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Most of us have heard of the 80/20 rule. The rule that says that 80% of the business closed in sales organizations is normally closed by just 20% of the salespeople. And there's probably a lot of truth in applying this rule to the commercial real estate brokerage offices throughout our industry, too.

In addition to the 80/20 rule, I believe more than 80% of the growth of your brokerage business will come from focusing on the following four areas:

Improving Your Presentation Skills
Building Relationships


Prospecting is both the easiest and fastest way to build your real estate business. The main problem here is that most commercial agents, both new agents and veterans, keep making excuses about why they can't get their prospecting done. If you just prospected 10-12 hours every week of the year you'd be immersed in so much activity you wouldn't have time to keep making excuses. You'd just be making more money. The key though is continuing with your prospecting when you get busy with solid new activity, because this is when most brokers stop their prospecting.

When you prospect every week year-round you make more money, you upgrade the quality of client you work with, and you upgrade the average commission you earn per transaction. This is because you're constantly focused on finding new and better leads, and you let go of the more marginal leads you used to work on.

When you block out your prospecting time in advance in your calendar every week and just get it done with no excuses, you'll catapult your income to new levels.


Mailing is definitely the most underutilized tool in commercial real estate brokerage. And when you mail to your clients and prospects two or more times every month, you brand yourself in their minds as the agent they'll want to work with. The problem, though, is that most commercial brokers won't spend their money on a regular mailing campaign.

As I've mentioned in detail to members of my Commercial Real Estate Inner Circle (click here for more information), a solid mailing program will produce at least 18 times as much money in new commissions as what you spend on it. This definitely applies if you're mailing to your clients and prospects two or more times every month. With this in mind, two of my coaching clients generated $500,000.00 in new commissions within one year by designing and mailing 12 postcards, one a month, to their clients and prospects in 2006. And the total cost of their mailing program was only $12,000.00.

If you're serious about making great money in your commercial real estate brokerage business, you've got to implement a solid mailing campaign.

Improving Your Presentation Skills

Improving one's presentation skills is one of the most overlooked areas in commercial real estate brokerage. If you normally close 40% of your prospects on working with you exclusively, and you improve this percentage to 50% through improving your presentation skills, you've just increased your income by 25%. (The 10% improvement divided by the 40% closing ratio represents a 25% improvement...and 25% more money in your pocket.)

Find someone to deliver your "exclusive" presentation to and videotape it. Then after watching the video you'll recognize that you've learned a great deal from it. Notice the areas you'd like to improve on, implement your improvements, and videotape yourself again in three months. When you continue doing this on a regular basis you'll find your clients and prospects saying "Yes" to you more frequently, which translates into you making more money.

Building Relationships

So many commercial agents neglect the clients they've already closed transactions with. And this often continues for weeks, months, and years after closing a transaction. In the mean time your competitors keep calling these people and positioning themselves to work with them the next time they have a real estate requirement.

If after 10-15 years in the business you've closed transactions with 200 different people (or companies), and on the average these people continue closing one transaction every five years, that's 40 transactions you could be closing every year just off of the repeat business from these people. But this only applies if you build relationships with them and position yourself as their "broker for life" over the years.

Stay in contact with these people, ask them how you can help them even when you don't think they're looking to close a real estate transaction right now, take them to lunch constantly, and give them gifts 2-4 times a year. And in doing this it makes it very hard for your clients to ever think about working with anyone else.

All the success you've ever wanted to achieve as a commercial real estate broker is constantly available to you. And if you just focus on these four areas and do what I've recommended, you'll experience tremendous growth in your income in the months and years ahead.

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How to Buy Properties
When You're a Full-Time Commercial Broker

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"Within weeks after beginning my work with Jim I'm now involved in the biggest transactions I've ever worked on in my career."

Anthony Naticchioni
ANS Commercial Real Estate

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