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March 25, 2002
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1. Welcome to the 1st Online Real Estate Conference!

2. A Compelling Reason to Pickup the Phone

3. Make a Great First Impression

1. Welcome to the 1st Online Real Estate Conference!

Well, it's here. The first ever online real estate conference!

April 18-22, 2002 -- In Cyberspace

The National Real Estate On-Line Convention and Exposition, the
first virtual event of its kind, is expected to attract over
25,000 real estate practitioners over the five days of the event.
There is no charge for attendees to register and the event is
open to the real estate community worldwide. Both registration
and information are available at: 

The convention will feature two General Sessions, and over 30
nationally recognized real estate trainers, authors and industry
experts in six educational tracks: Top Networking Trainers, Top
Technology Authors, Top Commercial Experts, Top International
Pros, CyberAgent Tips and Tricks, and Major Industry Leaders.

My old friend Jim Young of The Jamesan Group will be delivering a
live keynote address and will also be taking questions from the
online audience. Jim Young is the absolute leader in knowing
exactly where technology is headed in the real estate industry.
Every year his company's Realcomm conference on technology in
real estate is attended by thousands of leading-edge real estate
professionals throughout the world.

I am one of the sponsors of this exciting new online real estate
conference! If coaching is something that may definitely be of
interest to you drop by my online exhibitor's booth at the
conference and enter your E-mail address for an opportunity to
win FREE real estate coaching with me.

My exhibitor's booth at the convention is listed under:

2. A Compelling Reason to Pickup the Phone

In follow-up to the last edition of my E-zine, John Cunningham
asked me to give some additional examples on how agents can
send out mailers that give your prospects "a compelling reason to
pickup the phone and call you."

As I mentioned in my article that John is referring to, most
agents simply send out mailers that give information. This can be
good, but if you really want to get the most for the money you're
spending you may want to take a slightly different approach

Ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish with your mailers.
If you're like most agents you probably want to encourage anyone
who may be considering selling their property in the coming
months to call you on the phone and discuss this with you. This
will then hopefully enable you to be the first agent in the door
to begin the process of moving towards listing the property.

To inspire your ideal prospects to call you you need to get them
curious. You ideally want them to perceive that you have
something they want to know about which will motivate them from
their current state of inaction to picking up the phone and
calling you. Creating intense curiosity is a great way to
accomplish this.

As an example, over the years you've probably seen one or more of
the infomercials for "Blue Blocker" sunglasses. Typically these
infomercials show people walking down the street and being asked
by someone to try the "Blue Blocker" sunglasses. In most of these
situations you see the people putting the sunglasses on and
exclaiming something like, "Whoa, this is incredible! This is
different than anything I've ever seen before!"

Joe Sugarman is the genius marketing mind behind the "Blue
Blocker" infomercials. He is also a legend in the direct
marketing industry. I recently heard Joe speak and he talked
about the importance of creating curiosity in the minds of your
prospects. He explained how the "Blue Blocker" infomercials were
designed to create an unbelievable amount of curiosity in the
minds of the people watching them.

"The people watching the infomercials became so incredibly
curious and wanted to experience whatever it was that they saw
the people on the infomercials experiencing whenever those people
tried on the sunglasses," Joe exclaimed. "And the people watching
the infomercials became very willing to spend $19.95 in order to
do this."

Joe went on to explain that had the producers of the infomercials
simply put the camera lens behind the "Blue Blockers" to show the
television audience what the view through the sunglasses looked
like, all curiosity and most all of the sales generated through
these infomercials would have disappeared.

So what's the lesson here? The lesson is that the more you can
create curiosity in your mailers to get your ideal prospects to
feel compelled to call you, the better your results will be.

Here are some possible themes for your mailers to property
owners to make this happen:

1) "I'm currently working with 23 motivated buyers and there's an
extreme shortage of available properties on the market. Please
call me now if you have any interest in selling your property now
or in the near future. My buyers are prepared to act and pay you
top dollar right now!"

You can change the number of buyers you are working with in each
successive mailing to reflect the current number of buyers that
you are actually working with. Continuing to send out mailings
like this over time will also give owners the impression that you
are someone that can find them a buyer quickly which will
increase the probability that they will want to talk with you
when they are ready to sell. This same approach can be utilized
to tell your owners about the number of lessees you are currently
working with also if leasing is a major part of your business.

2) "I have a buyer flush with $3,000,000.00 cash who needs to
identify a property to exchange into within the next 45 days. He
is prepared to pay top dollar for a property in order to avoid
paying $457,000.00 in income tax on the gain from the property
that he just sold. If you may be interested in selling your
property and would like to get paid top dollar for it please call
me now!"

In both of the above scenarios the buyer is always willing to pay
top dollar for a property. However, the buyer's idea of top
dollar may or may not be exactly what the seller's idea of top
dollar is. Either way the property owners who call you on these
mailers are entertaining the idea of selling their property which
can easily lead you to more listings and more transactions.

3) "Don't be one of the thousands of property owners who
unknowingly forfeit tens of thousands of dollars when they sell
their property! Call me to find out how to put this money back in
your pocket now!"

This scenario is currently happening to the mother of a coaching
client of mine who listed her home with an agent who underpriced
the home by about $130,000.00. They had 17 offers presented at
the first open house!

There's an old expression that applies to what I am talking about
in these examples, "Sell the sizzle and not the steak." When you
get really good at this and learn to write copy for your mailers
and advertising that truly "sizzles" you will literally explode
the number of leads that you find yourself working on almost

3. Make a Great First Impression

We've often heard how important it is to make a great first
impression on people, and this definitely applies to you in your
real estate sales career also. But I want to take a look at this
from a slightly different perspective here...

When you're sending out photos of yourself in advertising and
promotion for your real estate business, you are creating an
image of yourself with your prospects well before you ever meet
them. And I would imagine that the photos you send out of
yourself (if you do send out photos) show you looking very, very
sharp, too. Now keep in mind that this causes people to think of
you as the amazingly sharp-dressed person that they've been
seeing in your photos long before they ever meet you.

Because of this it is EXTREMELY important the first time you meet
a prospect face-to-face to look as sharp as you do in your
photos. Not doing this is likely to lead to a major letdown for
your prospects. It causes them to take you off of this pedestal
they've created of you and place you.....somewhere else in their

If it's important for you to look sharp in your promotional
materials make it equally as important to look just as sharp the
first time you meet your prospects face-to-face.


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