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1. Experiencing Abundance in Your Real Estate Business

2. Building Great Relationships with Your Prospects

1. Experiencing Abundance in Your Real Estate Business

It's always intriguing when I hear an agent say that business is
slow. What this normally means is that this agent has relied on a
particular way of generating leads and this approach is no longer
working for them. But they keep doing it anyway.

And many times the approach that the agent has been using to
develop new leads is a very reactive one--waiting for the phone
to ring from sign calls, old clients, and advertising. When the
market is hot this is all an agent really needs in order to make
a decent living. But when the market changes, continuing with
this approach can spell disaster.

When you feel that business is slow for you it's normally a sign
that you're not doing enough prospecting. Yes, that's right, the
dreaded "P" word. There's nothing that can have you develop great
business over time like consistently getting on the phone and
calling people in your territory or walking up and down the
streets knocking on doors and talking with them face-to-face.

If you're ever thinking that business is slow in your territory
think about this--how many agents are currently working in your
territory? Just make an educated guess. Then after you've come-up
with a number realize that all of these agents are currently
making a living while working in your territory--right now! And
what this means is that they are closing a lot of transactions
that you are not involved in as an agent--right in your own
territory. So the problem really isn't that business is slow in
your territory, it's that you currently aren't closing enough of
the transactions that are going down in your territory to make
you the kind of money you want to be making. The business is
there and being done in your territory, it's just that you're not
closing as much of it as you really want to at the moment.

Prospecting is the fastest, least expensive way to generate new
business. It takes you from being in a reactive state, hoping
that business comes your way, and puts you in a proactive state,
being someone who is taking the bull by the horns and is out
there creating your own destiny in your real estate brokerage
business every single day. And it truly transforms you from
wherever you are right now into a state of abundance and
excitement, too!

Have you ever noticed how prospecting can seem like a less than
desirable activity to do when you're thinking about it
beforehand, but then once you've been doing it for 15-30 minutes
or so it's much, much more enjoyable than you thought it would
be? It's simply one of those little tricks that our mind tries to
play on us from time to time. Sort of like the feeling we
sometimes have beforehand about going to the gym and exercising
vs. how we really feel once we're there actively doing it.

When you prospect consistently you live in a state of abundance.
You do so because you're actively connecting with people who tell
you they will be looking to buy, sell, or lease in the coming
weeks and months. This translates into opportunity for you. And
even though a lot of the people you will come in contact with
through your prospecting will tell you they don't have any real
estate needs for the foreseeable future, you feel great because
you're actively doing what you know is the best thing for you to
do to develop your business. And the process of connecting with
people in itself brings about great feelings for you. When you're
prospecting consistently you find many more leads to work on than
you do when you're not prospecting. These are people who will be
closing transactions on property in the weeks and months ahead in
your territory. And know with certainty that all of these leads
will consistently be going to your competition instead of you
each and every day that you decide to not prospect.

The more you prospect the more you come across the people who
have real estate needs in your territory. These people are always
out there for you but you have to be willing to turn over the
rocks in your territory in order to find them.

There is always plenty of business out there to keep you earning
great amounts of money. The fact that all of your competitors are
constantly closing transactions that you're not involved in
definitely proves this. You just have to be prospecting enough to
dig-up this business for yourself instead of allowing the
business to go to your competitors.

Time is one of your most valuable assets as an agent. The more
time you spend prospecting the less time you'll have to work on
the smaller, more marginal transactions. You'll be uncovering so
many great leads that you'll simply let go of the marginal leads
and won't work on them. But when you're not prospecting very much
you'll cling to the marginal leads and work on them like they're
the last opportunities left for you on earth.

Here's the true beauty of prospecting consistently:


You can only work on so many deals at one time. So when you're
constantly prospecting, digging-up an abundance of leads in your
territory every single week, you get to work on the best leads in
your territory and throw the other ones away. When you're not
prospecting, or are prospecting very little, you can only work on
whatever leads fall into your lap. And these leads are normally
not very good leads either.

