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The Power of Giving Gifts
to Your Clients and Prospects

Creating a Ton of New Leads
in Your Commercial Real Estate Business

The Power of Giving Gifts
to Your Clients and Prospects

One area that commercial brokers often fall short in is in giving gifts to their clients and prospects. But giving gifts on an ongoing basis solidifies relationships at a deeper level and makes people feel more committed to doing business with you.

Imagine you have an accountant who sends you gifts 2-4 times a year. Doesn't this make it more difficult for you to think of changing accountants as long as the person is doing a decent job for you?

The same applies in your real estate business, too. But in real estate you often won't have an ongoing relationship with someone throughout every single year like their attorney or accountant will. This is simply because the person may not need to close a real estate transaction every year, but they'll probably need to discuss business with their accountant and attorney during the year. So ideally you want to create the feeling that you have an ongoing relationship with your people even when they may not have a real estate requirement for sometime in the future.

If you send gifts to your people 2-4 times a year, this causes a great leap forward in accomplishing this for you. If for example your average commission per transaction is $20,000.00, and a client does one transaction on the average every three years, and you spend $100.00 on gifts for them every single year...this equates to $300.00 spent over a three-year period to maximize the chances of you earning the $20,000.00 commission. And I must tell you, your chances of having them work with you on that requirement where you'll earn the $20,000.00 commission are much higher simply because of the $300.00 you've spent on them. If you had spent nothing on them over the three-year period, there's less "glue" holding the two of you together, and they'll find it much easier to work with one of your competitors instead. But if you've spent the $300.00 over the three years on them, most people you do business with won't want to experience the guilt they'll feel when they see you and talk with you again if they've closed a transaction with another broker. So they're more likely to feel that they simply must work with you instead.

Finding new clients is an important part of the commercial real estate brokerage business. But keeping your clients loyal to you throughout your career will make you much more money than constantly having to find new prospects while you're letting your old clients get away from you.

When you constantly give gifts to your clients and stay in great relationship with them, you'll generate great repeat business for yourself in addition to the new business you're constantly generating through your own continued prospecting.

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Creating a Ton of New Leads
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