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December 3, 2001 E-zine

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December 3, 2001
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Doing what has you become the best real estate
agent in your territory definitely beats all
of your other options.


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1. Finding the Best Clients to Work With

2. How Good is Your System of Mailing?

3. The Only Two Skills You Need for Success

1. Finding the Best Clients to Work With

So what's the best way to make sure that you're working with the
highest quality of prospects possible?


And why canvassing? Well, let's take a look...

Unless you have a system in place that feeds you all the quality
leads you could ever dream of as an agent without canvassing,
canvassing is what will have you develop most if not all of your
new prospects for you. (And if you do have a system that is
feeding you all the quality leads you could ever dream of as an
agent without canvassing, please call or E-mail me and tell me
what the heck the system is!!!)

Canvassing is normally the best system to develop great, quality
leads for you. It allows you to uncover the most amount of leads
in the shortest possible time with no out-of-pocket costs to you.
Is there any other system that practically guarantees that you
will develop new leads and prospects TODAY if you simply work the
program right now? And, the more you canvass the higher the
quality of prospects you will be working with. For example, if
you're currently canvassing two hours a week you will uncover a
given number of prospects during this time. However, if you then
quadrupled your number of weekly canvassing hours to 8, you will
probably develop four times the number of leads as you did while
canvassing only 2 hours a week. And what this allows you to do is
spend your time working with only the best leads that you've
uncovered during your 8 hours of canvassing. You can then
literally choose not to work with a lot of the leads you
would have been chasing after when you were canvassing only 2
hours a week.

As long as you're going to canvass, why not put in the hours that
will allow you to work with only the best prospects that are
available right now in your territory? Leave the other less
desirable prospects for all the other agents in your territory to
work with. And besides, you'll be making more money in the
process, too!

2. How Good is Your System of Mailing?

How good is your program of mailing-out to your clients and
prospects? Is it a solid program or is it a marginal program
where you're sending-out mailings rather infrequently? More
importantly, is your mailing program developing new business for
you and making you money?

There are two important aspects that you should make sure your
mailing program has:

1. The pieces you mail-out should be top-quality, eye-catching,
and project the image if you as an agent that you want your
prospects and clients to have of you.

2. You should be mailing out these pieces to your clients and
prospects frequently.

Keeping yourself in the minds of your prospects frequently with
great mailers will maximize the probability that they will call
you FIRST when they are looking to buy, sell, or lease real
estate. Don't be one of those agents who is constantly saying
that they'll get a great mailing campaign going when they have
more time or more money. If you really knew how much money not
having the best mail-marketing campaign in your territory
is costing you RIGHT NOW you'd just go out and find a way to make
it happen.

Mailing is like canvassing in print. How else can you get
yourself in front of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of your
clients and prospects 1-4 times every single month?

Yes, it's definitely worth the time and money!


3. The Only Two Skills You Need for Success

There are many different skills that people talk about as being
necessary to be one of the best agents in the business in real
estate sales. But they all come under one or both of the
following two categories:

1. Having great people skills

2. Having and working a solid system of real estate brokerage
that produces great results

The only difference between you and the agent you aspire to be
like in your territory is this agent's mastery of these two
categories. What's great is that you can learn how to master
these two areas in your own real estate business, too.

How do you measure-up as an agent in both of these categories?
And how can you best improve yourself in these areas?

Which area do you feel will allow you to produce the fastest
improvement for you in your real estate business if you take the
steps to improve yourself in this area now?

And....are you willing to take the action to improve yourself in
this area NOW?


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