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December 17, 2001
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1. Getting Your Business Ready for 2002

2. How to get Great Referrals from Your Clients

3. A Message from the Good Hands People

1. Getting Your Business Ready for 2002

OK, so 2001 is now coming to an end. And how did you do in your
real estate business this year? Did you make the money you set
out to make when you began the year in January? Or did you fall
short of the amount of money you wanted to make this year? Well,
whether you achieved your goals or not we definitely have a brand
new year coming up in just a few weeks!

Are you planning on setting new goals for next year or are you
just going to wing it and continue doing what you're doing right

OK, now here's where we get to the meat and potatoes around
planning your income goals for next year:

Assuming that your goals include making more money in 2002, what
are you going to do differently to make sure that you make the
money you want to make? You see, if you want to make more money
in 2002 you have to have a new game plan in order to make it
happen. If you just continue to go about business the same way
you did in 2001, you can pretty much expect to make the same
amount of money that you did in 2001. I mean why should working
the same routine you've been working throughout 2001 make you any
more money in 2002 than it already did this year? Producing the
different results that you want requires a different plan of

Don't get blinded by the idea that you can just continue what
you've been doing and somehow magically it will make you more
money next year than it did this year. And if you say to yourself
that you'll just work harder you may end up just making the same
amount of money with a lot more stress in your life.

Do you notice how the agents who are making more money than you
don't seem to be working more hours than you? It's because
they're working a much more effective system of day-to-day
activities in their real estate sales business than you are. The
good news is that you too can learn how to do what they're doing
that has them make the money that they're making. You just have
to be curious, flexible, and determined enough to make it all

So as you're planning your goals for 2002 ask yourself what
you're going to do differently in your day-to-day system of real
estate brokerage to produce the different results that you want
in your business. And make sure that you incorporate feedback
into what you're doing, too! Schedule reminders in your computer
or daytimer every month or so to check-in with yourself to see if
you're on-track or off-track towards producing your goals for
2002. Don't wait until October of next year to recognize that
you're off-track! Yes, we both know at that time that you COULD
possibly find a $10,000,000.00 transaction with a full commission
where you represent both sides of the deal which will close by
December 31st. And yes, it's great to dream about it, too! But we
both know the probabilities. You'll feel much better if you're
simply on-track to making your income goal for the year when
October rolls around instead of hoping for a quick escrow on a
large transaction and you have no idea where it's going to appear

So check-in with yourself at the end of every month next year and
see how you're doing. And if you're off-track, call or meet with
someone who you know can show you exactly what to do to get you
back on-track to achieving your income goals for the year.

2. How to get Great Referrals from Your Clients

Are you utilizing a system to proactively gain referrals from
your clients? If not, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.
In my opinion, canvassing also includes contacting people you've
already done business with and asking them for referrals. And any
referrals you obtain from your clients will normally be much
better prospects than those prospects you will obtain through
true cold calling. People feel much more comfortable working with
you when you've been referred to them by a friend or a close
business associate. And they'll be much more likely to work with
you exclusively when this happens also.

Make sure you're contacting your old clients at least every three
months or so. Take them to lunch or dinner whenever you can. This
will be some of the best money you've ever spent! When people are
out of their house or away from their business in an intimate
social situation they can relax and enjoy themselves much more.
And when they know that you're picking-up the tab for the meal
they'll spend a little more time thinking about who they know
that they can refer you to. And when you're out to lunch or
dinner with them, remember to ASK them for referrals!

Taking your clients out to lunch or dinner several times a year
will also maximize the probability that they'll work with you
exclusively when they're looking to buy, sell, or lease again in
the future. And when you're investing in long-term qualitative
relationships with your clients it will definitely pay huge
dividends for you in the future!

3. A Message from the Good Hands People

Tony is my insurance agent, and Tony and I have known each other
since 5th grade. We even played on the high school basketball
team together. He's a great guy and a great insurance agent and
I always go to him first whenever I need an insurance policy.
(And I bet you can guess which company he works for, too!)

From time-to-time Tony sends me notes and information about what
my different insurance options are with his company. Then one day
he sent me a card that really got me to thinking about an
approach that could really be helpful to real estate agents. Tony
sent me a card that said, "Thank you so much for allowing me to
be your insurance agent."

Wow! Then it hit me. Tony's relationship with me is ongoing. He
is my agent throughout the year because I have a policy with his
company that I pay premiums on every year. Now in real estate
sales most of the people you deal with may close only one
transaction every several years. So you have no normal ongoing
business relationship with these people where money is exchanged
for your services each and every year. But here's something you
can think about doing...

How about if you send your clients cards similar to the one Tony
sent me? Send them a card four times a year that says, "Thank you
so much for having me be your real estate agent."

So what does this do? It implies to your clients that you are
still their agent even if they're not looking to buy, sell, or
lease at the moment. Will it guarantee that they'll work with you
exclusively the next time they have a real estate requirement?
No. Will it help to increase the probability that they'll work
with you exclusively the next time they have a real estate
requirement? Definitely yes. Of course you still want to be
calling them, sending-out other mailers to them, and taking them
out to lunch or dinner throughout the year.

When you both thank your clients and continually create the
ongoing impression that you are always their real estate agent
you solidify great long-term relationships with them that will
prove to be very beneficial to everyone involved.


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