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May 6, 2002 E-zine

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May 6, 2002
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1. Why Your Buyers MUST Work With You Exclusively

2. Work With Purpose and Make BIG Money

3. The Truth About Affirmations

1. Why Your Buyers MUST Work With You Exclusively

Have you ever spent weeks or months running around with a
potential buyer or lessee and then find out that they've leased
or purchased a property through another agent instead of you?
This really hurts doesn't it? You've lost all that time that you
were spending showing the prospect property, writing offers,
negotiating, and following up, and sometimes it can really just
take the wind completely out of your sails. What's even worse is
if you had the prospect in escrow on a property, then the escrow
fell apart, and then the prospect found another property through
another agent. The old Excedrin television commercials should
have had a special headache number for this agent scenario!

When you're running around with prospects on a non-exclusive
basis you're playing Russian roulette with your real estate
career. If these people are working with a number of other agents
the odds of you ever making a dime through working with these
people are definitely against you. At the very minimum the odds
are much lower than if the prospect was working with you

While having exclusive listings on properties has been the norm
for decades, having written and signed exclusive representation
of buyers and lessees is still not the norm in most markets. But
just imagine how much more effectively agents would be spending
their time if it did become the norm. If 3-6 agents are working
with a potential buyer or lessee and only one agent makes a deal,
that's a lot of agent-hours being wasted everyday in the field.
Perhaps someday it will be normal to put the requirements of your
exclusively-represented buyer and lessee prospects in the
multiple listing service--very similarly to what you probably now
do with your exclusive listings on properties. But until that
time gets here...

You have to learn to enroll your prospects in working with you
exclusively. It's simply too much of a risky investment of your
time to do it any other way. As an example, when you have an
exclusive listing on a property and it is priced right you have a
great opportunity to make money from it. And in a medium-to-hot
market you are almost guaranteed to make money from a listing
like this. The same applies to exclusive agreements with
prospective buyers and lessees. The mere fact that these people
would sign an exclusive agreement shows how serious they are
about wanting to find a property, and this one action alone is a
great signal to you that your time working with them will be well
spent. Prospects who sign exclusive-right-to-represent agreements
are bona fide buyers and lessees.

So talk to agents in your office or in your territory who are
very successful at representing buyers and/or lessees and ask
them what they do that has them be so successful at it. If they
are very successful at it I assure you that they most certainly
have either a written or a verbal exclusive agreement in place
with the prospects that they represent. And while a verbal
agreement is definitely not as good as having a written
agreement, it certainly is better than having no agreement at
all. Very few people want to experience the feeling of not
keeping their word with someone, and sometimes a verbal agreement
is all that is necessary to keep these people very loyal to you.

In my next E-zine I'll show you an approach that you can utilize
very successfully to obtain exclusive representation with the
prospective buyers and lessees that you are currently working

2. Work With Purpose and Make BIG Money

Throughout your real estate career one of the greatest abilities
that you can ever master is the ability to focus your attention
on doing the things that will make you the BIG money you want to
make. And, put very simply, one of the greatest ways that you can
begin to do this at an even higher level is to have a purpose for
what you want to accomplish every time you pickup the phone and
make a call and everytime you schedule an appointment with

Real estate is a business of relationships. The more effective
you are at mastering your ability to move people from being your
prospect to being your exclusive client, the more money you are
going to make. And in accomplishing this there are strategic
steps along the way that you will want to make to solidify your
relationships with your clients and prospects in order to ensure
that YOU are the agent they will work with whenever they have a
real estate requirement. So, the more effectively you integrate
purpose into your phone calls and appointments, the more
effective your results will be with your clients and prospects
and the faster they will want to work with you exclusively.

So before you make that next phone call to your client or
prospect determine what your purpose is for the call. Is it to
build rapport and begin to establish a better relationship with
the person? Is it to schedule an appointment to meet face-to-face
with them for the first time? Is it to schedule lunch or dinner
with them to move the relationship to the next level? Is it to
lay the groundwork to soon obtain a signed exclusive agreement?

