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April 8, 2002
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1. What You Focus On is Everything!

2. The Power of a Good Story

3. Making Your Cold Calling Easier

1. What You Focus On is Everything!

One of the most important and most overlooked aspects of being
highly successful in your real estate business is successfully
managing your mental and emotional states day-to-day. The agents
who stay in a positive, fired-up state no matter what happens to
them are the ones who set the real estate world on fire! And the
agents who have negative or uncertain thoughts on a day-to-day
basis are, generally speaking, the agents who find themselves
struggling in the business.

Real estate sales is a business of ups and downs. If you're
working in this business you are definitely going to experience
some of the wildest emotional mood swings that anyone will ever
experience in their chosen career. One day you may have 10
transactions that are all looking great, two days later 7 of them
fall apart, and then two weeks after that 3 of those 7 that fell
apart are looking better again and you've now got 3 new deals
you're working on that didn't even exist 2 weeks ago that are
also looking great!

Generally speaking here's the equation for how you as an agent

Thoughts > Feelings > Behavior > Results

What this says is that your thoughts create feelings which
produce a behavior that leads to specific results.

As an example, if your thoughts are that there's no opportunity
in your market right now--that business really stinks in your
territory, this may lead you to feelings of not wanting to
aggressively pursue new business. This may then lead you to the
behavior of not prospecting and contacting people to do business
with, which will most likely then lead you to producing mediocre
results in your real estate business.

On the other side of the coin if you are constantly filled with
thoughts that there's an abundance of opportunity in your
territory right now, these thoughts will be much more likely to
lead to feelings, behavior, and results that you will be
absolutely thrilled with. You will most likely feel energized and
confident, and your behavior will be the type of behavior that
produces great results for you.

Think for a moment about the top producing agents that work in
your office. I would bet that it is very rare to see these agents
walking around in your office talking about how bad both business
and the economy are. These people don't have time to think like
this. They know that thinking like this will be very, very costly
to them in their real estate business. And from my examples of
the chains of events stemming from the equation outlined above
you may now understand why.

And I would also bet that you know agents who regularly talk
about how tough it is to make money for them. Some of these
agents love to talk about their war stories of how difficult
things really are in the market. And for these agents making
money is almost guaranteed to be very tough!

The level of a person's success in real estate sales is
oftentimes determined by the quality of the thoughts they are
thinking about moment to moment in their career. These thoughts
are literally what kickoff the process that determines what kind
of results they will produce in real estate sales.

Now, here's the test....What are YOUR thoughts about the
opportunities that you can uncover in your territory right now?

2. The Power of a Good Story

How good are you at storytelling? People simply love to hear a
good story! And if you've been in the business for awhile you
probably have some great stories you can tell people that will
help you to build more effective relationships with your clients
and assist you in moving them forward in transactions.

However, sometimes in real estate sales there are moments where
you are looking for your client to move forward and they are
hesitating in doing so. It could be in signing a listing
agreement, or it could be in moving forward in a sale or lease
transaction. And right at these exact moments in time it can
sometimes really help to have a story or metaphor to tell them
that will have them feel much more at ease in moving forward with
the transaction.

Do you have stories from past experiences where clients of yours
were hesitant at first, then moved past the hesitancy, and
finally produced a successful result after moving through the
hesitancy? If so, these stories are great to have available for
future situations where other clients are holding back from
moving forward also. And if you don't feel that you have any
stories like this you can always borrow stories from other agents
who do. Then in this situation you simply begin your story by
saying, "You know, another agent in my office told me a
story that relates very closely to exactly where you find
yourself right now..."

And in these situations what you are looking to do is tell a
story that paints a scenario of someone similar to them who was
hesitating in a similar situation and how they moved beyond the
hesitation and achieved a very successful result in doing so.

The truth is that the people you are working with are making some
of the biggest financial decisions of their lives in buying,
selling, and leasing real estate. And their reasons for
hesitating and feeling uncertain can many times be very
understandable. The more that you can guide them, have them feel
at ease, and be someone they trust the more successful you will
become in your real estate sales career.

And sometimes a story about someone just like them who was at
first afraid but moved beyond their fear and achieved a result
that they were very happy with is exactly what will have them
begin to move forward in their transaction with you.

3. Making Your Cold Calling Easier

Whenever there's an advancement in technology that can really
help you in your real estate business there's a good chance that
I'll want to tell you about it in this E-newsletter. And there's
an advancement that I've been tracking now for about 18 months
that I want to tell you about. It deals directly with making your
cold calling simpler and easier. And if you're truly a leading-
edge agent you may already know about this technology...

The technology is an automated voice broadcast system that allows
you to pre-record your canvassing calls and then have the system
automatically dial your prospects and leave messages for them.
You do not mention the prospect's name specifically when leaving
the message; instead you leave a message that can be left on any
answering machine or voicemail system so that it still sounds
like a live call intended specifically for the recipient you are

Here's an example of a message you might want to leave for your
prospects with this system:

"Hi, this is Dan Jacobsen with XYZ Real Estate Company. I haven't
spoken with you in awhile now and I'm calling to see if you may
be considering selling your property at this time. I'm currently
working with several buyers who are looking to purchase in your
area so if you are considering selling the chances are that I may
already have someone who will purchase your property right now.
So if you may be interested in selling please give me a call at
XXX-XXX-XXXX. Otherwise please call me if there is any
information that would be helpful for me to provide for you about
what's currently happening in the real estate market. Thank you
and I look forward to hearing back from you."

As you can see the messages you leave for your prospects can be
customized to work for almost anyone that you have the system
call. And one other aspect that is truly brilliant about this
system is that if a live person answers the phone the system
says, "Sorry, wrong number," and hangs up! The system will then
dial this prospect again at a different time and will only leave
your pre-recorded voice message when a voice answering system
answers their phone.

I've been on the receiving end of a few of these calls and the
messages definitely do sound very realistic! Obviously for the
system to work for you it needs to be dialing direct-dial numbers
only. You can't program the system to reach an extension after
you've dialed the main number of a company. So the system is
definitely much more geared towards calling people in their

And you can literally program this system to call hundreds to
thousands of your prospects automatically on a regular basis!

Now here's the tough part for me. I normally don't like to refer
you to other companies unless I've had top notch experiences with
them. However, I simply can't leave you hanging here with no
place to go if you want to get more information about this
voice broadcast system. So I'm going to provide you with a link
to a site to go to to find out more about the system, but I must
tell you that my experience with this company has been less than
ideal with the real estate clients that I've referred to them for
brochure design and printing. They do top notch professional
design and print work but their customer service and timely
response have been shall we say... not as fast as I would have
liked them to be.

Here's the link to find out more about the voice broadcast system
if you are interested in doing so: 

The initial setup fee to utilize the system is $295.00 with
monthly usage fees that vary according to how much you utilize
the system.

When you reach the Web page from the link there is also
information about their "800 Powerline" which can also be very
useful to you as an agent if you are not already familiar with
this technology.

To get to the information on the voice broadcast system simply
scroll further down the page past the information on the "800


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