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February 11, 2002 E-zine

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February 11, 2002
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1. Are You Solidly On Track for 2002?

2. A Lesson in Customer Service 101

3. The Most Powerful Canvassing Imaginable

1. Are You Solidly On Track for 2002?

OK, it's now February 11th, 2002. And we both know that January
is a great month for making New Year's resolutions. Perhaps you
even made one or two of them around your real estate business in
2002. But February and March are when we find out how you truly
are doing with respect to whether you are sticking to your
resolutions and making things happen as you said you would in
your real estate business, or not.

So how are you doing so far?

Are you doing things differently to produce the different results
that you said you wanted to in January? Or are you just trying to
work harder this year than last?

Producing better results than you did in 2001 requires a
different game plan. You can't produce better results by doing
the exact same things that you did last year. With that in mind,
what are you doing differently this year? And, have you allowed
for feedback to check-in with yourself to make sure you're on
track to accomplishing the goals that you've set for yourself
this year?

Check-in with yourself every 2-4 weeks to make sure you're on
track to accomplishing the goals that you want to accomplish in
your real estate business this year. And if you find yourself off
track when you do check-in, ask yourself what you need to do to
get back on track...and do those things.

And, If you know of someone who can help you to stay on track
throughout the year and assist you in identifying what you need
to be doing to produce the results you want in your business this
year, consider giving this person a call.

2. A Lesson in Customer Service 101

As a salesperson you really want to learn to be great at
providing excellent customer service for your clients. When you
do this your clients will love you and will want to do business
with you over and over again in the future.

I experienced an example of poor customer service this past
weekend and I want to pass it along to you as an example of how
NOT to handle your clients and prospects...

I was shopping with my wife for furniture this past weekend and
one of the stores that we visited was in Beverly Hills. While
looking at furniture, I observed a salesperson in the middle of
taking an order from an elderly husband and wife. The salesperson
said something to the elderly lady and the lady didn't
understand. The salesperson repeated the exact same words to the
elderly lady and she still didn't understand. Whereupon the
salesperson then said in a very loud, stern voice to the elderly

When I saw and heard this I completely cringed. As salespeople,
we need to take complete responsibility for our communications
with others. If someone doesn't understand what we are saying it
means we're doing a poor job of communicating in the way the
other person needs to hear us to understand what we are telling
them. Poor salespeople try to blame the other person for the lack
of communication. Master salespeople take full ownership of
making sure that the communication is delivered in a way that is
fully understood by the client.

On this same subject of customer service I was listening to a
cassette tape that was discussing the customer service philosophy
of the Ritz Carlton Hotel chain. If you've ever stayed at a Ritz
Carlton Hotel the chances are very high that you've experienced
great customer service there. And this is no surprise. The Hotel
has a printed pocket-sized card that it gives to each of its
employees with about 15-20 very high standards of customer
service that every single employee is expected to live by. One of
these standards says the following:

"Any employee who receives a request from a hotel guest
completely owns the fulfillment of that request."

What this means is that any employee who receives a request from
a hotel guest is responsible for making sure the request is
fulfilled even if the request is completely outside of the
employee's own area of job responsibility at the hotel.

What a very powerful code to be operating from! With standards in
place like this it's no wonder that people love to stay at Ritz
Carlton hotels over and over again!

I think we've both experienced the other side of the coin where
employees tell us that what we are asking them for is simply not
their responsibility. And we both know how this feels as a
customer, too.

Now how can you take this same concept that I've just discussed
and provide even better service than you already are to your
clients and prospects in real estate?

3. The Most Powerful Canvassing Imaginable

Oftentimes I hear agents talk about how successful another agent
is while exclaiming, "And he (or she) never even canvasses!"

Many times, however, this is really just an illusion on the part
of the agent who is making that statement. What is probably
happening is that the top-producing agent they are talking about
is actually canvassing at a much, much higher level than the
average agent is.

While canvassing for most agents involves cold-calling on the
telephone and knocking on doors, oftentimes the agents who are a
breed apart are doing their canvassing in different places
altogether. These agents often are doing their canvassing at
country clubs, charitable organizations, on the golf course,
while playing tennis, and in many other social situations that
simply don't look like canvassing to the average agent. The
truth, however, is that this type of canvassing is canvassing on
the highest level. Oftentimes in situations like this an agent is
greatly leveraging their time in building relationships that will
make them much more money than cold-calling and knocking on doors
will. When you're cold calling, generally speaking, you're hoping
to be able to land one single transaction in the coming months
with each person you contact. When you're schmoozing with someone
at a posh private club, however, one contact or relationship can
mean multiple transactions worth tens of millions of dollars or
more each and every year. While this may not look like canvassing
to the outside observer, it is truly the greatest form of
canvassing imaginable.

How involved are you in clubs, charities, and social
organizations right now in your real estate sales career? People
love to do business with those whom they socialize with outside
of business, and if you're not involved in one or more
organizations where you can do this you truly are missing out on
a golden opportunity.

Is there a club or organization that interests you that could be
a great opportunity for you to socialize and find new people to
do business with? And could this be the year that you decide to
take that extra step and get involved with this club or


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