And if you're making prospecting calls and leaving voice messages
is your purpose to ask them to call you back only if they're
looking to buy, sell, or lease? Or might your purpose instead be
to maximize the probability that they will call you back by
leaving a message that gets them so curious that they feel
compelled to call you back to find out more? If your purpose is
the latter you will begin to build relationships with a greater
number of people more quickly.

Remember, the more often that you have a purpose established
before your calls and appointments the more often you'll feel
that you are accomplishing everything that you want to. And when
you feel that you're accomplishing more in every call and every
appointment with your prospects, you'll soon find yourself making
more money, too.

3. The Truth About Affirmations

If you've been a subscriber to my E-newsletter for sometime now
you know about my extensive background and training in
Hypnotherapy, Psychology, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).
And in utilizing this technology over the years I've had the
opportunity to work with both top professional athletes and
Olympic gold medalists to help them to be the best in the world
at what they do.

Now when it comes to you working on your own mind to be the best
that you can be in your real estate business I want to talk to
you for a moment about the subject of affirmations. Affirmations
can be very effective but they can also be less than effective
for some people. And in case you're not sure what affirmations
are, they are a list of statements that you read to yourself
daily about the qualities you aspire to have within yourself as a
person and the results that you intend to produce in your life.
Typically people who recommend using affirmations to others will
recommend that you read them out loud immediately upon getting up
in the morning and again just before going to bed at night. But I
find that when most people tell others how to effectively do
affirmations, they leave out some very important points...

Truthfully, some people experience very slow progress when
utilizing affirmations. And one of the main reasons for this is
that they simply don't believe what they are reading out loud to
themselves. It's like the words are coming out of their mouth,
but there's a voice in the back of their head saying, "Yeah,
sure." So there's doubt attached to the affirmations when they
are reading them. This can be a big problem that will
dramatically slow your success rate with affirmations.

In order for affirmations to really be effective you need to be
congruent with them in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So
as you're saying the affirmations, feel and experience your
emotions and your thoughts being in full alignment with them. And
if you do experience some doubt when saying the affirmations,
tell yourself that this is the old "you." Then get right back on
track with reciting your affirmations and having your thoughts,
feelings, and actions be congruent and in alignment with these

Imagine yourself taking the actions that are in alignment with
these affirmations in your real estate career and feel the
feelings associated with taking these actions and producing the
accompanying results that come from this. You can even make
pictures in your mind and imagine your life now with these
affirmations having already become a reality for you.

And if you really, really want to begin producing great results
in your life very quickly, act and behave moment-to-moment in
your life as if these affirmations have already become a reality,
and that you are now the person completely described by these
affirmations. And when you do this your experience and feelings
of success in your life will increase phenomenally! This is
because the unconscious mind acts as if this "dream" you are
living is now your reality. And as you live this new reality day-
in and day-out, you become the person you truly want to be in
your life at light speed.

So just give it a try. Whether or not you decide to use
affirmations now act and behave in your real estate business as
if you already are the agent you've always aspired to be. Do it
for a week and notice the difference in how you feel. And if you
get off-track and back into the old "you" from time-to-time
during the week that's OK--just get back on-track to being the
new "you" again as soon as you become aware of this.

And if you find that this approach is very effective for you and
that you really love doing it--just keep doing it!

You see, all behavioral change happens at the unconscious level.
And if you continually act as if you already are the agent you've
always aspired to be, there will come a moment in time when
you've already become that person. And then you really don't have
to act anymore. You just naturally are that person you've always
wanted to be.

And if you're doing affirmations or decide to do them now or in
the future, add the following MOST IMPORTANT affirmation as the
last one to read on your list:

"My affirmations work whether or not I already believe that they

Please write and read the above affirmation word-for-word. The
exact sequencing of the words in the affirmation is specially-
designed to have the maximum effective impact on your mind.

This affirmation is a great one to completely neutralize that
little voice that we talked about in the back of your head and
move you even faster towards becoming the real estate agent that
you've always wanted to be.


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