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The Top 5 Commercial Brokerage Company Web Sites

While leading my "21st Century Power Brokering in Commercial Real Estate" presentation as part of the Realcomm Commercial Real Estate Technology Conference in June, I announced the top 5 commercial brokerage company Web sites within our industry. The criteria for evaluating these Web sites was the overall appearance of the Web sites, their ease of navigation, the ability for visitors to easily find reports and information they'll want to know about, and the ability to easily locate individual agents on the Web sites, and information about both these agents and their available properties.

With these criteria in mind, here are the five top commercial brokerage company Web sites:

CB Richard Ellis (

The CB Richard Ellis Web site is simply the best commercial real estate brokerage Web site in the world. It has its own internal search engine for finding both people within the company and important information, it constantly has recent company news stories on its Home Page, and it has a ticker tape showing vacancy rates from cities around the world constantly moving across its Home Page also. In addition, visitors to the Web site can easily find market reports, individual agents, their available properties, and detailed personal information about the agents also.

In summary, just about everything about this Web site tells the visitor, "We're the major world-wide force in the commercial real estate brokerage industry."

Grubb & Ellis (

Grubb & Ellis has recently completed a major renovation of its company's Web site, and the results of this redesign are outstanding. One of the great features added to their Web site is the search feature for their Quarterly Trends Reports. Go to their Home Page, then put your mouse over the "Research" option near the top of the page. From there click on the "Quarterly Trends Reports" option and watch the map of the United States appear on your screen. Then move your mouse over the different geographic regions, watch each region get highlighted as your mouse moves over it, then click on one of the regions. Once you've done this, then click on one of the gold bullets corresponding to an Office or Industrial report from one of the cities in that region, and you'll be taken to a PDF file with the most recent Quarterly Trends Reports for that city.

When you combine this with the look and feel of their overall Web site, the ability to easily find additional information on it, and the ability to both search for properties and locate the company's agents and their listings, you have all the major components of a solid commercial brokerage company Web site.

JJ Barnicke Limited (

JJ Barnicke is one of the top commercial real estate brokerage companies in Canada. Their Web site has a nice, clean look to it, with easily visible links for property searches, market reports, information on the company, and a search feature to find the agent or person within the company that you're looking for. All of these features combined with the ease of navigation of this site make it one of the premier commercial brokerage company Web sites in the business.

Lee & Associates (

This is a perfect example of how a simple Web site can be a very good one. Links to every single office in the company along with these offices' phone numbers are all easily visible on the Home Page. And you can do property searches and find agents directly through links on the Home Page also. In addition, most but not all of the Lee offices publish market reports on their areas that you can easily download, too.

This Web site does a great job of putting you only one or two clicks away from most of the information you'll want to know about when you're a client or prospect visiting the company's Web site.

Sperry Van Ness (

Sperry Van Ness has seen tremendous positive growth under the excellent guidance of their President, David Frosh. When I first heard David speak a number of years ago he said, "At Sperry Van Ness our brokers are our clients." And right at that moment I thought to myself, "What a revolutionary perspective for any brokerage company to have when looking at its brokers!"

Sperry's Web site makes it very easy to find information on the company, conduct property searches, find individual brokers working for the company, view their listings, and learn more personal information about these brokers also.

When it comes to designing a Web site, one would think that the major priorities for a brokerage company would include getting their Web visitors more interested in doing business with the company, and providing the company's agents the opportunity to better market themselves to their clients and prospects. With this in mind, why is it that so many brokerage companies provide no information at all on the agents who work for the companies on their Web sites? Agents generate all of a company's brokerage revenues, so I have no idea what these companies are trying to accomplish by keeping their agents from marketing themselves through their Web sites.

With this in mind, a year from now it will be interesting to see if these same brokerage companies retain their positions as being one of the top five Web sites in the commercial brokerage industry, or whether one or more of their competitors will rise up and claim one of these positions for themselves!

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Harnessing and Putting More
Commission Dollars in Your Pocket

Can you imagine what life would be like if you didn't have a computer to utilize in your commercial real estate business today? Imagine having no contact management software to keep your phone, address, appointment, and contact information for your clients in your real estate business right now.

Well, that's what things used to be like until brokers began making the transition from Rolodexes and keeping stacks of business cards bound together with rubber bands, to utilizing contact management software on a regular basis. But with today's newest technologies there's so much more available now to grow your commercial real estate business to the next level and make you more productive.

Here's what I'm talking about:

  • A new technological innovation that has owners amazed at what it can do to market their properties. When you include this innovation as part of your marketing program during your listing presentation, it can oftentimes make the difference between you being awarded the listing, or it being awarded to one of your competitors instead.
  • Do you ever wish you could more easily find accurate ownership information for the properties whose owners you want to build relationships with? Well I just took a demo of the most recent version of a product that does a tremendous job of telling you exactly who the true owners are of commercial properties in your area...complete with their personal names and the telephone numbers to contact them with!
  • And finally, how would you like to put your client and prospect follow-up on autopilot? There are now programs that will do this for you and make it easier for you to develop new business for yourself while these systems do all your follow-up for you...Both with your prospecting, and with your follow-up on the transactions you've already generated.

These are three of the subjects I'll be discussing during my upcoming Commercial Real Estate Inner Circle teleseminar call this Wednesday, July 19th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The title of this next call is "Harnessing Today's Real Estate Technology to Put More Commissions in Your Pocket."

If you've ever felt you'd like to become more productive in your real estate business working the exact same hours as you are right now, this is what I'll show you how to do during our next call on Wednesday. And if you can't join me at the exact time of the call Wednesday evening that's OK. I'll send you an audio CD recording of the call along with a written transcription of it and important highlights from the call in the mail!

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And remember, just learning how to implement this one technological innovation I've mentioned into your marketing plan and listing presentations will put tens of thousands of additional commission dollars into your pocket right away!

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"Through working with Jim I've just had my most successful year ever in commercial real estate."

Ed Rosenthal
CB Richard Ellis

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