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1. The One Quality That Determines Your Real Estate Success

2. How to Do Business With Prospects Who Won't Talk to You

1. The One Quality That Determines Your Real Estate Success

We can talk about real estate training until the cows come home. We can talk about prospecting, follow-up, getting the exclusive, and closing the transaction from here to eternity. These are all very important qualities and skills for you to become an expert at during your real estate career.

When I first began my real estate career over 20 years ago I was told how important having knowledge of my market was. And yet one of the most successful agents I ever knew had very little market knowledge at all. But he was continually closing one transaction after another.

Everyone has their own style, techniques, and approaches in this business. And different agents can become hugely successful in real estate sales and leasing while following systems and methods that vary considerably.

So what is the one quality that is shared by every top producing agent no matter what system and approaches they are utilizing to become highly successful in their real estate business?


Desire is the one underlying component that you must have to become hugely successful in your real estate business. If you don't really, really, really want to be hugely successful in your real estate business the chances are that you'll fall short of achieving all you are capable of in your real estate career. The agents who are the top earners in their territory are the ones who want it the most. The other agents simply don't want it as much. They may say that they want it but the truth about how much an agent wants to be highly successful can be seen by what they do and the results they produce, not by what they say.

I see this all the time with the agents I coach and the people who contact me who are interested in becoming new coaching clients. My dream client is someone who wants to achieve great success in their real estate career with an incredible burning desire. They already have the high performance engine burning inside of them and all they are looking for is the focus, direction, and accountability to make it all happen. These people are very coachable and are willing to make immediate changes in their day-to-day routines because they recognize this is what will have them stop producing the same old results in their business. They recognize that the sum total of everything they are capable of doing in their real estate career has them stuck making the amount of money they are making right now. They've tried producing better results on their own but keep producing the same old results and they've finally gotten tired and frustrated enough about this to try something different that could actually work much more effectively for them. So it is the incredible drive and underlying desire of these agents that has them try new and creative ways to achieve the success in real estate that they want so much.

Poor to mediocre agents on the other hand tend to get to a level of success that they become quite comfortable with. While they say that they'd like to make more money their actions dictate that this really isn't their first priority. The more truthful statement would be something like, "I'd like to make more money as long as I don't have to change very much about what I do day-to-day in my real estate business." 

In reality these people desire to keep their day-to-day routine the same much more than they desire to become top producing agents. There's great comfort for them in staying in the same routine. While making more money may sound great to them, changing their day-to-day routine in order to make this happen scares the heck out of them. Personally, though, my attitude is that as long as you're going to be working the same amount of hours as the top producers in your territory, why not learn how to do what will have you earn the same amount of money? No degree of comfort in keeping with the old routine can match the incredible feelings of producing excellent results. You just have to be willing to bust through the barriers that will allow you to get there. But in order to bust through the barriers, you must have the strong desire to get what's on the other side of those barriers first.

In his landmark book, "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill talks about how all-important having a strong desire is in achieving whatever it is you want in life. In addition to this, internationally acclaimed author and speaker Wayne Dyer says that whatever it is that you really, really, really want in your life you will have. This again speaks to the importance of having a burning desire within.

A strong, unyielding desire for great success is the most important quality that any real estate agent can have. This burning desire is something that no manager or real estate coach can ever create for the agents they work with. This desire can only come from within the agents themselves, but once the desire is there all great things will then become possible for these agents.

Desire is the one, all-important ingredient that will make all of your dreams and goals come true for you in your real estate career.

2. How to Do Business With Prospects Who Won't Talk to You

It's amazing how often making that extra effort in your real estate business produces exactly the results you are looking for. How many times have you located a prospect who you knew was going to do something but your lack of follow-up with them had you later find out that they signed a listing or closed a transaction with one of your competitors instead of you?

Sometimes, though, in addition to this there may be prospects in your territory that you've tried to get a hold of but have been unsuccessful at doing so. In these situations it can become very easy for you to give up on trying to contact them. And sometimes you can get wrapped-up in looking at the situation from your own perspective and figure, "Well, if they're not going to call me back or see me personally what chance do I really have of doing any business with them?" But in reality the truth is that you may really be missing the big picture here...

If some prospects are difficult for you to get a hold of on the telephone or meet with face-to-face, they may be just as difficult for your competitors to do the same with also. In situations like these your constant effort to speak with these people may actually have them remember you when the time comes for them to buy, sell, or lease real estate. They may in fact not be talking with any other agents who are prospecting them also. But almost everyone in your territory will have a need to speak to and/or work with a real estate agent sometime. So if your calls are getting no responses from these people keep in mind that the other agents in your territory are probably getting the same treatment also. And the chances are very high that a good number of these agents are thinking of giving up and not calling these prospects anymore in the future. This being the case your continued efforts to contact these prospects may prove to someday be very rewarding for you as your competitors one-by-one may be writing these people off altogether.

So if there are prospects in your territory who are difficult for you to get a hold of you may consider doing the following:

1) Make sure you continue to mail all your marketing and promotional information to them. And, if possible, mail to these people even more frequently than you normally do with other prospects in the territory. Getting their attention through the mail may be every agent's only opportunity to communicate with them. This being the case the agent who sends them the best mailers the most frequently may be the agent who gets the phone call when these people are ready to take action.

2) When you do finally speak with these prospects, ask them if it would be OK for you to keep them informed about what's happening in the market through your E-mail newsletter and ask them for their E-mail address. This will now allow you to include E-mail marketing to them in addition to your mailers.

3) Think of people you know who may be able to introduce you to these prospects. Perhaps you know people who do business with them or socialize with them. An introduction through people they know and respect can do wonders to have you become the agent these prospects will want to do business with when the time finally arrives for them to do something in real estate.

In summary, when prospects are difficult for you to get a hold of this could actually be a great opportunity for you. Let your competitors be the ones who give up on trying to do business with these people. You, on the other hand, through your determination and creativity, could easily position yourself as the first agent these prospects will think of calling whenever they are ready to buy, sell, or lease real estate.

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