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In this Issue:

1. A Tip for Improving Your Personal Presentation Skills

2. Learn How to Minimize the Down Time in Your Business

1. A Tip for Improving Your Personal Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are an extremely vital component to your success as a real estate agent. But very little time is normally spent in our industry at proactively working on improving agents' presentation skills. Instead, most of the focus is normally on finding more prospects and clients for agents to work with.

So how do you improve your presentation skills? Well, the best way that I know of is by getting feedback on them and then implementing the feedback towards improving your presentations. And here are a couple of different ways you can do this:

First of all, you can simply record yourself making a presentation to someone on audio cassette and then play the recording back, noticing how you feel about your presentation. In a situation like this you will want to find someone--another agent, a manager, or a friend that you can deliver one of your real estate presentations to. You could deliver your listing presentation, or any other presentation you would like to improve your performance on. Record the entire presentation, then leave the recorder on and ask the other person for their feedback when you've completed your presentation. After they give you their feedback, it's probably a good idea to then deliver all or a portion of your presentation to them again while incorporating the feedback they've given you. Then later you can listen to everything you've recorded so you can first hear how you're normally making your presentations to your clients, and how you would sound after you've incorporated the feedback you were given by the person who received your presentation.

Secondly, and this is the more recommended approach, you could do what I've outlined above but videotape your presentation, the feedback, and your revised presentation to the person instead. This will give you much greater value when compared with recording and listening to your presentation on audio tape alone.

When the truth is told it takes an exceptional agent to be willing to try either of these two approaches. Many, many agents out there are extremely uncomfortable looking at and listening to their own presentations. But if these presentations may be costing you money and actually driving some business away from you, wouldn't you rather find out how your prospects are perceiving your presentations, put in any correction you feel is appropriate, and begin producing more successful results instead?

And if you're a manager reading this, I have a recommendation for you. Have one or more sessions in your office where you individually videotape agents making presentations to you. After an agent finishes his or her presentation, offer them your feedback on how they can make the presentation even better. (And please, be positively supportive of the agent and not critical of them during this process.) Leave the videotape running the entire time and then have the agent implement the feedback you've given them in a revised presentation to you. And when you've completed with the agent, give the agent the videotape for them to review and improve their presentation on their own. You could also consider having one or more top agents present while videotaping for additional feedback to each individual agent. Again, it's a confronting process, but it beats the heck out of letting agents continue to deliver presentations that are costing themselves and the office money.

Doing what you must to become the top agent you want to be sometimes involves doing things that are not completely comfortable. Therefore, getting real and learning firsthand how your clients and prospects are perceiving your presentations is one of the most valuable activities you will ever move forward with and do. It will also increase the amount of money you earn and get paid every single year.

2. Learn How to Minimize the Down Time in Your Business

One of the biggest productivity killers can be the amount of time that you spend outside of peak mental and emotional states in your real estate business. One of the easiest ways for this to happen occurs when you begin taking the short term pitfalls that occur day-to-day in this business personally.

Being a real estate agent provides you with great opportunity to make a lot of money. But this only holds true if you continually stay positive and focused on doing the things that will make you big money every single month throughout the year. This in itself is a skill that the top producers in our business have truly mastered.

Think for a moment about the top producing real estate agents you know. OK, how many of them spend a lot of time saying negative things about what has been happening to them in their real estate business? Normally these agents don't have much time for that. But the struggling-to-mediocre agents, on the other hand, often tend to talk in great detail about the difficulties they are experiencing in their real estate businesses.

Your success in this business is largely determined by how quickly you get right back on the horse and begin sprinting off towards the sunset at a full gallop whenever you experience disappointment. Disappointment happens to every agent in this business and the more successful you are as an agent, the more disappointing incidents you will tend to experience. The difference, though, is that top agents get the disappointment out of their system very quickly, get back into a positive state, and move forward in their real estate business in a state of totally expecting that they are once again about to uncover a great opportunity for themselves. Struggling-to-mediocre agents, on the other hand, can let a transaction that fell apart completely sap them of most or all of their productive energy for weeks or months into the future.

So always remember, it's not about whether or not you're going to be disappointed in this business. You definitely will be disappointed at times in this business. It's all about how you respond to the disappointment and quickly put it behind you, moving forward in your business in peak mental and emotional states, knowing with absolute certainty that you are about to make big things happen right now in your real estate business.

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