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May 20, 2002
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1. Realcomm--The Future of Real Estate

2. Small Changes Can Make You an Extra $53,000.00!

3. Enrolling Your Client in Exclusive Representation

1. Realcomm--The Future of Real Estate

Jim Young is a very fascinating man. I remember when I first met
him maybe 10-12 years ago. He had previously been in real estate
sales but when I met him he was just starting a new company
called The Jamesan Group. At the time he told me that his company
would focus on technology applications in the commercial real
estate arena. I had no idea what a huge impact he would soon have
on an entire industry.

Now, in 2002, his annual Realcomm conference is THE business
solutions conference for the entire commercial real estate
industry. And when you talk with Jim about where the industry is
right now and where we can expect it to go, you find out that
some truly amazing things are about to take place.

This is what Jim told me in a conversation that I had with him
just last week:

"Five technologies came together in 2001 like never before. And
what I'm talking about here is the convergence of Broadband,
Wireless, The Internet, Internet Appliances, and Internet Based
Integrated Information Systems. This phenomenon, never before
realized, will create a connected world like nothing we have ever

Jim tells me that for the last two years it's been possible in
some real estate markets to be standing in front of a property
and accessing comparable sales information for your clients right
on your Sprint phone. And as far as the day-to-day life of you as
an agent is concerned, get ready to do your transactions in a
completely paperless environment!

And in the home security arena Jim says that we can expect the
following scenario to become a reality:

You're away from your home. Someone is approaching your home on
foot and you are notified of this by an alarm sounding on your
cell phone. Simultaneously a visual image of the person is sent
to your cell phone for you to take a look at. Then, you speak
into your cell phone and the person walking up to your home hears
your voice say, "Can I help you?" And after this you are able to
either carry on a two-way conversation with this person, or
notify the appropriate authorities.

What all of this means is that business solutions for real estate
companies will now be evolving at a much faster rate than ever
before. And the companies that don't embrace these changes and
evolve are simply going to be left behind. And according to Jim
the biggest problem with all of this is that the leadership in
the real estate brokerage arena tends to think of technology as
"tactical and not strategic." I myself can strongly attest to

There are so many people in leadership positions in real estate
brokerage companies that think that they can just continue doing
business the same old way. And up until now they've been able to
get away with it. And as a result of this, with all the dramatic
changes that are about to occur in the industry we could soon see
a major shift in who the dominant companies are.

If you want to learn more about where all of this is going and
how it will impact you, your company, and your business, I highly
recommend that you attend the Realcomm convention in Las Vegas
next month. I'll be there myself moderating a panel of experts
and the subject of our discussion will be, "Training a Tech Savvy
Organization--Internet Based Solutions."

If you would like more information on the conference, which will
be held at the Paris Hotel June 17th through 19th, visit:  

There you can read about all of the topics that will be covered
at the conference and also see the long list of companies who
will be attending. And there will definitely be many major
industry players there.

So, in summing up, technology and business solutions in real
estate have become one and the same. And being at the forefront
of innovation in this arena in your real estate business is now
more important than it has ever been before. When you are
committed to staying ahead of the curve in this ever-changing
area you will reap the huge benefits that will come from doing

2. Small Changes Can Make You an Extra $53,000.00!

I've written in previous editions of this E-zine about the
importance of sending out mailers and leaving voicemail messages
when prospecting that get your prospects to call you. Well, I
have a recent real-life report for you about how effective these
approaches can be when implementing them for only a very
short period of time.

