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1. When "Closer" Can Mean Farther Away

2. Turn on the DND When Prospecting

3. Introducing....Your Next Client!

1. When "Closer" Can Mean Farther Away

You've heard about it countless times throughout your life and
throughout your career as a salesperson. You've heard people talk
about it in live presentations, have listened to it discussed on
audiotapes, and you've seen countless books on the subject...

How to be a Closer!

The mere idea of someone trying to "close" you on anything can
probably conjure up feelings of tension and bring about some
cringing inside of you, too. There are so many experts out there
that talk about "closing" as if it is some magical technique that
one can simply apply at the end of a sales presentation and lo
and behold, the client simply rolls over and gives you everything
you've ever dreamed of receiving as a salesperson. And I say to
you right here and now that this is totally and completely
false information.

Successfully "closing" your clients and prospects comes from you
doing many things right with them long before they sign on the
dotted line. Despite what others would like us to believe there
is simply no magical cure-all approach right at the end of a
presentation to get people to give you their business. Instead,
you need to have your clients and prospects feeling good about
you right from the very beginning of your relationship with them.
And then from there you need to do an excellent job of nurturing
the relationship.

Now the truth is that there are some closing approaches that can
be helpful when people are on the fence or are hesitating about
moving forward with you, but none of these approaches can compare
with what you will achieve if you lay the proper groundwork right
from the very beginning and work on building a great relationship
with your clients and prospects.

People are sizing you up right away when they meet you in order
to know that they can trust you to properly handle one of the
greatest financial decisions they will ever make in their
lifetime. They need to know that you are dependable,
professional, that you will provide them with great service, and,
in many ways, they need to know that you are just like they are.
People, plain and simple, like to do business with people who
they feel are just like they are. This is why building rapport
with your clients and prospects is such an important component in
you becoming a highly-successful real estate agent.

When you do a tremendous job of building both rapport and great
relationships with people they naturally want to do business with
you. And when you do an excellent job of enrolling people in YOU
as someone they want to work with, "closing" in the old hard-line
traditional sense of the word is simply not necessary. And
sometimes utilizing these "closing" approaches on people can do
more to harm you than help you in successfully building your real
estate business. Just think back for a moment to a time when you
felt someone was trying to "close" you on a sale. And I'd bet
that it wasn't one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life
now, was it?

When you do the proper work and lay the right foundation with
your prospects from the start, people will just want to say
"Yes" to you when you ask them for their business. And if you
constantly find yourself in need of some great "closing"
techniques at the end of your presentations, it may be a sign
that what you really need to work on is everything else that you
do beforehand as you build your relationships with your clients
and prospects.

So, in a nutshell, forget those gimmicky ideas we constantly hear
about that the so-called experts claim will "save you" and get
you the business at the very last minute in your presentation.
While these techniques may sell a lot of books, the techniques
themselves are nowhere near as effective as you constantly laying
the proper groundwork for people to say "Yes" to you when it's
time for you to finally ask them for their business.

People can choose any real estate agent they want to do business
with. Just do what will have them want to choose you.

2. Turn on the DND When Prospecting

Alas, we now return to one of your favorite

When you're in your office making prospecting calls, how much of
your prospecting time is actually being spent effectively? Well,
if you're taking incoming calls that have nothing to do with your
prospecting you may be wasting a lot of your prospecting time.

So what's the solution? Try turning on the DND! And by DND I mean
"Do Not Disturb." Simply put, don't take any incoming calls
during your prospecting time! Let all incoming calls go into
voicemail. And tell your receptionist to forward all of your
calls into voicemail until the time when your scheduled
prospecting time is over.

If you're worried about other people in the office interrupting
you during your prospecting time, put a sign up outside of your
office or cubicle telling others not to disturb you until your
prospecting time is over. (For example, "Making Prospecting
calls. Please do not disturb until 11:00 a.m.") And if you feel
you will be less likely to be disturbed by going into a
conference room and making your prospecting calls then do it!

If you don't watch out it can be very easy to get distracted from
doing your prospecting. But I know you already know this. So you
need to setup the conditions that support you in being excellent
at doing it. Otherwise you might become...shall we say...less
than excellent at it.

So turn on the DND and watch the results you achieve from your
prospecting time begin to take off!

3. Introducing....Your Next Client!

While prospecting is a great way to develop new business, there
is another approach that is often overlooked that can bring you
HUGE rewards if you utilize it consistently.

Think about the people in your territory that you would like to
work with but don't really know personally right now. Perhaps
you've tried to get a hold of these people through prospecting
but you haven't had very much success at it. Well, here's another
approach that may be just what you're looking for...

Perhaps you know people who do know the people that you would
like to get to know personally. And you could talk to these
people you know about making introductions for you. And being
introduced to someone by someone they already know personally is
a much, much better way for you to begin your relationship with a
prospect than getting a hold of the prospect through cold

When someone else introduces you to a prospect you now have a
certain amount of instant credibility with the prospect. Much
more credibility than if you had contacted them completely cold
on the telephone. Think about this for a moment...if someone who
you like and socialize with introduced you to an insurance
salesperson, wouldn't you have a better feeling about the
salesperson than if he or she had cold called you on the
telephone instead?

Keeping this in mind, something that you may consider doing is
making a list of all the people in your territory that you would
like to be introduced to. Then write down all the people you know
who may know these people personally. After this it's just a
matter of you talking to the people you know about providing the
appropriate introduction at the right time.

Think about all the business organizations, chambers of commerce,
charity groups, country clubs, and social groups that the people
in your area belong to. And as you do this you'll probably
recognize that you know quite a number of people who are in a
great position to introduce you to people who you would love to
represent in their next real estate transaction.

And the truth is that if you follow-up and actually do what I'm
talking about here you will be actively engaged in one of the
most lucrative forms of prospecting imaginable!


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