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May 21, 2001 E-zine

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May 21, 2001
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Learning and doing what has you become the best
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1. Negotiating for a full commission

2. Canvassing

3. Web domain names

4. One question survey

1. Negotiating for a full commission

When an owner asks you if you'll reduce your commission
don't be so quick to agree. Regardless of whether
you're signing a listing or negotiating an actual sale
or lease you must be willing to go to bat for yourself
in this situation. Rather than be unprepared for this
scenario when it arises, rehearse how you will respond
in advance of being faced with this discussion. Determine
all the possible reasons an owner might give to you about
why you should reduce your commission, and prepare great
responses to them. In most situations if you have
prepared for this brilliantly you will walk away with
your full commission intact.

If you're about to have a listing signed and you sense
that the owner definitely will not sign the listing
unless you reduce your commission, utilize the concession
you are about to make in the commission to receive
something in return for doing this. Oftentimes in this
situation the owner will be willing to negotiate giving
you a longer listing period in exchange for you reducing
your commission. If you're going to be making less
commission on the transaction, it sure is nice to at least
have the property listed for a longer period of time.

Remember: Going from a 5% commission rate to a 6%
commission rate means a difference of 20% in the income
you will receive on the transaction. You work very hard
for your commission as a real estate agent. Do everything
you can to protect your right to earn and get paid what
you're worth.

2. Canvassing

I'm sure you just love talking about this subject, don't
you? How much canvassing are you doing these days, anyway?
Whatever amount of canvassing you're doing right now, if
you feel you should be doing more just make one more call
a day then you are right now. One more call a day equates
to 260-365 more calls a year, and I guarantee you there's
great commission dollars just waiting to be claimed by you
by making just this one additional call each day. And I
know that you can't even truly convince yourself that you
don't have the time to make just one more call a day! You
may try, but we both know the truth!

Just make the call!

3. Web domain names

Do you have your own Web site? How about your own domain

Regardless of whether or not you have either or both of
these you really should reserve your own personal name in
the form of a domain name. For example:
Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to be able to have
your clients, prospects, and friends be able to locate you
for the rest of your life. It's very inexpensive to
reserve a domain name like this for yourself, even if you
will not be building your own Web site for awhile.

The best place to reserve domain names that I've found is
located at

While many other domain name registration companies will
charge you $60.00-$75.00 to reserve a domain name for
yourself, this Web site allows you to reserve your own
domain name for only $13.50 for one year.

While I have no financial interest in this company, I've
found it to be the best site for reserving domain names.

Even if your own personal name is already taken in the
.com format, consider reserving your name with a .net, or 
.org extension. If these are not available consider
reserving your name with a newer .cc, .tv, or .biz
extension. For so little money you just never know when
you'll look back and wish you had done this for yourself.

4. Quick survey

OK, like I said this is a quick survey. I'm considering
doing interviews with top producers in real estate sales
on audiotapes and making them available to you. How often
will someone who is a top producer stop and talk to you as
a competitor and tell you their innermost secrets about
what they do that has them be so successful in real estate
sales? Let me know if this is definitely something you'd
be interested in (or not) by E-mailing me at:
AOL users send me an E-mail at

I greatly appreciate your input on this.

Visit my Web site at: 
There you'll find many articles written
to assist you in taking your real
estate sales career to the next level.


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