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Why You Should Be Using Testimonials
in Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Testimonials are grossly underutilized by commercial real estate agents. In this business it's easy to get focused on doing everything necessary to close the deal, then move on and completely leave the client behind for awhile...until we think they may be looking to do something again in the future. But that could easily be a number of years down the road.

Right at the time you close a transaction with someone is a perfect time to get a testimonial letter from them. "But why would I want them?" you may be asking. And I think the best way to illustrate this for you may be by giving you an example of what I'm talking about...

Let's say for the moment you were considering hiring someone to help you produce better results and make more money in your commercial real estate business. Now with this in mind what would have more of an impact on you...what the real estate coach was telling you about what they could do to have you make a lot more money in your business? Or what the real estate coach's clients were telling you about what the coach had already done to have them make more money in their business?

I'll take the example one step further. Let's say once again you're considering hiring a commercial real estate coach. Then you click here and read the testimonials of what my clients have had to say about the successful work I've already done with them in their businesses. Now what impact does reading these testimonials have on your thoughts about what I'll probably accomplish when working with other commercial real estate agents on their businesses?

Now let's take this exact same situation and apply it to your own real estate business. You're making a listing presentation, you're up against 2-3 other companies and are trying to successfully obtain the listing, and as part of your listing package you include 25 or more copies of testimonial letters you've received from your clients.

Can you see how this one addition to your listing package can make a big difference in how you're perceived by the people you're negotiating for the listing with?

Owners and principals in the business world are used to hearing a lot of great, impressive promises from the salespeople they've worked with. The problem is how do they know when they're hearing promises that will go unfulfilled, or hearing promises from an agent who will actually fulfill them? And when they're sitting through several listing presentations from different companies, it may be difficult for them to differentiate one company from another one.

That's where testimonials can come in, because they represent what other companies are willing to say about you after they've worked with you and have closed transactions with you. And if you've got 25 or more people who have been willing to write letters expressing how great you were to work with, it's easy for principals you're trying to get signed listings with to conclude they'll probably feel the exact same way about you after they work with you, too.

So make it a point to get signed testimonial letters from the clients you work with. Most clients will be happy to give them to you if you just ask for them, and oftentimes the best time to ask the client is immediately after you've closed a transaction with them.

And when you've obtained these letters, begin including them in the packages you give to people when you're negotiating to represent them exclusively. When you do this you just never know when it can make the difference between you being given the exclusive assignment, or one of your competitors being given the assignment instead.

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Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusives

In almost any commercial real estate territory the agents making the most money are the ones who are masters at getting exclusives. Whether it be listing properties for lease or sale, or representing buyers and lessees exclusively, the agents who successfully get exclusive agreements signed the most are the ones who make the most money.

But what is it that differentiates these top commercial agents from everyone else? Do they have magical skills and abilities that allow them to get signed exclusive agreements while other agents seem to struggle to do this? And how much more effective would you be yourself at getting signed exclusives if you had an ideal systematic approach to make it all happen?

These are the subjects I'll be talking about during my upcoming Commercial Real Estate Inner Circle teleseminar call this Wednesday, August 16th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The title of our next call is "Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusives," and if this is a subject that greatly interests you, you may want to join us on our next call.

If you've ever felt you'd like to become more successful at getting exclusives, I'll show you how to do this during our next Inner Circle call. And if you can't join me at the exact time of our next call this Wednesday evening that's OK. I'll send you an audio CD recording of the call along with a written transcription of it and important highlights from the call in the mail! This way you can review the information and learn it when it's most convenient for you.

My normal monthly rate for my Inner Circle program is $297.00. But to learn how you can join me on both this call and the following month's Inner Circle call for FREE (a $594.00 value), receive audio CDs, written transcriptions, and highlights of both calls sent to you in the mail, ask me questions and get answers on how you can improve your brokerage business and make more money, and learn how to immediately start taking your commercial real estate business to an entirely new level, click here.

And remember, learning to be more effective at getting signed exclusives will put, at the minimum, tens of thousands of additional commission dollars in your pocket in the coming months!

Click here if you'd like more information on my one-on-one coaching program to take your real estate productivity to the next level. One-on-one coaching is available for both commercial real estate agents and company management.

"The new information and training that Jim has provided me with have made me an additional $88,000.00 in just six months."

A. Nicholas Coppola, CCIM
Boston, MA

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