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1. Focus on Taking Care of Your Clients and Prospects

2. Say It in Their Own Words

1. Focus on Taking Care of Your Clients and Prospects

When I first began my career in full-time real estate sales and
leasing in 1980 I remember how intimidated I felt at the time. I
was fresh out of college and working in an arena where I knew
that everyone in the business had more experience than I did. I
was basically the new kid on the block.

I knew very little about my new profession but I wanted more than
anything to be highly-successful at it. So as a result I became
focused on "looking good" to all my clients and prospects as much
as possible. I wanted to look like I had all of the answers to
anything they wanted to know about real estate at all times. I
wanted to be the consummate professional, and I found myself
thinking that if I could somehow always look like I knew what I
was doing that somehow along the way I would find a way to
achieve the great success that I wanted so much.

It wasn't until several years later when I had more experience
and respect in our industry that I realized that something very
interesting had happened. I was still behaving and interacting
with my clients and prospects just like the kid who was fresh out
of college several years earlier. I knew a heck of a lot more
about real estate but I was still trying real hard to be the
agent who always had every answer for my clients and prospects at
all times.

During my meetings and phone conversations with my clients and
prospects my mind was still focused on how I was looking or
sounding to them. During these meetings and conversations I
remember feeling as if I was a baseball player constantly looking
for the unexpected, hard-hit line drive to come rifling towards
me in the infield with only a split-second's time to react in
order to catch the ball. In feeling this way I was anticipating
any possible questions or concerns that my prospects and clients
might throw at me about a particular property or transaction at
any given moment in time.

What I finally began to realize was that this behavior was
actually putting up an invisible wall between me and my clients.
I was so concerned about looking like I was a great agent that I
was not allowing my clients to get close enough to me to build
the ideal, long-term relationships that I really wanted to have
with them. I was worried about what might happen if I didn't know
the answer to one of their questions or did something that made
me look less than ideal to them.

Now I believe that anticipating client objections and concerns in
advance is a great quality to have as a real estate agent. But
the place I was coming from at the time in my own mind was trying
to look like the perfect agent 100% of the time to all of my
clients and prospects no matter what. This was mentally and
emotionally exhausting and it was costing me great opportunities
to build relationships with my clients and prospects at a much
deeper level. So I decided that a major shift in how I did
business was definitely in order...

I began focusing on taking care of my clients and prospects
instead of worrying about how I was looking to them. And making
this one shift in my approach made a huge impact in my business
and how I felt about myself as an agent every single day. I
realized that when I was 100% focused on taking care of them
instead of me I was much more peaceful, calm, relaxed, and
confident in my interactions with them. And this is a wonderful
place to be coming from when working towards building solid
business relationships with people.

It was the classic paradox shift:

By focusing on taking care of the needs of my clients and
prospects I felt great, they got great service and loved doing
business with me in the process, and in the end I ended-up
looking great to them, too! (Which is what I originally
wanted in the first place!)

And if I ever did not know the answer to something, instead of
trying to think really fast and say something to try and look
like I did know the answer I learned to say, "You know, I don't
know the answer to that. But I'll find out the answer and will
call you back with the information in the next 24 hours."

Beginning to know that I could utilize a statement like this at
anytime quieted my mind considerably and got me to a place of
taking great care of my clients instead of worrying about looking
good to them. I didn't have to know all the answers all the time!
Wow, what a new concept and what a relief this was to me!

When we're busy focusing on the needs of our clients and
prospects we don't have time to worry about how we're doing or
what it is they're thinking about us. And this can be a very,
very freeing feeling to experience.

An author by the name of Florinda Donner once said, "Freedom is
the absolute lack of concern for oneself." When I first heard
these words I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about. But
now I have a much better idea. All I know is that when I'm
focused on taking care of other people instead of myself my life
always seems to work that much better.

Focus on taking care of your clients and prospects. You'll make
more money, they'll love you for how good you take care of them
and will refer you to other great clients, and you'll feel much
better about yourself in the process, too.


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2. Say It in Their Own Words

When working with your clients and prospects one of the most
important things that you will learn how to do is feed their
exact words and phrases back to them in the statements and
presentations that you make to them. Conversely, one of the
biggest mistakes you will ever make is utilizing different words
that you think have identical meanings to the words they have
utilized when they've described to you what they are looking for.

As an example, let's say during your initial appointment with a
new prospect he or she tells you that they are looking for a
place that feels, "spacious." If when walking them through a
showing a day or two later you say something like, "This place
feels really big," you may be really missing the boat if you
think that the word "big" has the exact same meaning as the word
"spacious" in your prospect's mind.

From the field of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) we learn that
utilizing our clients' own words and phrases can be very powerful
in communicating with them. (Neurolinguistic Programming is a
synthesis of some of the most powerful approaches from both
Psychology and Hypnotherapy combined.) Our clients' own words and
phrases can truly become the key to unlocking great business with
them when we learn how to utilize these words and phrases

When you are interviewing a client or prospect trying to find out
exactly what it is they are looking for in the next property they
will be buying or leasing, they will utilize specific words and
phrases when describing that property to you. What you want to do
is pay special attention to what these words and phrases are and
then feed them back to your client when you can see that the
client is interested in a property. You see, once a client is
already interested in a property they are already thinking that
the property may meet all of their criteria. And when you are
working together with your client feeling that the property does
meet all of the criteria that they've expressed to you, your next
move could mean the difference between having them move forward
on the property or having them feel very confused instead.

When you genuinely feel that the property meets all of their
criteria, reassure them of this by describing the property in
the exact words that they utilized when they told you what they
were looking for in a property. When you tell them exactly in
their own words it resonates within them as feeling very, very
real--almost as if they are the person saying the words. When you
try to tell them what a great property it is in your own words
you risk sounding to them like a salesperson just trying to close
the deal. Your words are not their words, and it's their words
that count when it comes to deciding on moving forward on the
property, or not.

Being a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP I can tell you
from firsthand experience that this is extremely powerful
technology. Utilize it with care and the highest regard for what
is in the best interest of your clients and you will begin to see
remarkable results in your real estate business very quickly.


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