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April 22, 2002
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1. It's Time to Fall in Love With Your Real Estate Business

2. Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

3. Don't Fall Into "The Gap" with Your Prospecting

1. It's Time to Fall in Love With Your Real Estate Business

If you've been a subscriber to my E-mail newsletter for sometime
now you've seen me feature many ideas and approaches to help you
be more successful in your real estate business. But I want to
take a moment to talk to you about what you must have underlying
all of these ideas and approaches in order to make it all happen
extremely effectively for you:


The people who are the most successful in real estate sales love
what they do. They are driven to be the best, they love the art
of putting deals together, and they love their business with
absolute passion. And you'll find that this is pretty much true
across the board for anyone who excels in his or her chosen
field--they simply love what they do for a living.

You see, when you love what you do in real estate sales you're
not resisting doing the things that will make you extremely
successful. You just really, really want to do them everyday. You
look forward to getting out of bed in the morning, going to the
office, and totally attacking your business.

Do you ever notice the people around your office who constantly
talk or tell stories about how tough the business is? Well, I
guarantee you that these people don't absolutely love being in
real estate sales. And they're constantly trying to fight to
overcome their resistance to doing the things that will have them
be highly successful in real estate, too. And when you have to
fight yourself in order to do the things that will have you be
highly successful, I guarantee you that your results are going to

There's a man in Los Angeles who is by far the most successful
developer of industrial property that the city has ever seen. His
name is Ramon Bonin of Dynamic Builders and he has built over 800
industrial buildings in his development career. And Ramon is one
of the best examples I've ever seen of someone who truly loves
what he does for a living; he absolutely loves to build buildings
with a passion.

During one of the many conversations I've had with him over the
years in his office he once said the following to me:

"Jim, when you really and truly love what you do for a living
you'll never work another day in your life."

He must have said those words to me 15-20 years ago and they've
constantly been resonating inside of me ever since.

As I just mentioned to you Ramon is someone who loves to build
buildings. And I could never understand it when I used to submit
what I thought were great investment opportunities to him and he
would always pass on them. I finally realized that if what I
submitted to him didn't involve the possibility of building a new
building, he probably wasn't going to be interested. I then began
to submit only parcels of buildable land to him and with these he
was ALWAYS interested!

I'm mentioning the story about Ramon for a reason:

If you truly love the real estate sales business you will be
hugely successful at it. If at sometime in the past you loved the
business and you've lost touch with that feeling, try to identify
what it was that had you feel passionate about the business and
do your best to reconnect with that passion once again.

However you do it, when you truly love and have great passion for
your real estate business your entire life seems to work much
better--and you will earn and get paid phenomenal money in the
process, too!

2. Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

Have you ever thought about hiring an assistant to work for you
in your real estate business but wondered if you really are ready
to spend the money to hire this person on a full-time basis?
Well, hiring a virtual assistant may be exactly the ticket you're
looking for...

Over the weekend I was listening to Michael Russer talk about
the concept of virtual assistants and the difference they can
make in the lives of the real estate agents who hire them. What
we're talking about here is hiring people to help you in your
real estate business on a per job basis. There are people all
over the world who are experts in different areas that can be of
great assistance to you as a real estate agent, and now through
the beauty of Internet technology they are all available to you
with the click of your mouse. And they're willing to fight for
and competitively bid on your business, too!

These virtual assistants are people who can help you with many of
the jobs that you would normally hire a full-time assistant to do
for you. These jobs may include brochure and flyer design,
listing presentation design, buyer exclusive presentation design,
graphic design, Web site design and updating, newsletter design,
direct mail campaign strategy and implementation, organizing your
client database, organizing, designing, and implementing niche
marketing campaigns towards different segments of your prospect
database, and just about any other design, support, or
administrative function that you would normally hire a full-time
assistant to do for you.

So how do you find a virtual assistant? Well, here are two Web
addresses you can visit to find the virtual assistant who's best
for that one job you may want to get done right now: 

The second Web address I've given above is that of the "Real
Estate Support Specialist" page of the International Virtual
Assistants Association. These are people who have specific
expertise in working with real estate agents and some of them
have even qualified to receive a "Real Estate Support Specialist"

Similar to the way that buyers and sellers are rated on ebay, the
virtual assistants at these sites are rated by the people who
have already had them do work for them. So what you then have the
opportunity to do at these Web sites is write a description of
the specific work you need to have done, post your request, and
watch the bids come in from people who want to do the work for
you! And I've been told that sometimes these rates can be
surprisingly low, too. It's amazing what people will do with
their pricing when they know that a number of other competitors
are bidding against them for your work.

Once the bids come in you can then review them as well as look at
the individual feedback that the various people have received
from their previous clients on the Web site and then make your
final decision on who to hire.

One great advantage of utilizing this system is that oftentimes
the person you hire can offer many different approaches that you
hadn't even thought of for your project. This is because these
people are constantly working for many different top-producing
real estate agents and have learned the many different approaches
that these agents are successfully implementing in their own real
estate businesses.

In any event, this can be a great resource for you until you
reach the point where you are absolutely certain that you must
have a full-time real estate assistant working for you.

3. Don't Fall Into "The Gap" With Your Prospecting

Have you ever found yourself falling into "The Gap" with your
real estate prospecting?

See if this scenario sounds familiar to you:

You've been doing great prospecting. You've been keeping to a
solid weekly schedule of contacting people you'd love to be doing
business with in your territory, and then...

WHAM! Things really begin to take off! Your prospecting efforts
have developed great leads for you that are now turning into
wonderful transactions. You're busy showing property, writing
offers, following up on escrows, and making great money in doing
so.......and then comes the CRASH!

You find that you've wrapped-up most of the deals you were
working on, things are getting much quieter, then you take a look
at what you have in your pipeline of transactions for the coming
months and.....THERE'S NOTHING THERE!!! You have become a victim
of falling into "The Gap" with your real estate prospecting!

When you're just getting started in the real estate business
prospecting is all that you have to generate business. And your
days are completely filled with trying to find people to do
business with. However, once you've been in the business for
awhile you need to balance the time that you spend prospecting
with the time necessary to follow-up with all of the transactions
that you currently have in progress. This is where the problem
can develop...

It's important to continually prospect no matter how many
transactions you are working on right now. Prospecting is what
will develop the leads for you to work on in the months ahead. If
you stop prospecting or dramatically reduce your amount of
prospecting because you are so busy doing other things you will
most likely experience a huge "Gap" in your income in the months
ahead. Then when you get your prospecting level back up again you
will begin to close transactions from this prospecting at
sometime in the future. So it's vitally important to keep your
prospecting going all the time in order to not experience a gap
in your income for a period of several weeks or months. Plus,
when you're continually prospecting, you get to work on many more
of the best opportunities that are available in your territory.
You'll find yourself working on a much higher percentage of
larger transactions because you're out there becoming aware of
them through your prospecting. And as a result you won't have
time to work on the more marginal leads that you otherwise would
be chasing. You'll either let them go or turn them over to
someone else to work on on a referral basis. You'll be enjoying
your business more, have more passion for it, and make much more
money in the process.

In summary, it's vitally important to continually prospect no
matter how many transactions you are currently working on. If
you're ever thinking that you don't have the time to prospect
this week ask yourself if you could still find the time to
squeeze in a listing appointment for a $3,000,000.00 listing
opportunity if one came available.

Hmmmm...maybe you do have some time available for a little
prospecting after all...:)


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