in the facility for 5-10 years or more, can be a golden opportunity for the company, the investor, and you as the real estate agent.

Having recognized this opportunity for several months now I've been instructing the individual commercial/industrial agents that I coach to uncover and pursue these opportunities to the fullest extent possible in their territories. And the results have been flat-out incredible! One coaching client, after sending-out just one mailing to corporate presidents in his territory, has received phone calls from 29 company presidents who are interested in pursuing sale-leaseback negotiations! 

Companies right now are trying to figure-out where they can get the cash they desperately need. Many of them have never even thought of the possibility of a sale-leaseback transaction for their facility and if they have thought about it they have no idea how to go about beginning the process of finding an interested investor. Many times the idea of putting a "For Sale" sign on their building and publicizing the sale-leaseback opportunity in the marketplace frightens them as they don't want others in the business community to know that they are hurting for cash. That's why a quiet, off the market deal with one of your investors could be exactly what they are looking for. No signs go up on the building, no advertising is done, no flyers are printed, and after the transaction closes the company remains in the facility. To everyone not involved in the transaction it just looks like business as usual for the company. And to top things off the company walks away at the closing with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in cash to utilize in whatever manner is best for them.

Some of the most successful, most recognizable names in Corporate America have successfully negotiated sale-leaseback transactions over the years to give them the cash they wanted at the time. I guarantee you there are quite a number of companies in your territory who would love to enter into this type of arrangement with an investor right now. You just have to pickup the phone, knock on the doors, send-out the letters, and find these people as soon as you possibly can.

3. A Major Change at Yahoo!

Yahoo! has now decided to abandon their own system and utilize Google's search engine results for all Internet searches done on Yahoo! While Yahoo! has traditionally been recognized as the granddaddy of all search engines and directories on the Internet this could rapidly cause a huge shift in the public's opinion of Yahoo! This shift in policy at Yahoo! has now caused experts to substantially downgrade the importance of Yahoo! as an Internet search tool. The highly-respected publication "Search Engine News" has now downgraded Yahoo! to being the seventh most important search engine/directory on the Internet.

If you're curious check it out for yourself! Try the same keyword search on both Yahoo! and Google and notice the results you obtain once you look below the sponsor links and sponsor matches (these are paid for by advertisers) at the top of the page showing your search results. For almost every keyword search you do you will see identical results. Any minor differences you see are due to software variations inside of the Yahoo! and Google systems themselves.

So what does this mean to you as a real estate agent? Well if you're currently paying $299.00 a year to have your Web site listed in Yahoo! you may want to obtain the latest information about Yahoo! and its importance to Internet users when the time comes for you to decide whether or not you should renew your listing with them.

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