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1. Be on the Lookout for Your Holiday Real Estate Cruise!

2. Having Results or Reasons in Your Real Estate Business

1. Be on the Lookout for Your Holiday Real Estate Cruise!

For the past 2-3 weeks now I've been noticing how some agents have begun to go into a holiday "cruise" mode. When the holidays are here people's moods and motivation seem to change accordingly. And if you don't watch out you can easily end-up wasting two months of time in your real estate business because you too are in cruise mode.

Just because everyone else is slowing down doesn't mean that you have to also. Every time the holidays arrive it seems that so many people are basically useless in their businesses until around January 15th or so. It's as if we collectively give each other permission to relax completely, and when everyone else does it it's easier for us to join in too.

The holidays can definitely be a great time to relax and enjoy time with our families and friends, but do you really want to lose a full 1-2 months of productivity from your real estate business in the process? If you don't watch yourself this could be exactly what you may find yourself doing.

While many of your clients and prospects may be waiting until after the first of the year to make a move, there's still a lot you can be doing to improve your business during the holidays. At the very minimum you can get yourself better-organized and come-up with a new game plan and new ideas and systems for success that you'll begin to utilize right after the first of the year. And when you're doing this make sure you talk with someone who can give you great advice and direction on exactly what you must do to transform your real estate business to exactly where you want it to be. Sometimes just a few key ideas and approaches from an expert can propel you forward much faster in your real estate business than how you've been doing it on your own. So learn from someone who can give you valuable insights instead of constantly trying to do it all by yourself.

Just because clients and prospects may be in cruise mode right now doesn't mean that you should not continue on with your prospecting. When you do you'll be gathering great leads to work with while the rest of your competition falls asleep. You'll also be laying the ground work to work with these people exclusively and when business returns to normal you'll have more great leads to work with than anyone else in your territory!

Instead of cruising through the holidays in a sort of half-on, half-gone mode you may also want to consider scheduling some time off from work. If you feel you could use a little time to recharge yourself schedule some days out of the office for yourself. This will often help you to return to the office ready to be more productive when compared with just continuing to show up to the office everyday when you're not feeling motivated. I've seen many agents continue to try and work when they're not motivated and then after wasting weeks or months of their time like this they finally decide to take a vacation. It's the old work-hard play-hard philosophy. When you're working do it at 100% and when you're vacationing do it at 100% also. Working for weeks or months at a time when you're only giving 50-70% of what you're fully capable of will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Enjoy the holidays while making sure to schedule your activities so that you'll continue to be as productive as you can be in your real estate business between now and January.

2. Having Results or Reasons in Your Real Estate Business

Back in June of 1985 I attended a two-day seminar that I was hoping would give me some great ideas and new direction in my real estate career. This was the first personal development seminar I had ever attended and it definitely exceeded my expectations while launching me into a completely new way of thinking about myself and my real estate career. 

Within the first few hours of sitting in my chair in the seminar the instructor who was leading all of us said something that made my head completely spin around a few times. While addressing the entire audience he said, "The only difference between you and the person who has everything that you say you want in your life is the other person hasn't accepted the reasons that you have for not having those things." He then followed this by saying, "So you either have what you want in your life or you have the reasons why you don't."

These were very profound statements for me to hear. The bad news was that this meant that all of my reasons were no longer valid. Ouch! That was a rude awakening! The good news was that I immediately recognized that I had 100% control over the level of success that I would achieve in my real estate career. Now this was exciting.

When you look at the agents in your territory who are extremely successful there is no mistake about why they are so successful. They are highly-motivated to be successful and the day-to-day activities that they focus on are the ones that maximize their annual income year-after-year. Luck as we know it is not a component here. If I were to ask you who the top-producing agents were in your territory in 2000, 2001, and 2002, the chances are very high that a good number of the same names would be on your top ten list. This isn't luck. This is the result of skill, drive, focus, and determination.

Looking at the other side of the coin you probably know agents who say they would like to produce better results in their real estate businesses but they never really seem to get there. Sometimes you've even heard them talk about the reasons why they're not as successful as they'd like to be. And almost unilaterally across the board these reasons have probably dealt with things that the agents claim were completely outside of their own control.

As an example of this imagine if a struggling agent tried to plead his or her case on how difficult it is to make $150,000.00 a year to an agent who continually makes more than $500,000.00 a year. This would be a highly-entertaining conversation to watch! Making $150,000.00 a year is very easy for an agent who makes over $500,000.00 a year and clearly any of the reasons that the struggling agent would give around how difficult it is to achieve the $150,000.00 milestone would not hold water with the more successful agent. However, every day in his or her real estate business the struggling agent continues to believe that these reasons are real. And if you believe that these reasons are real....THEY ARE!

When I began full-time real estate coaching between four and five years ago I thought it would be the mediocre agents who would come to me for coaching. To my surprise it's been the top-producing agents instead. And then I finally realized that it's the top-producing agents who are always willing to learn and try new ideas, new systems, and new approaches to become more successful than they already are. This is what has had them become top-producing agents.

The agents who have reasons for why they are not as successful as they would like to be are more attached to having those reasons than they are to having the success that they say they want. Some people call this fear of success, and some call it fear of failure. But anyway you look at it what we are talking about here is a fear of making change.

Top-producing agents are more afraid of having reasons why they are not successful than they are of doing what will have them be successful.

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