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July 16, 2001
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1. Your Image is Everything

2. Working "On" Your Business vs."In" Your Business

3. Get Ready for FREE Online Coaching

1. Your Image is Everything

Your image in the minds of your prospects in your territory represents a huge part of your success. Think about it for a moment. Haven't you received many postcards and other mailings from residential agents over the years? And I would imagine you've found yourself beginning to think positive thoughts about some of these agents and less than positive thoughts about others, too. You may also already have an idea about which agent you would call first to sell your home if you were not planning on selling your home yourself. If this is true then one agent has successfully positioned their image in your mind as the agent you would call if you were going to list your home with someone other than yourself. 

The image that you have established for yourself in the minds of your prospects will determine whether or not they pick up the phone to call you or call another agent instead when they have a real estate need. Keeping this in mind, what image have you established for yourself in the minds of your prospects? Do they even have an image of you? Do they even know who you are?

One of my coaching clients has gone to great lengths to establish a unique image of himself in the minds of his prospects. He places ads in strategic locations showing himself dressed like a boxer ready to fight with captions telling his prospects that he will "fight for them" as their real estate agent. And it's working great for him, too! People are constantly coming up to him on the street and in restaurants to introduce themselves to him, telling him that they love his ads. With fresh, creative approaches like this as well as a total commitment to being the best agent in his territory, it's no wonder that Mark is producing such solid results in his real estate career.

Now you don't have to do something this unique in your own real estate business, but you definitely want to do whatever will have your prospects think of you first. You can't be in the right place at the right time when every single prospect in your territory decides they're ready to buy, sell, or lease, but you can do an outstanding job of positioning yourself in their minds so they pick up the phone and call you FIRST when they are ready.

Now what can YOU do that will ensure that your prospects will call you first whenever THEY have a real estate need?

2. Working "On" Your Business vs."In" Your Business

Michael Gerber, a highly sought after business consultant, distinguishes between these two terms very convincingly as they apply to owners and entrepreneurs operating in their own businesses. As a real estate agent aspiring to be the best agent in your territory, you will definitely want to know exactly what these two terms mean and how they apply to you. 

Working "on" your business means designing new and highly-effective strategies and approaches for you to implement in your real estate business to become the best agent in your territory. Working "in" your business means making the calls, going on the appointments, and doing the things you normally do day-to-day in your real estate business right now.

Do you ever get completely wrapped-up in working "in" your business instead of "on" it? The only way you're going to increase the amount of money you make in your real estate business over the long-term is through working "on" your business, not "in" it. Constantly working on redesigning your overall strategy for success and implementing this strategy is what will have you be the agent you've always wanted to be, producing the best results imaginable in your own real estate business.

Ask yourself what the best, most successful agents in your territory are doing right now that you are not. Now how can you implement these approaches into your own real estate business? What other new and creative approaches can you come-up with and implement in your business that will have you skyrocket past every other agent in your territory?

While working "in" your business represents the bread and butter day-to-day activity that you do as a real estate agent, you really need to take the time to work "on" your business also. It is through working "on" your business that you will catapult your production in real estate sales to where you want it to be.

3. Get Ready for FREE Online Coaching

I've just completed writing a 7-day online coaching course that will soon be available to you FREE as a subscriber to my E-zine. The course will be delivered to you by a sequential auto responder, one lesson a day for seven consecutive days. 

The course is designed to be very effective for you no matter where you are currently at in your real estate sales career or how many years you have been working in the business.

As a subscriber to my E-zine, all you will need to do is send an E-mail to an address that I will provide for you to begin receiving the online coaching course in your E-mail box.

If you are committed to taking your real estate career to the next level I highly recommend that you enroll in this online course. If you take the course and follow the instructions you will gain new insights to utilize in successfully improving your results in your real estate sales career. And, this course completely falls under the category of working "on" your business as I've just discussed above.

The course will be available for you in the next few weeks, and I will send you an E-mail telling you how to enroll should you decide that you are definitely interested in doing so.


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"Being one of the top producers in a national
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in my weekly activities that make a huge difference
in the results I produce."

Ellen Conrad


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