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1. Have Certainty About Success

2. If You Have a Web Site...Watch Out!

3. Listen to Your Clients

1. Have Certainty About Success

One of the great qualities that top-producing agents have is
certainty. And I'm not just talking about certainty with clients
here. I'm talking about constantly living in the mental and
emotional state of certainty day-in and day-out in your real
estate business.

Imagine how you would feel everyday absolutely knowing that you
will be hugely successful in this business no matter what
happens to you. Imagine what this would do for your business!
Everyday you are completely unshakable, unstoppable, and you
know that you will handle everything appropriately in the way
that best maximizes your real estate production. And you know
that this is definitely the way it will always be for you.

If you've been in the business for awhile now you know how things
can happen that can easily get you both frustrated and aggravated
at times. Escrows don't always close. People change their minds
sometimes. And sometimes clients end up doing a transaction with
another agent instead of you after you've already invested months
of your time in your relationship with them.

As a perfect illustration of all of this I just got off the phone
with an agent who was two weeks away from closing escrow while
representing a buyer on the purchase of a $2,500,000.00 property.
At the last minute, to everyone's surprise, the city came in and
decided to take the property by eminent domain. Now as an agent
that, my friend, hurts!

My point is this:

The people who do the best in this business let adversity bounce
right off of them. It's almost like they're bulletproof--at least
to the eyes of an outsider watching them. Do they still get hurt
and affected by the adversity? Of course they do! But the key is
that they don't let it affect their business. They get right back
on track and do whatever the next thing is for them to do in
successfully moving forward and closing more real estate

One of the greatest assets that you have in your real estate
business is your time. The better you are at filling your working
hours with the productive activities that will make you great
money the more successful you will be. But if you allow the
difficulties that can come along in this business to take you off
track, put you in an unresourceful state of mind, and have you
wander along for days, weeks, or even months at a time producing
mediocre results, be assured that this will cost you a lot of
money in your business each and every year.

You've made it this far in your real estate career and no matter
what happens you're going to come out fine. Have you ever noticed
that despite all the difficulties and excruciating experiences
you've ever encountered in your real estate business you're still
living, breathing, eating, and showing up for work? So in reality
how truly threatening were all of those past experiences that you
may have had great difficulty living through at the time?

No matter what happens in your real estate business you're going
to come through it all just fine. You always have. And some of
your most difficult, most trying experiences in your career
oftentimes turn out to be the greatest stories that you tell
people and laugh about years later. I know I certainly have my
war chest of these stories--and I still milk them for all I can
whenever I get the opportunity!

When you're working in your real estate career and truly coming
from a place of absolute certainty you will achieve much, much
more success as compared with what you will accomplish when you
allow those bumps along the real estate highway to dramatically
hurt your performance.

2. If You Have a Web Site...Watch Out!

If you have your own Web site be on the lookout! There are about
20 different companies out there who are contacting real estate
agents offering to sell them exclusive rights to "keywords" that
will operate within the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. What
they will tell you is that when people type your exclusive
keywords into the browser window they will then be taken directly
to your Web site! People using the browser will not see a listing
of different possible Web sites to go to--they will instead be
taken directly to the home page of your Web site!

At first glance this may seem like a pretty good idea to invest
in. On my Web site, for example, Internet Explorer accounts for
approximately 70-75% of my visitors every week. And we know how
people are always looking for ways to get their results even
faster on the Internet! It makes complete sense to think that
people may begin to like the idea of typing their keyword
searches into the Internet Explorer browser instead of going to a
search engine to do it. I mean why take the extra time to go to
the search engine if you don't have to?

But here's the problem: This "opportunity" that these companies
are selling will only work in the Internet Explorer browser if
the person using the browser has already downloaded the specific
software patch to make it work. And this software patch is not
manufactured by Microsoft. So what this means is that if you buy
a license for one of these keyword phrases, more than 99% of all
Internet Explorer users will not be transported to your Web site
when they type your "exclusively licensed" keyword phrase into
their browser windows.


Microsoft is not a partner in this venture at all. And if
Microsoft is not involved, forget it! They previously tried a
venture similar to this with a company called Real Names and they
later decided to abandon it. And with the Real Names venture you
didn't need the special software patch. You were immediately
taken to the Web site whose owners had licensed the keywords.

If Microsoft decided to abandon their project with Real Names it
is very unlikely that a small, relatively unknown company will
see great success with this new venture without Microsoft being
involved in it.

Right now when people type keywords directly into the Internet
Explorer browser window they are taken directly to the
corresponding search results on the MSN search engine. And for
now and the foreseeable future this is the way it will continue
to be.

I've researched the database of the company that is behind this
venture and I see that quite a few real estate people have
already spent their hard-earned money on reserving keyword
phrases. These phrases cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands
of dollars each. And the salespeople who called me about this
"opportunity" sounded so very convincing, too! One of them told
me that the software patch is now included in the most recent
release of Internet Explorer itself. And another one told me that
the software is now shipped directly from the factory on all
computers manufactured by Dell. A phone call by me directly to
the company that is behind this venture revealed the truth:
Neither of those two statements are true.

These salespeople know how competitive real estate agents are,
they know that we have money, and they know that more and more of
us have Web sites every single day. It's no surprise that they're
focusing on contacting people in our industry.

So if your phone rings and the person on the other end of it
starts pitching an idea to you that sounds a lot like what I've
just described, you now have a little more information that will
help you to make the decision that's best for you.

3. Listen to Your Clients

In real estate sales it's easy to get wrapped-up in doing a lot
of talking. I mean let's face it...we talk to people about
property, keep them informed as to what's happening in the
marketplace, and do our best to inspire them to buy, sell, and
lease through us when the time is appropriate. But the real key
to building relationships with the people we'd most like to work
with is in our ability to listen to them.

We've all been around people that we think talk too much, but has
anyone ever told you "You listen too much?" When people feel
that they are being listened to and fully understood therein lies
the key to solidifying a wonderful business relationship with
them. People want us to understand clearly exactly what they
need. They don't want us telling them what we think they need and
then trying to sell them on it. When we try to sell them on what
we think they need, if we've incorrectly assessed their true
needs it becomes very easy for them to associate us with those
old, horrible stereotypes of bad salespeople. Yeah that's
right--those guys!

Listen to your clients and feed what they say back to them for
clarity and understanding so you know exactly what it is that
they want. When you feed what people say back to them in exactly
their own words they feel that you understand them and that you
are just like they are. And there is nothing more powerful in
moving towards building a successful business relationship with
someone than having them feel that you are just like they are.

Whenever you've bought products and services through salespeople
in the past how have you felt when they have been doing most of
the talking? Now compare that with how you've felt when they've
been doing a great deal of listening to you and had you feel that
they truly understood exactly what it is that you wanted.

While selling and leasing real estate definitely involves
talking, it's your listening skills and your ability to have your
clients and prospects feel that you genuinely understand their
needs that will make the bigger difference in your success in
your real estate sales career.


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