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July 30, 2001
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1. The Activities That Destroy Your Business

2. Do Your Sales Habits Need a Tune-Up?

3. Asking the Multi-Million Dollar Question

1. The Activities That Destroy Your Business

The main quality that differentiates the top-producing agents in your territory from everyone else is this:

The top-producing agents spend a much higher percentage of their time doing the activities that bring in the big bucks.

So if you as an agent aspire to make the kind of money that the best agents in your territory are making, how can you identify which of your activities are destroying rather than growing your business? The answer is really quite simple. You make a list. Identify the things you sometimes do as an agent that destroy your productivity. If you're enrolled in or plan on enrolling in my FREE 7-Day Online Real Estate Coaching Course, how to remove these habits from your real estate business is covered in much greater detail in the course. (See below for instructions on how to enroll in the course.)

For now, begin by writing down all the habits you sometimes do that kill your productivity. I'll give you a few possible examples here:

Not canvassing when you said you would
Spending too much time on the Internet
Spending a lot of time socializing at the office
Taking long lunches
Arriving to the office late and/or leaving early
Having many personal phone conversations at the office

What's important here is that you write down the list of bad habits that you've found yourself doing at different times in the past. These are your red flags. Keep this list and look at it from time-to-time. And while we're talking about it, are you doing any of these habits now in your business?

The difference between you and the person making the kind of money you would love to be making probably has little or nothing to do with the amount of hours you are working. If you are working the same hours per week as the top producers in your territory it's not about time, it's about the activities you are doing with your time.

If you find yourself doing any of the activities on your list STOP IT! You know that it's taking a huge bite out of your annual income! Learn how to replace these habits with the habits that will make you big money instead. When you learn how to do this you'll not only make more money, you'll feel much more excited, passionate, and enthusiastic about both your business and your life every hour of the day. 

2. Do Your Sales Habits Need a Tune-Up?

How you are first trained in real estate sales is absolutely critical in determining your long-term success in the business. The habits that you develop in your first 1-3 years in your real estate sales career become the habits that you then naturally gravitate towards for the rest of your career in the business. Therefore, if you were trained by someone who taught you the habits of top producing agents you are much more likely to be utilizing these habits in your career right now then if you learned the business on your own completely flying by the seat of your pants. If you were originally trained in real estate sales by someone who was a mediocre producer, all this person could teach you was their own mediocre habits. You just can't teach people how to do what you don't know how to do yourself.

Are you repeating old habits that you learned years ago in the business? Do these habits need updating? Is it time for you to break free of many of these old habits and begin to include new, much more productive habits into your daily repertoire as a real estate agent? If you're committed to making a change know that you can definitely make it happen. But it takes commitment, focus, and determination to bring about these changes if you've been in the business for sometime. On the bright side, though, if you stick with it and make these changes in your business you will experience a new love of the business that you may not have felt in many, many years. 

3. Asking the Multi-Million Dollar Question

When I first began my career in real estate sales I was about as thrilled about canvassing as you probably were when you began your career in the business. Constant canvassing produces amazing results, and I was determined to find a way to maximize the amount of leads I generated from my canvassing efforts back then. So I began to experiment. And while experimenting I found a simple question that I began asking my prospects that greatly increased the productivity of my canvassing. I would begin by building rapport with each person I canvassed, and if they told me that they were not looking to do anything in real estate at the moment, I then asked them the following question:

"Who do you know who may be looking to do something in real estate in the coming months?"

Now notice the exact phrasing of the question. I did not ask them, "Do you know anyone who is looking to do anything in real estate in the coming months?" This latter question is an easy "Yes" or "No" question for people to answer. And when people are given a "Yes" or "No" question to answer in a canvassing situation, it is very natural for them to simply say, "No" and move on.

When you begin the question with, "Who do you know..." this presupposes that they know someone, and they'll begin to think about who that person is. They may or may not come-up with a name for you at the exact moment you ask the question, but the way that you phrase the question will increase the probability that you will walk away with a referral. And being referred to someone by a person who knows them beats the heck out of cold calling the prospect.

If you want to get really creative and maximize the probability of obtaining a referral even more, you might phrase the question like this:

"I know you're the type of person who knows a lot of people in the area. I'm sure you're really well-connected with many, many people around here and I know with all the people you know that someone has mentioned to you that they may be looking to buy, sell, or lease in the near future. Now knowing this, who do you know that may be looking to buy, sell, or lease in the near future?"

If you've done a good job of building rapport with the person, they'll really be looking to come-up with the name of someone they know to refer you to. And of course you only want to make this statement to someone you genuinely feel has the qualities I've mentioned above. When you build rapport with people and make them feel good about themselves, they want to do whatever they can to help you in return.

The study of how our language patterns influence people to either want to do business with us or get the heck away from us falls within the arenas of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. I've actually become so fascinated with how powerful this technology is that I've become certified at both the Trainer and Master Practitioner levels of these two fields of study. I'm also one thesis away from earning my Ph.D. degree in Hypnotherapy. If you are curious as to how you can improve your real estate sales through your proficiency in building rapport and utilizing effective language I highly suggest that you do some study in one or both of these arenas.

Getting back to the original story, when I began to "ask the question" that I first mentioned above my canvassing results began to really take off. I was now getting referred to people that I began to successfully close transactions with. And these people referred me to other people, too!

I can honestly say that "asking the question" while canvassing has brought me many millions of dollars in transactions during my real estate sales career that I otherwise would have completely missed out on.


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