When you prospect consistently you are in complete control of
your own destiny as an agent. You uncover and capitalize on many
great leads that would otherwise go to your competition, and you
toss aside the smaller, less desirable leads once and forever.

Let the other agents talk about how slow business is in your
territory. Let them work on the more marginal leads.

You know better.


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2. Building Great Relationships with Your Prospects

In continually becoming the great agent that you aspire to be one
of the most important skills that you can master is that of
successfully moving your prospects towards becoming exclusive
clients of yours. This is one of the areas that many agents can
always make great improvements in.

Typically when an agent uncovers a lead--someone who indicates
that they will be looking to buy, sell, or lease in the coming
months, the agent makes a note to follow-up with that person at a
specified date in the future. The agent may also send a follow-up
letter to this person in the mail after each telephone
conversation with the prospect. And for many agents this is the
bulk of their typical follow-up procedure up until the moment of
truth when the prospect is just about ready to begin the process
of buying, selling, or leasing property.

Keep in mind, though, that your competitors are constantly
contacting the same prospects that you are contacting, also
hoping to do business with these people when they are ready to
make a move. So unless you do a great job of differentiating
yourself from your competition along the way, you will be
wrestling against your competition for your prospects' business
when your prospects are ready to begin the process of moving

To solidify your relationships more strongly with your prospects
you might consider doing something like the following:

Once you have identified a prospect who will be looking to do
something in the coming months place the prospect in a special
category. For people who fall into this category you will want to
have a stepped-up system of contact and publicity with them in
the coming weeks and months. Create specific mailers to send to
them on a regular basis, perhaps once a week or once every two
weeks. As an example of what to send to them, if they will be
selling their property you can design and write a series of
individual articles, each one addressing a different subject they
will want to know and understand about the selling process as
they get closer to putting their property on the market. If they
will instead be leasing their property you can do the same for
the subject of leasing also. And if you also represent buyers and
lessees in your real estate business you can do the same for what
they need to know about the process they will soon be
experiencing also.

Have these articles nicely laid-out and printed on good quality
paper along with your photo and contact information. If you have
good in-house design capabilities you may even be able to design
and print these mailers in your own office or at home. But make
sure that they look sharp when you're finished with them!

When you mail these articles out to your prospects what this does
is it shows them that you are at the head of your class in the
brokerage community, and it has them feel that you are providing
them with great information they will want to know about as they
get closer to beginning the process of buying, selling, or
leasing. In sending them information like this they will be
thinking about you more frequently than your competition,
and you will show them that you care about providing them the
information that will help them to prepare for their upcoming
real estate transaction. And on top of this by sending them this
information you begin to look like the top real estate authority
in your territory on these subjects. I mean what other agents
normally publish and mail out information like this to prospects
in your territory on a weekly or biweekly basis? Not very many
of them. And as your prospects receive this information they will
begin to feel that you are exactly the agent they should be
working with when they are ready to get moving.

One additional feature about this approach that is great for you
is you will probably have to design your individual mailers for
these subjects only once. Then you can use these mailers for the
rest of your career with only minor modifications along the way.
Just make sure that you begin to mail the appropriate series of
information pieces to each and every prospect the moment you
first identify them as a prospect. Do this and your prospects
will definitely remember you each and every time you call them!
And make sure you include your photo on each piece you mail to
them, too! (Commercial/industrial agents please take special note

In addition to this do your best to see your prospects
periodically face-to-face as they are getting ready to buy, sell,
or lease. Take them to lunch or dinner if possible. And pickup
the tab! Breaking bread with a prospect periodically can do
wonders to solidify your relationship with them while many of
your competitors are simply calling them on the phone whenever
the alarm goes off in their client contact software telling them
that it's time to call and checkup on them again. You'll be way
ahead of these people and will leave many of them in the dust!

There are two main ingredients to prospecting that you definitely
want to master:

1) Developing leads

2) Converting the leads from your prospecting into successfully-
completed real estate transactions

If you follow the guidelines I've mentioned above you will
definitely find yourself converting more and more of your
prospecting leads into successfully-completed real estate
transactions and you will earn and get paid more commission
dollars each and every year.


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