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June 17, 2002
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1. Real Estate is a Business Like No Other

2. Top Producers Embrace Change

3. Your Balancing Act


I'll be attending the Realcomm commercial real estate conference
in Las Vegas today through Wednesday, June 19th. If you're
attending the conference please come up and say, "Hello." I'll be
leading Wednesday's session entitled, "Training a Tech Savvy
Organization--Internet Based Solutions."

This conference will address many of the most important
issues dealing with where technology is headed in the real
estate industry. If you can't attend the conference you can still
watch many of the sessions live on Realcomm TV. To do this visit and click on the link that says, ""

1. Real Estate is a Business Like No Other

I've thought over the years about how real estate sales and
leasing is a business that is inherently different than most
other sales professions. Generally speaking it is a much more
complex business. Think about it for a moment. If you were
selling copiers, computers, or medical equipment you would be
focused on selling only the products that your own company sells.
And with rare exception you'd be selling only this year's models,
too. In the real estate business, however, you can sell or lease
any property to anyone at anytime. And your inventory is not
limited to "this year's model." In fact, you have to become an
expert on the value of every property and every model that was
ever built in your territory, regardless of the year in which it
was built. And you have to tune-in to the nuances of the specific
upgrades and improvements that have been made to each property,

In real estate you are not only selling your own inventory of
listings but you're also selling the inventory of your
competitors, too. As a comparison, imagine that you're working in
a store that sells copiers. A customer walks in, you show them
all the copiers that you have on display, and then you get in
your car and drive the customer to all of your competitors'
stores to show them the models that they have on display, too.
But it doesn't really work this way now does it? But this is the
way it works in the real estate business. Your competitors'
products become your own products to sell. And this is what
allows the footrace to begin...

When you know exactly what your client is looking for you have to
continually be on the lookout for the moment when this property
appears on the market. For if you snooze and someone else submits
this property to your client before you do you could literally be
out of commission very quickly. When you know what your client
wants you can't just put the property on backorder and call them
when it arrives from the warehouse. You have to constantly be
looking and looking and looking for it and then run to your
client as quickly as possible when you find it.

As a real estate agent you have to become an expert at estimating
value, too. Your territory is not like the New York Stock
Exchange where at the end of every day the value of each and
every property appears with absolute certainty on a big board.
Value, on the other hand, is completely subjective. And you
sometimes have to use your greatest charm and composure in
persuading someone that their property is NOT worth 20% more than
an almost identical property down the block that sold just three
weeks earlier.

You become a master of personal presentation, an expert on forms
and addenda (while not offering legal advice), a financial
analyst (while still insisting that they discuss everything with
their accountant), a part-time psychologist, and an expert in
crisis prevention. In summary, you become the quintessential jack
of all trades.

However, the payoff from becoming a true master in this business
is HUGE! You can make great money, meet wonderful people, and
truly be the owner of your own very successful business. And the
qualities that you assimilate as a person by working in this
business enable you to handle just about anything else that pops
up in your life.

It's a great business unlike any other one.

2. Top Producers Embrace Change

When I began coaching agents years ago something that I greatly
looked forward to was the opportunity to work with middle-of-the-
road producers and turning them into top producing agents. I
recognized that the differentiating qualities of top producing
agents could be learned by those agents who were willing and
strongly interested in becoming top agents themselves. What I
then experienced came as quite a surprise to me...

As I began marketing myself to agents I found that it was the top
producing agents themselves who were hiring me. At first I was
stunned by this but then it all began to make sense to me.

Mediocre agents tend to believe that their success in the real
estate business it not really within their own control. Whereas
top producing agents tend to believe that they are in complete
control of their own level of success in the industry. In
addition to this mediocre agents tend to believe that the reasons
why they are not top producing agents themselves have little or
nothing to do with how they are spending their time day-in and
day-out in their real estate business.

Some mid-level producers actually recognize that there are other
activities they should be doing to bring in more business, but
for whatever reasons they're not really really motivated to
change their habits. In the end they'd really rather work the
hours they're working, approach their real estate business as
they have in the past, and produce the same results they've been
producing year-after-year. It's almost as if they find more
comfort in the predictability of it all than they do in the
prospect of making changes to their business that will completely
propel their productivity to a whole new level.

Top producers on the other hand embrace change. For it is through
embracing change that they have become the great high-level
producers that they are. When they began in the business they
didn't really know what they were doing, but they were determined
to become one of the best, top producing agents in the territory.
And along the way they've realized that in order to become this
agent they must be willing to constantly reinvent both themselves
and how they go about doing their business. They realize that
whenever they stop changing they immediately put a ceiling on the
level of success that they can achieve. And that level of success
is whatever level they are at right now. The more forward
thinking agents also recognize that not being willing to change
could quickly mean actually facing a substantial loss in income
as they're really opening the door for the competition to simply
blow right by them.

So if you want to increase your income above and beyond where it
is right now be willing to embrace change. If you change your
behavior and begin doing what will have you take your income to
the next level you will see great, tangible results in a matter
of months. And you will feel much more excited, passionate, and
fulfilled in your real estate business almost immediately.

3. Your Balancing Act

If you don't watch out you can get to the point in your real
estate business where you're feeling extremely run down and
exhausted. And sometimes you can get to the place where your
focus on your real estate business is getting very out of balance
with the other priorities in your life, too.

Jonathan, a coaching client of mine, told me this story about
something that he experienced early in his career that was so
distressing to him yet it served as an example of what he knew he
needed to watch out for in his own real estate career:

"I was working in a real estate office alongside of a man with
many more years of experience than me. One day the phone rang and
it was his mother calling him to tell him that she had been
mugged, beaten, her purse had been stolen, and she was bleeding.
This man then told his mother that she should call the police and
they would take care of everything for her. He wouldn't go to
help her, comfort her, and be with her. I simply couldn't believe

Real estate can be a crazy business requiring a lot of focus but
clearly you need to know when you're going too far. Not being
willing to take the time to care for loved ones, particularly in
times of crisis, is going too far.

Real estate is a business that provides you with great
opportunity, but you can only experience the fruits of the
opportunity when you pursue it in balance with the other
important areas of your life. As I heard Tony Robbins once say,
"No one ever said on their deathbed, 'I wish I had spent more
time at the office.'"

While it's great to make money in real estate sales the money and
the business itself are only a means to an end. One of the
reasons you probably got into this business was you wanted it to
provide you with a certain quality of life. Just make sure that
you continually focus on doing all of the other activities
outside of real estate sales that will bring to you the quality
of life that you are looking for.


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