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1. Utilize Sub Domains to Increase Your Web Site Traffic

2. Join Me Next Month at Realcomm 2003 in Chicago

3. Why Relationship Skills Are Your Greatest Asset

1. Utilize Sub Domains to Increase Your Web Site Traffic

If you're interested in increasing the amount of visitors to your Web site, sub domains may be exactly the vehicle you're looking for. Sub domains can also be your best answer for including the ideal keyword search terms for your real estate business within your own existing domain name. Let me explain what I'm talking about here...

As an example, if the ideal domain name for your real estate business is something like or, but those domain names are already taken, get ready for sub domains. You can now incorporate top keyword search terms right into your own domain name as a sub domain without having to also own those keyword phrases as domain names themselves. (You can always buy a much longer domain name with those same keyword phrases in them, but who wants to have a strange sounding or really long domain name on their business cards and stationery?)

Here's how it works:

Let's say your name is Cathy Davis and your real estate Web site has the domain name of You might wish you could have the domain name of for your real estate Web site, but that domain name is already taken. What you can then do instead is setup a sub domain within your current Web domain name and call it something like You've probably already seen sub domains like these many times when surfing the Web yourself. Companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft utilize sub domains like these quite often for support and other targeted services themselves.

Once you setup a sub domain like this on your Web site, most all of the search engines will then allow you to submit the sub domain on its own to be listed on their search engines individually. So if you're selling properties in several different cities, towns, or suburbs you could then create similar sub domains for each area that you serve. For example, a commercial agent by the name of Bob Harris working in the Los Angeles area could have sub domains on his Web site such as or And again, both of these sub domains or as many of them as you want to create can then be individually listed on the different search engines. In terms of getting great Web publicity for you as an agent, it simply doesn't get any better than this!

One additional tip to have this work in the best way possible for you is to have your Web designer include content within each sub domain that is specific to that particular real estate location itself. For example, if you're an agent working in Phoenix and you want to incorporate the adjacent area of Tempe into your new sub domain name, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of content on real estate in the Tempe area within this new sub domain in order for the search engines to give you the high ranking you are hoping for.

Utilizing sub domains will increase your Web traffic primarily for the following reasons:

First of all, when you submit the sub domains on their own to the search engines, they have a great chance of getting higher rankings than your current Web domain name when people search on the Web utilizing the exact keyword phrase that you've incorporated into your sub domain name. Search engines tend to rank Web sites higher when the keyword phrase that the Web surfer types into the search engine is actually in the domain name itself. Secondly, people tend to click more often on the sites listed in the search engine results that have domain names with the keyword phrases they're searching under directly inside of the domain names themselves. So in effect, your sub domain name is very similar to a regular domain name containing the exact keyword phrase that your prospects are searching for properties in your territory under. But remember, you want to have great content with in your new sub domain that's relevant to the particular geographical area in order to achieve great search engine rankings.

So if you want to increase both your Web presence and the number of real estate leads you obtain from your Web site, talk to both your Web designer and your Web hosting company about setting up sub domains that will increase the amount of prospects that you drive to your real estate Web site every single day.

2. Join Me Next Month at Realcomm 2003 in Chicago

This year's annual Realcomm commercial real estate technology conference will be in Chicago on June 4th and 5th. I'll be moderating the panel on "Who's Pushing the Envelope in Education?" on Thursday, June 5th, at 2:30 p.m. As always, this convention will showcase the best technology and business solutions available to the entire real estate industry, and all the the top technology companies will be there showcasing the latest products and services that will have you make more money with much more ease as a real estate agent. To learn more about the conference, or to register to attend the conference visit:

If you will definitely be attending the conference please come up and say, "Hello" to me when you see me.

3. Why Relationship Skills Are Your Greatest Asset

While the opportunities to develop your real estate business by utilizing today's modern technologies are phenomenal, there is still simply no substitute for having outstanding relationship skills when working with your clients and prospects. You can obtain many hot leads and great opportunities for your real estate business through technology, but in the end if the sum total of your presentation skills with your clients and prospects does not enroll them in selecting you as the agent they want to work with, you're missing out on a lot of business.

How often are you enrolling your prospects in doing business with you exclusively? If you're not happy with these percentages it may be time to take an inventory of your personal presentation skills. Generally speaking, people want to do business with real estate agents who:

1) Have them feel that the agent will do a great job of taking care of their needs

2) Have them feel great about both the agent and themselves whenever they are in communication together

Everything you do in your face-to-face presentations, telephone calls, correspondence, and follow-up is constantly being evaluated by your prospects. Make sure that you are continually working on your relationship skills so that you maximize the amount of successful business you close with the prospects you want to work with.

If necessary, find a real estate expert you can talk with about your presentation skills. Role play with them as if they are a prospect you want to do business with. Do a listing presentation in front of them. Pretend that they are a prospect you are meeting for a first appointment in hopes of doing business with them. Have them listen in on some of your phone conversations with your clients and prospects and give you feedback on how you're presenting yourself.

In today's business of real estate brokerage, agent training is unfortunately often very minimal. Agents are often left to figure out what they need to do completely on their own. And with the average profit margins of real estate companies these days hovering between one to three percent of gross commissions, we'd probably be extremely unrealistic if we expected more agent training to be provided in the industry at anytime in the near future.

As a result of this, working on your presentation skills on an ongoing basis in your real estate career can get neglected. Yet your presentation skills are the single most important factor that will determine whether your prospects will want to work with you, or with one of your competitors instead.

When you constantly work on improving your presentation skills you will continually land a much higher percentage of the real estate business that's going down in your territory.

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