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1) Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

2) FREE Commercial Agent Training Teleseminar Tuesday

1) Differentiating Yourself from the Competition

Do you ever get the feeling that you're up against so many competitors nowadays when you're going after business, that it's difficult sometimes to stand out from all of them with your clients and prospects? Oftentimes what differentiates an agent or their company in the eyes of their clients and prospects may not be very much at all. That's why it's important to do everything you can to gain a competitive edge whenever you see the opportunity.

With this in mind, there's a top commercial agent I know who's done a solid job of this by writing and posting very professional articles he's written for his clients and prospects to read on his Web site. Now I wish I could give you the direct link to his Web site to read these articles so you'd understand exactly what I'm talking about, but the agent has asked me specifically not to direct other agents to his Web site. He simply doesn't want his competitors knowing what he's doing.

But imagine having an agent Web site and posting articles there that you've written, discussing important subjects your clients and prospects will want to know about to fully protect themselves before entering into a real estate transaction. Do you see how having them read a series of articles like these could begin to differentiate yourself from the competition? So many other agents are out there just making note of when to call their prospects again in their contact management software, but you on the other hand can be building your image in your prospects' minds so they're already sold on you when the time comes to choose their agent.

These articles should be both professional and well-written, and should ideally have a tone and feel to them as if you're one of the ultimate authorities in the real estate industry on advising people on these subjects. What we're talking about here is building your image as much as possible in these articles by how you write them and how you present them. And since there are very few commercial real estate agents doing anything like this at all, it will be easier to position yourself as the ultimate authority on these subjects by utilizing an approach very similar to this one.

In choosing the commercial agent they'll work with, people want someone with certainty who they feel knows everything imaginable to protect them in their upcoming transaction, and the better you become at planting this image in their minds, the more successful you'll be.

If you don't have a Web site and have no intention of creating one, you can also write articles like these, have them printed on high-quality paper, and mail them to your prospects over a specified period of time. You can even mail these to your prospects on a regular basis throughout the year, too. This will have them build a stronger image of you than simply receiving the "just listed" or "just sold" announcements you send them. While these announcements will still keep you in front of your prospects when you mail them, they won't normally differentiate you from your competition very much. The only exception here is if your clients and prospects receive a lot more of these announcements from you than they do from your competitors. Greater volume and frequency in this situation can help them to remember you much more than your competitors.

So when you're constantly finding ways to differentiate yourself from the pack, you'll soon have a competitive edge over the other agents. And this can certainly lead to a greater improvement in the amount of business you close also.

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