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February 25, 2002
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1. How to Make a Great Listing Presentation

2. Maximize Your Productivity When Cold Calling

3. Staying Laser-Focused on Your Real Estate Goals

1. How to Make a Great Listing Presentation

How are your listing presentation skills? Could they be even
better than they are right now? And are there agents in your
territory who consistently have a greater number of quality
listings than you do?

If you would like to consistently have more listings, one area
that may be very helpful to you is to make sure that you are
delivering the best listing presentation to your prospects that
you possibly can. And how do you know that you are doing this?
Well, one way to know for sure is to find out what one or more of
the top listing agents who you know personally are doing in their
own listing presentations. And how do you do this? Well, you
could ask them if you can tag along and observe one of their
listing presentations sometime. Or, you could come-up with a lead
on a listing and ask them if they would like to pursue a co-
listing opportunity with you. Then you can let them deliver their
highly-successful listing presentation to your prospect right in
front of you. Or, you could ask them if they would deliver to you
one-on-one their listing presentation in the conference room

If you'd like to try a less direct way, you can ask your manager
to have one of the top listing agents in your office deliver his
or her listing presentation to the office during one of your
weekly sales meetings. This will probably be a much more
valuable use of your time than listening to some of the people
from outside of your company who sometimes come to speak at these
weekly sales meetings anyway.

When you've been in the business for awhile you get into your
own routine. You probably haven't seen another agent's listing
presentation in ages and you just never know what you might learn
from observing it. Especially if the agent is highly-successful
at listing the kind of properties you would like to be listing
more of yourself.

2. Maximize Your Productivity When Cold Calling

How focused are you when cold calling? If you're calling on the
telephone are you doing only cold calling or are you making other
business or personal calls during this time also?

As an agent it is extremely important for you to take control of
your time and maximize your productivity in everything you do to
be successful in your real estate business. Cold calling is what
will lead you to the prospects you will be working with in the
weeks and months ahead so you really MUST treat this time as
sacred if you want to reap great benefits from it.

Don't let people interrupt you when you're cold calling. If
necessary instruct your receptionist that you are not to be
disturbed until a particular time. You may even want to have all
incoming calls transferred to your voicemail so that you can stay
focused on your canvassing and not be disturbed by people asking
you to do things RIGHT NOW that can wait for a few hours or more.
You can still check your voicemail messages while you're cold
calling but don't return any non-prospecting messages until your
prospecting time is officially over.

Obviously if you have a true, true emergency that simply can't
wait for another two hours or so this may be worthy of special
consideration. But we both know that true emergencies while cold
calling are very rare indeed. What's normally more real in this
situation is our desire to not make prospecting calls.

Again, when you continually treat your cold calling time as
sacred you will reap huge benefits from doing so in the weeks and
months to come. You probably already knew this, but sometimes it
just helps to be reminded of this from time-to-time.

3. Staying Laser-Focused on Your Real Estate Goals

How focused are you week-to-week in staying on track to
accomplishing your real estate goals? If you're like most agents
you do your best but you constantly have many people and
situations trying to divert your attention away from what will
maximize your success in your business.

One of the simplest and most effective ways that I know of to
help you stay focused on your goals is to begin each week with a
list of goals that you want to accomplish in your real estate
business for the week. These goals should be ones that are a
little bit of a stretch for you compared to your normal week-to-
week routine, but they should also be goals that you definitely
feel that you can accomplish with a reasonable amount of focus.

Ideally you also want these goals to be goals that will move you
towards where you want to be in your real estate career in the
next 12 months. If you've already set goals for the year this is
a great opportunity to design weekly goals that are in alignment
with these longer-term goals.

Now once you've written down your goals for the week here's a
simple way to assist you in staying focused on them:

Each day of the week as you are about to begin your workday, take
out your list of goals for the week and read it. This will take
you about 10 to 30 seconds. Then read your list of goals again
immediately after lunch.

Doing this simple routine will help you to stay focused on
accomplishing the goals every week that will enable you to
proactively produce the results that you want to have
accomplished in your business by the end of the year. When you
look at your list twice a day it allows you to mentally get in
touch with how many goals you've already accomplished so far
during the week and which ones still need more attention in order
to make sure you accomplish them before the end of the week. You
may also want to put a check mark next to each goal after you've
accomplished it.

One of the keys to making this all work successfully for you is
to continually set goals that you know you can achieve every
week. Don't overload yourself and set goals that are a major leap
from what you are doing right now! Start out simple the first
week and build from there to give yourself a feeling of success
right away. Then slowly begin to stretch yourself a little more
each week thereafter.

If you simply do this or something similar to this you will very
soon find yourself getting more and more done each week. And as
you begin to get more done you'll also begin feeling more and
more successful knowing that you are now more focused on doing
the things that will take your real estate business to the next


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