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November 5, 2001
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1. Being Your Best in a Changing Market

2. Igniting Relationships with Your Old Clients

3. Determination and Flexibility--Your Best Assets

1. Being Your Best in a Changing Market

I'm hearing from agents everywhere how the market in their
territories is changing. They tell me how things are just not the
same as they were six months to a year ago. Perhaps you yourself
are also experiencing some changes in the level of activity in
the territory you are working in.

If you've been in the business for awhile you know that this is
all a part of the career you have chosen for yourself in real
estate sales. Sometimes the level of activity in your market will
be very hot, sometimes it will be very slow, and sometimes it
will simply be somewhere in-between. What's important is how you
as an agent respond to these changing times.

When market conditions change this means that the best
opportunities for you to make money as an agent change also.
Sometimes having the listings is the best place to be. Especially
in a sellers' market where buyers are everywhere--bidding-up the
values in the area. Then there are other times when, if you are
representing many buyers or lessees who will work with you
exclusively, you are the agent who will be making the most money
in your territory. And if you are focused on getting listings
during times like these your skills at being able to get
your owners to extend your listings when they are about to expire
become extremely critical to your success as a real estate agent.

As conditions change in your territory ask yourself, "Where are
the opportunities for me as an agent now?" For those agents who
do not recognize that changing market conditions require a
changing game plan to maximize their success, these are the
agents who will be the hardest hit financially.

If you observe other agents who are doing much better than you
are during these changing times, find out how they are going
about getting their business and consider trying this approach
yourself. If you can't find out what they are doing that has them
be so successful, take a little time to step back from your day-
to-day routine as an agent and do your best to look at your
market as a third-party observer. Then determine where the best
opportunities are for you now, chart your strategic game plan to
go after the opportunities, and then go out there and make it

2. Igniting Relationships with Your Old Clients

How well are you doing at continuing to form great relationships
with your clients after you've completed transactions with them?
If you're like most agents you might be out of touch with these
people until some years down the road when you think it might be
a good idea to contact them again in case they might be looking
to do something in real estate. What this does is keep you from
forming very solid relationships with your clients that would
almost guarantee that they'll work with you again and again in
the future. And maybe even on an exclusive basis, too. And you're
also missing-out on obtaining great referrals from these people,

Real estate sales is a business that is different than most
other forms of sales. Many other forms of sales involve clients
having ongoing requirements for products and/or services. If you
are selling insurance, for example, your clients may have
requirements for changes in their policies throughout any given
year. If you're in computer or copier sales the company you are
working for is probably servicing the equipment that you sold to
your clients throughout the year. However, in real estate
sales, your clients may have no needs whatsoever for you or your
company's services for 3 to 10 years after you've completed a
sale or lease with them.

And this is what differentiates the great real estate agents from
everyone else...

The better you stay in contact with your old clients, the
more money you'll make in your real estate business. If you don't
continue to nurture your relationships after you've completed a
transaction with your clients, then you risk becoming "just
another agent" to them when the time comes for them to buy, sell,
or lease again in the future. And, if you continue to nurture
your relationships with them between transactions, they'll be
more interested in giving you referrals, too! However, you can
substantially improve the number of referrals you receive from
your old clients if you stay in close relationship with them and
ASK them for referrals. And as you probably already know, people
who are referred to you by their friends and business associates
are often the best clients you could ever want to work with.

So, how are you doing at staying in great relationship with your
old clients? Have you been staying in great relationship with
them and asking them for referrals, too? If so, congratulations!
If not, is it time for you to take a look at your business plan
and begin to find a way to proactively solidify your
relationships with these people? If you do, you will reap huge
financial and personal rewards in doing so in your real estate

3. Determination and Flexibility--Your Best Assets

Two of the most important attributes you can have as a real
estate agent are determination and flexibility. Having either of
these two qualities is great, but when you have both of them
together you will literally begin to see your real estate sales
career explode!

Determination alone is an awesome quality to have as a real
estate agent. However, if you are determined and yet inflexible
in how you go about developing your real estate sales career, you
could easily end up "keeping your nose to the grindstone." While
many may consider this to be admirable, I believe that Terry
Ellis, a real estate agent and former co-worker of mine, summed-
up this quality best when he turned to me one day and said, "Jim,
I used to think that keeping my nose to the grindstone was the
best way to go about developing my real estate business. Now,
many years later, I realize that all this has really given me is
a flat nose."

When you are determined and flexible in developing your real
estate sales business you have both the relentless drive and the
flexibility to change your game plan at any given moment in time
to best capitalize on the available opportunities in your market.
You stay open-minded, looking for opportunities that you might
not have looked for six months ago because the market was
different at that time. And it is the agents who are both
determined and flexible that write their ticket in the industry
and go on to become the most successful agents in the business.

As a prime example of this let me tell you a story about a
coaching client of mine. We'll call him Jason. I'd love to tell
you his real name but he insists on keeping his identity
to himself. And he tells me that the reason he wants to do this
is because he doesn't want all the other agents in his territory
to know that I'm coaching him because he's concerned that if they
hire me to coach them also he'll then have more competition for
business in his territory.

Jason has approximately 17 years of full-time experience in real
estate sales. For years he had been producing results in his
career that were somewhere between fair and good. However, he was
convinced that he had it within himself to become one of the
absolute top producers in his territory. He had great
determination, he just didn't know what to do to make it all
happen. He had been trying for quite some time to take his real
estate sales business to the next level on his own, but most
every year he fell short of making the amount of money that he
had set-out to make at the beginning of the year.

He was in the audience one day when I was speaking to a group of
real estate agents and he walked right up to me afterward and
told me that he wanted to hire me to coach him. And I could
tell right away by the way he was talking to me that this was
someone who was determined to make dramatic changes in his real
estate sales career.

From the moment I began to coach Jason it was very clear to me
how motivated he was. And at the same time he was just like many
other real estate agents currently doing business. He was
motivated and determined to become a huge success in real estate
sales, and he was looking for the exact way to make it all
happen. And when he heard me talk he became convinced that I was
just the person who could show him exactly what he needed to know
to transform his real estate sales career to exactly where he
wanted it to be.

Within four months of beginning my work with Jason he began to
double the amount of money he was making in real estate sales
each month. And several months later another agent in his
office said to me, "What exactly are you teaching him to do? You
took him from being an average agent to being one of the top-
producing agents in our territory!"

My point to you is this:

What happened with Jason can happen with you, too. Jason was
both determined and flexible in looking for the best way to take
his real estate sales to an entirely new level. For him, he
recognized that real estate coaching might just be the best way
to get him to where he wanted to go in his career and he became
completely willing to go for it.

Now in your situation, what is it that will propel you to the
level of success that you desire in your real estate sales
career? Do you already have the unrelenting determination to be
hugely successful in real estate sales? Are you looking for the
best way to completely kick your real estate sales into high
gear? And are you flexible enough to both recognize the best
opportunity for you to do so when you see it and then totally
capitalize on it.....or not?

For Jason, the opportunity was real estate coaching. Now what, at
this exact moment in time, is the best opportunity for you to do
the same in YOUR real estate career?


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