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In this Issue:

1. Is Your Mailing Campaign on the Right Frequency?

2. How Asking Great Questions Can Improve Your Success

1. Is Your Mailing Campaign on the Right Frequency?

Mailing to your clients and prospects is a great way for you to stay in contact with them every single month. However, one of the obstacles that I often find with agents in setting-up and implementing a great mailing campaign is them wondering what the heck they're going to write about on an ongoing basis in all of their mailers.

While sending newsletters once a quarter or so can be a great, highly-impressive way to keep the people in your territory informed, you may also be completely missing the boat here if this is what you are primarily banking on to produce new business for you through a mailing campaign.


Because the frequency with which you mail to your clients and prospects is far more important than mailing something to them occasionally that has a lot more content in it. While your content may be great, people oftentimes aren't going to read everything you've written anyway. They just won't take the time. So as long as you're going to invest your time in writing information that you'll be sending to your clients and prospects why not make sure that you invest your time wisely in writing things that they'll actually read? This is why short, high-impact mailers mailed frequently are a much more effective way for you to generate new business for yourself. You can still send the quality newsletter every quarter if you want to, but make sure you combine it with other mailers so your people are receiving a minimum of 12-24 quality mailers a year from you.


Because just like with the commercials you see on television, people are more likely to remember a particular brand when it's time to buy a product if they've seen ads for the brand more frequently. Seeing ten, thirty-second commercials over a period of weeks for a product is far more likely to have a lasting impact on you than seeing one commercial for several minutes weeks or months ago.

The exact same principle applies to your real estate advertising. You never know when a person who receives your mailers will have a need to call a real estate agent. So the more frequently people receive a short, high-impact mailer from you (like a well-designed, full-color postcard), the more likely they will remember you when they are interested in hiring a real estate agent. Ideally, if you're mailing to your territory frequently, people will receive one of your mailers right around the time they're thinking it's time to buy, sell, or lease property. So you might as well maximize the probability that your name and phone number will be arriving in the mail right around the time they need to contact a real estate agent. If, however, you're only mailing to your territory once a quarter or so, there are a lot of weeks between your mailers when your prospects will completely forget about you when they decide it's time for them to contact an agent. In situations like this they may in fact begin working with with the first agent who contacts them when they finally have a real estate requirement.

Sending something simple like postcards on a regular basis allows you to send a high-impact, full-color message with a minimum amount of writing required on your part. This is because there's simply not very much space to write words on a postcard. Or, if you prefer, you can mail out one-page flyers to your territory instead. But keep in mind you'll need to have the flyers folded, placed in envelopes, and mailed at an additional cost of  60% or more in postage when compared with mailing 4" X 6" postcards.

In addition to just listed and just sold (or leased) information you can send postcards on subjects that your clients and prospects will want to know more about as they get closer to entering into a real estate transaction. These are subjects that emphasize what people need to know and how to best prepare for an upcoming real estate transaction. If you already have my E-book on prospecting you've read the section where I talk about this in greater detail and give you about 25-30 different subjects that you can design individual mailers for. What's beautiful about this approach is once you've designed 12-24 postcards on these subjects you can then utilize these postcards over and over again for your mailers for years to come in the future as the information will always be very timely and pertinent for your clients and prospects.

When it comes to mailing effectively to your clients and prospects so that you make more money, send simple, high-impact mailers to them frequently instead of lengthy newsletters less frequently. It's the frequency and impact of your contact with people that will have them think of you first when it's time to hire a real estate agent.

2. How Asking Great Questions Can Improve Your Success

One of the greatest skills you can learn as a real estate agent is how to ask questions that will move you in the direction of successfully completing real estate transactions. 

Asking the right questions can accomplish a great number of things including the following:

1) They show your clients and prospects that you care enough to find out what's important to them.

2) They allow your clients and prospects to do the talking while you do the listening. People usually feel better when a salesperson is listening to them rather than talking to them.

3) They allow you to completely direct the conversation exactly where you want it to go. This is one of the most valuable tools imaginable to you as a real estate agent.

4) They allow you to have your clients and prospects overcome their own objections by answering the pre-planned and rehearsed questions that you ask them. There is simply no substitute for a client who wants to move forward because they said so as compared to the salesperson telling them it's the best thing to do.

I could go on here citing more examples for you but what I'm going to do instead is direct you to a Web page where I found a short, profound article on this called, "Twelve Pointers on Questioning Techniques," written by Tom Hopkins. This article is posted on the Broker Agent News Web site, a site that also frequently posts articles that I've written for the real estate industry. There is a ton of great information continually published on this Web site so you may definitely want to refer back to it from time-to-time in the future.

Go to: 

You'll see the link to the article about questions just above the link to an article I've written entitled, "Watch What You Say to Your Clients and Prospects." Click on the link to the article on questions and read the article. You may even want to print it out for yourself as this is a great tool for you to have to refer back to throughout your real estate career as you continually work on improving your presentation skills.

You'll definitely want to work on improving your questioning skills in your presentations with your clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. The more effective you become at asking the right questions, the more easily you will find yourself moving through those little glitches that can get in the way of having your clients and prospects say, "Yes" to you.

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