Ron, a coaching client of mine who works for Grubb & Ellis, has
been working on improving both the quality of his mailers and the
quality of the voicemail messages he leaves for people when he's
prospecting. And the results that he's produced in a very short
period of time have been outstanding. For the past 12 weeks I've
been coaching him on designing mailers that inspire people to
pickup the phone and call him. And I've also worked with him on
changing his scripting and his level of excitement in the
voicemail messages he leaves while prospecting. And the results
from these two areas alone have Ron now working on three
new transactions that he will make over $53,000.00 from! Two of
these transactions came from the new mailers he was sending
out, and one of the transactions came off of a return phone call
he received from a voicemail message that he had left for the

One of his mailers discussed different options for how his
prospects could structure a deal for themselves in the
marketplace right now. And the mailer asked the prospects which
one of these options would result in the best economic benefit to
them over the long run. And if they weren't ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN
about which of these approaches was the best one for them, they
were told to call Ron personally to discuss which choice would be
the best one for them to make.

An approach like this really gets prospects thinking, "Which
option is the best approach for me here? I'm really not sure."
And prospects who are about to begin the process of buying,
selling, or leasing do NOT like the idea of not being sure when
hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars will be at stake for
them. And that's where Ron comes in. Adding certainty to their
thoughts and feelings around these options was only a phone call
away! And when one is unsure and certainty is only a phone call
away, many people will opt for making the call. And that's all
you are looking for as an agent when prospecting--a prospect who
lets you know that they may be interested in buying, selling, or

And the voicemail message that Ron left for the other prospect
stands to make him about $20,000.00. How did he do it? Well,
instead of leaving a typical generic message like "Please call me
if you're looking to buy, sell, or lease," he left a message in
an excited tone of voice that said, "I have a great property
available near you where the owner is extremely motivated to make
the best deal possible NOW!"

Do you see the difference between these two messages? If you were
either in the market for a property or knew that you would be
soon which message would inspire you more to want to pickup the
phone and call Ron back? And that's all we're talking
about--maximizing the response rate to your prospecting. When you
maximize your response rate you then maximize the leads you
obtain from your canvassing. And of course, when you leave a
message like the one Ron did you'll want to have a property that
you feel is a hot deal to talk to people about when they call you

If you don't send out mailers and leave voicemail messages that
get people to call you, there will be a lot of live, bona fide
prospects out there looking to buy, sell, and lease that you'll
never know about. And it's all because you didn't find a way to
inspire them enough to give you a phone call. If you simply make
a few minor changes in your prospecting habits you will see a
dramatic shift in the quality and quantity of prospects that you
find yourself working with.

3. Enrolling Your Client in Exclusive Representation

I told you in my last E-zine that I'd show you an approach that
you can utilize to obtain exclusive representation with
prospective buyers and lessees. And the approach is really quite

First of all, I don't recommend doing this in the prospect's
office where there can be constant distractions and incoming
phone calls related to their business. Doing this over lunch or
dinner would be my first choice here, but doing it in the
prospect's home can also be a possibility. And when you feel the
moment is right, make a statement something like the following to
your prospect:

"In beginning to work together I want to tell you a little about
the real estate business. In real estate sales (and/or leasing),
all we have is our time. And if we're working with a client and
that client is also working with several other real estate
agents, we've lost an incredible amount of our valuable time if
the client ends up successfully completing a transaction with
another agent. And we'll never get that time back either. And as
a result we'll lose a lot of money if this happens, too. And I
believe that as we're getting to know each other better here that
you definitely are not the kind of person who would want to see
this happen to me, are you?"

(The client will almost certainly say, "No" here.)

"Great. So let me tell you how I work with my clients then
because the people that I work with feel exactly the same way as
you do. What my clients do when they work with me is they agree
that I am the only agent that they will work with. And I agree
that I will provide you with the highest level of service
imaginable. This way you get the wonderful service that you
deserve, we find you a property that you are absolutely thrilled
with, and in the end it's a win-win situation for everyone. Now,
knowing that you've agreed that you would like to see me get paid
for the time that I spend working with you, is this the
arrangement that we can agree on right now as the basis for our
working relationship?"

Many times this will work very effectively right away and
sometimes you will need a little follow-up discussion to solidify
the arrangement. In either case you now have a tool to utilize
that will help to make this process much easier for you.


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