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Why Marketing Effectively is So Important for Your Business

There are a lot of skills that are important for becoming highly successful in our industry, but none is more important than how effectively you market yourself. That's the way it is in almost any business, and that's the way it is in our industry, too. The problem, though, is that very little if any time is ever spent teaching agents how to market themselves to their clients and prospects.

So much training for new agents involves teaching them about the different terms utilized in our business, what they need to know about the different types of buildings, and generally, what they need to know to be able to talk intelligently with their clients and prospects and conduct business with them. And of course, agents are also trained on what they need to know to ensure that both they and their companies never get sued over anything.

And all of this is definitely very important information for any agent to know.

But very few commercial agents understand the concept of marketing themselves. They understand prospecting, oftentimes feel they should be doing more of it, but that's normally about it in terms of what they do to get people to know who they are and do business with them.

So many agents close transactions with their clients and then drop out all communication with them for years, figuring there's no need to talk with them anymore. And with this in mind, so many veteran agents have tens or hundreds of clients they've closed transactions with who they haven't spoken with in quite sometime now. Ideally you want this business to be about becoming your clients' broker for life, but how is this possible when you drop out all communication with your clients for years at a time? And yet so many commercial brokers fall victim to doing this exact same kind of behavior I've just described.

When it comes to marketing yourself outside of doing your prospecting, there's no better way to do it than by direct mail. You simply can't reach your clients and prospects with a specific targeted message about you as frequently and effectively as you can with direct mail. But yet so many veteran agents completely ignore this idea. They figure if nobody ever trained them to do it, or if they don't know any other commercial agent who is mailing in a big way, then it must not be an approach that will work effectively for them.

And I'm telling you that this couldn't be farther from the truth.

In locating people who will openly embrace this concept, the best audience sometimes is people who are completely new to our industry. Many times they're not as set in their ways, and oftentimes they're willing to try anything to see if it works.

I was recently introduced to an agent in our industry who's in his mid-20s. He's only been in the business for 2-3 years, and he's been completely setting his market on fire with the results he's been producing during this time. When I asked him about his mailing campaign and how frequently he mails to his clients and prospects he told me, "I mail to all of them eight times every month."

And with this level of constant contact through the mail to his people every month, it's probably very difficult for many of them to think of doing business with anyone else.

In my monthly Inner Circle telecoaching program for commercial agents, I led a call in June titled, "Sending Out Mailers That Get You a Ton of New Commercial Real Estate Business." And in my August Inner Circle call earlier this month one of my Inner Circle members said he had followed my exact instructions from the June call on mailing, and the very first mailer he sent out to 1,200 prospects landed him over $8,000,000.00 in new listings.

This is someone who is brand new to our industry who had relatively few preconceived ideas about what he should be doing to develop business for himself, and he was willing to follow my recommendation.

So while it's important to have great fundamental knowledge about the commercial real estate brokerage business to be successful in our industry, it's more important to know how to market yourself effectively to produce great business for yourself once you already know the basic fundamentals. There are a lot of people in our industry who know the basic fundamentals and can carry on a conversation on most any subject dealing with commercial real estate, but they're still struggling to get more business because of their lack of ability at marketing themselves.

All the business you've ever wanted for yourself is out there constantly just waiting for you. Just look at all the transactions being closed by your competitors that you're not involved in. When you learn how to market yourself so you direct the leads for much of this business your way instead of to your competitors in the months ahead, your biggest problem will soon become how to follow-up on all the great business you've now generated for yourself.

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Bill Ukropina
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