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2. A Few Words About the National "Do Not Call" List

3. Add Your Voice to Your Web Site and E-mail

2. A Few Words About the National "Do Not Call" List

There's been a lot in the news recently about the proposed "Do Not Call" list going into effect in the United States. This is the proposed law that allows people to put their phone number on a list if they don't want to be contacted by telemarketers anymore. If the law finally goes through, then most telemarketers cannot legally contact you anymore if you've already put your phone number on the list.

Well, as you probably already know, despite the fact that the law was set to go into effect at the beginning of October, as of this moment it's all tied up in the courts right now. The telemarketing industry is fighting hard to retain their ability to continue making unsolicited telemarketing calls to the American public.

In the past few weeks I've read a few articles written by people in the real estate industry, talking about ways to get around the new law if and when it does take effect. But when I read the proposed law itself, I don't see how these approaches suggested by these writers will really allow you to get around the law. If you read the proposed law, you will see that there is language that discusses looking at the true underlying intent of each phone call made on a case-by-case basis. So if you're careful at choosing what you say in making an unsolicited call to someone in trying to skate around the proposed law, you still in the end can be held to have violated the law itself. This applies to phone calls made when you speak to a live person on the receiving end, as well as any voicemail messages that you leave for people who do not answer the phone when you call them. But at the same time, there definitely are some exceptions to the law for calls you make to people you've had past business relationships with, and calls you make to other people you've had prior contact with. So you really, really have to know what you're doing here to make sure you stay within the law when making your prospecting calls.

If this law goes into effect, you will want to have solid advice from an attorney who is an expert in this arena before you pick up the phone and begin calling people for your real estate business. In addition to this, you will also want the attorney to advise you on your required compliance with any separate set of laws from your own state that apply to your telemarketing calls, too. So again, you definitely have to be very, very careful here.

People are extremely tired of receiving unsolicited telephone calls. And some of them may get very trigger-happy about filing complaints against salespeople who call them on the telephone if this law goes into effect also. And if they feel they may be able to sue you and collect damages from you in addition to filing the complaint, they may become even more trigger-happy.

Whether or not you feel you are in the right with respect to this proposed law when you make a telephone call, the truth is it's the opinion of the person who is receiving your call that really counts. All it may take is one irate person you called to file a complaint and you could then find yourself in a less than desirable situation. And of course there's always the possibility of the person suing you for damages in addition to filing the complaint. And if you have more than one complaint filed against you, your life could get very unpleasant very quickly.

So know what you're doing if and when this law goes into effect before you begin calling people. And make sure you're advised in advance by solid legal counsel also.

If you haven't yet seen the proposed "Do Not Call" law, I've made it very easy for you to take a look at it. But be's a full 164 pages long!

You can take a look at the proposed law by visiting: 


3. Add Your Voice to Your Web Site and E-mail

If you've ever recognized the value in adding your voice to your Web site and E-mail, there's a new product that's just been released that now makes this easier for you to do. Even if you just give people the option of clicking on a button on your Home Page to hear a "welcome" message from you, this will be a great addition to your Web site. In addition, you could also use your voice to send E-mail and E-mail postcards to your clients and prospects. Or how about an E-mail newsletter where everyone in your territory hears you speaking and giving them an up-to-the-moment overview of their real estate market right now? Your clients and prospects will appreciate the personal touch, and you'll also show them that you're light years ahead of your competition with your new, innovative approaches. 

If you've clicked on the link at the top of this E-newsletter to hear my spoken message to you, you begin to get an idea of the possibilities that I'm describing to you. That audio message from me came to you through a popup window. Too see another example, this one posted on the Home Page of my Web site, click here. Once you reach the Home page of my Web site then click on the "Play" button under my photo to hear my message to my Web site visitors. This example on my Home Page is delivered to you without the popup window effect.

If you may be interested in beginning to utilize this technology yourself and you'd like more information on how to do it, click here.

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