Navigating the Changing Economy
in Commercial Real Estate

A Live Radio Interview
with Jim Gillespie
America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coachsm


This is the recording of my interview with Peter Mosca and Dean Essa from their weekly radio program, "Income Property Investment Talk".

Here's what you'll learn during this 55-minute interview:

1) Will there be another financial collapse coming in the months ahead?

2) Why we haven't seen a "fire sale" with distressed commercial properties yet, and when we can expect to see these properties coming onto the market.

3) A simple approach that will help you beat your competitors when going after distressed properties. 

4) Three important resources for understanding both the current economic trends, and where this economy is headed right now. (And if I haven't already told you about these resources personally, I can almost guarantee that you don't know about them.) 

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